The Policy and Legislative Advisory Network (PLAN) has dropped the highlights down below on what's happening in the world of policy that most impacts economic and social mobility within Adams County, Broomfield County, and the City of Aurora.

Specifically, what's impacting the network's first shared target, in alignment with the Colorado Department of Higher Education's State Master Plan, around Postsecondary Credential Attainment?
By 2025, 50% (est. n= 193,000) of individuals 18 and older in Adams and Broomfield Counties will earn a post-high school certificate or degree.

That is an increase of an estimated 45,800 people in 5 years!
This week in policy was provided by:

Adam Burg, Senior Advisor, Legislative and Government Affairs, Adams County Government
PLAN Chair

With ongoing input from:
Matt LaCrue, Associate Managing Director, Dentons
PLAN Co-Champion
Ryan McCoy, Executive Director, Front Range Community College Foundation; President, Westminster Public Schools Board of Education
PLAN Co-Champion
We've gotta say it: This information is subject to change. In addition, some updates may be sourced from organizations that have read limits or limits on how many articles you can access in a given time period.

The information below is in line with the Rocky Mountain Partnership's formal policy priorities for 2021. Check those policies out for yourself:

These policy priorities have been vetted and endorsed by the Policy and Legislative Advisory Network (PLAN), a leadership table composed of policy leaders from investing partner organizations and local, state, and federal elected officials. Learn more about who sits on the PLAN:

The policy priorities were then vetted and endorsed by the Partnership Accountability Network (PAN), a leadership table of C-Suite level executives from investing partner organizations who set shared targets towards social and economic mobility on behalf of the network and hold the network accountable for meeting those targets. Learn more about who sits on the PAN:
This Week in State Policy
The General Assembly is back in session, and they're off to the races for what will be a fast-paced legislative session.

Didn't they already kick off? They certainly did, on January 13th to be exact. Due to the pandemic however, they took care of some urgent business for three days, and then recessed to allow the peak of the virus to pass and to get vaccinated up.

So what's on the docket this session? A lot - but we've broken it down in a bill tracker for you. You can also click on the buttons below to learn more about the state legislation the Partnership is monitoring so far.
Other Legislative and Statewide Updates
#1: State of the State
#2: CO Unemployment
On Wednesday, Gov. Polis gave his address to a far smaller crowd than usual. Much of it reflected a state — and a nation — changed by the yearlong COVID-19 pandemic, a season of historic wildfires, a renewed racial justice movement and the shock of the attack on the U.S. Capitol.
Out-of-work Coloradans who stopped getting pandemic unemployment assistance when the program ended in December will be able to reopen and file new claims starting Saturday. The rollout came earlier than the department expected.
#3: Zero-Emissions Devices
#4: House COVID Relief Plan
The Colorado Air Quality Control Commission unanimously approved a rule requiring oil and gas operators to install zero-emissions devices to new and existing operations.
The House Budget Committee has approved a massive coronavirus relief package. The full House may pass the legislation as soon as this week, but it could face hurdles in the Senate.
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