Below you'll find the Policy and Legislative Advisory Network's (PLAN) highlights on what's happening in the world of policy that most impacts economic and social mobility within Adams County, Broomfield County, and the City of Aurora.

By 2025, 50% (est. n= 193,000) of individuals 18 and older in Adams and Broomfield Counties will earn a post-high school certificate or degree.

That is an increase of an estimated 45,800 people in 5 years!

This work is about reduction of poverty and improving the overall well-being of individuals and industry across the region. Credential Attainment is one measurement the community can utilize to monitor progress towards economic and social mobility. Learn more HERE.
This week in policy was provided by:
Adam Burg, Senior Advisor, Legislative and Government Affairs, Adams County Government
PLAN Chair

With ongoing input from:
Matthew La Crue, Managing Director, Dentons
PLAN Co-Champion
Ryan McCoy, Executive Director, Front Range Community College Foundation | President, Westminster Public Schools Board of Education
PLAN Co-Champion
We've gotta say it: This information is subject to change. In addition, some updates may be sourced from organizations that have read limits or limits on how many articles you can access in a given time period.

The information below is in line with the Rocky Mountain Partnership's formal policy priorities for 2021. Learn more and check those policies out for yourself HERE.
Statewide Updates
#1: Remembering the Victims of the King Soopers Shooting

A police officer, a business owner, a performer, a grandfather-to-be. Twenty-somethings just starting out their lives. Sixty-year-olds enjoying the fruits of a full life. Ten people lost their lives Monday afternoon when a man with a gun went on a shooting rampage at a grocery store in Boulder. “Ten friends, neighbors, sisters, brothers, parents, colleagues, community members... Including an officer who bravely died in the line of duty protecting this community,” said U.S. Congressman Joe Neguse.
#2: Colorado's Vaccination Status

Colorado’s health department moved 26 counties to the lowest level on the state’s color-coded COVID-19 dial Wednesday, eliminating most public health restrictions in those less-populated areas now at Level Green — including all caps on dining capacity at restaurants. Additionally, all statewide limits on the size of personal gatherings were removed. Bars are allowed to reopen, at limited capacity, for the first time since last summer in counties at Level Blue, which, in the metro area, include Jefferson and Arapahoe.
#3: Vaccine Target Doubles

​President Biden has doubled his original COVID-19 vaccination goal to 200 million shots in arms by his 100th day in office — which is just over a month away. When he entered office, Biden said his goal was 100 million vaccine doses in 100 days — a target many observers thought was not ambitious enough. According to federal health officials, that 100 million figure was hit on Biden's 58th day in office. About 2.5 million vaccine doses are being administered every day in the United States.
#4: Pandemic Impacts on Student Achievement

The pandemic froze some Colorado schools in a bad place, in state regulators’ eyes. They missed the chance to complete exams by about 30 days as the pandemic shuttered schools last March. This year, CMAS testing will move forward in a limited way, pending approval from the federal government. Students in grades three, five and seven will take literacy tests while students in grades four, six and eight will complete math exams.
This Week in State Policy
Now that bill introduction has slowed down somewhat, we wanted to take the opportunity to share some legislation with you that falls a bit outside of RMP's policy priorities. This week, we're focusing on bills impacting social and criminal justice. Keep an eye out for bills impacting RMP's other five data domains in the coming weeks.

There's a lot happening, but remember that it's all broken down in a bill tracker for you. Click on the buttons below to learn more about the newly introduced bills the Partnership is monitoring.

Is there another bill you want us to track? Let us know by clicking HERE!
The Bills We're Still Watching

We're still keeping track of the eight other bills we've highlighted for you this session. To see an update on where these bills are at in the process, just click on the bill number:

  • HB21-1010 Diverse K-12 Educator Workforce Report

  • HB21-1067 College Admission use of National Test Score

  • HB21-1114 School District Provision of Internet Service

  • HB21-1149 Energy Sector Career Pathway In Higher Education 
  • HB21-1200 Revise Student Financial Literacy Standards

  • SB21-013 Reversing COVID-related Learning Loss

  • SB21-039 Elimination of Subminimum Wage Employment

  • SB21-106 Concerning Successful High School Transitions

  • SB21-119 Increasing Access to High-Quality Credentials
Coming Soon: Local & Organizational Policy Action
As the network continues to build infrastructure and capacity around policy work at the state level, the Policy & Legislative Advisory network recognizes the opportunity to begin making change right now, through actions like:

  • Bolstering wraparound supports
  • Building essential community bridges 
  • Finding opportunities for internal policy change

The PLAN has identified some opportunities for action around this for the whole network to consider. This information is being considered for action by the Steering Committee. Stay tuned for more information!
The Tea on Rocky Mountain Partnership

The Rocky Mountain Partnership is a coalition of cross-sector stakeholders who are working together to collectively improve economic and social mobility across the Adams County, Aurora and Broomfield region by:
  • utilizing data to set shared targets and as a scorecard to measure progress towards this;
  • advocating for and aligning policies, funding, and resources to remove barriers and accelerate progress;
  • better coordinating and improving the work happening on the ground to achieve this.
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