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Villages of Westcreek and the David (Davy) Crockett Connection-Part II (The Puzzle Continues)

Last week, it was disclosed that, according to the Texas General Land Office records, Davy Crockett (heirs) was provided a "donation" land grant of 196 acres in what is now Westcreek. The patent date with the Texas Land Office is 1891.
Review and Background Information:
  • The Battle of the Alamo occurred February 23, 1836-March 6, 1836. Col. Crockett served and died at the Alamo.
  • The Republic of Texas awarded donation land grants of 640 acres in 1837 to the men (or their heirs) who fought at the Alamo, Goliad, San Jacinto, or the Siege of Bexar.
  • David Crockett (1786-1836) was married to Polly Finley and they had 3 children-John Wesley Crockett, William Finley Crockett, and Margaret Finley Crockett. After Polly's death in 1815, David Crockett married Elizabeth Patton and they had 3 children-Rebecca Elvira Crockett, Robert Patton Crockett, and Matilda Crockett.
Sources state that in 1853 that Elizabeth Patton Crockett arrived in Texas to claim her grant (16 years after the donation grant given). She was accompanied by her children Robert Patton Crockett, and his family; and Rebecca Crockett Halford and her family. According to a biography of Crockett by Margaret Nichol, because Elizabeth waited so long to claim the land "all of the good spots in Texas were taken so she ended up hiring a surveyor to find a tract worth claiming." Their grant was located about four miles north of a trading post called Acton in what is now Hood County (near Granbury, TX)-Not in Bexar County-Not in Westcreek area.

After the cost of the survey, it is said that her grant had shrunk in half to 320 acres. Elizabeth was 65 years old but reportedly continued to do her share of frontier work until her death at age 72 in 1860. She was buried in what is now the smallest State park in Texas (.006 acres). Her grave was declared a state park in 1911 and the state of Texas paid $2000 to erect a tall pillar with her statue on top.
Now, for the puzzle--                                                                  
  • Why were only 196 acres accounted for in the survey when 640 acres were given to the heirs of the defenders of Alamo?
  • Was the land just untouched from 1837 (when granted) until 1891 when surveyed and patented?
  • Why did the Crockett family settle in Hood County rather than Bexar County?
Documents related to this article:
  • Click here to view historical documents
  • Click here to view Abstract
  • Click here to view the map showing which area of the Villages of Westcreek was part of the David Crockett Land Grant.
To research further, the website for the Texas General Land Office is as follows:
  • Click on "History" on the top bar. Select Land Grant Search.
  • Fill in information on Abstract provided and you will see all documents pertinent to the Crockett donation land grant that is in Westcreek.
  • Type in "Crockett, David" as Grantee and submit. It appears that David Crockett is the Original Grantee for several land grants of various types--bounty grants, donation grants, and  Bexar 1st grant.
In the next edition of This Week In Westcreek, we will report on the other grantees/grants that make up the Villages of Westcreek, and provide an explanation of the classification of grants.

If you would like to be a part of the team that solves this puzzle, please email   Deb Biggerstaff to find out how you can help in this research. 
Better yet, join us at the next VWOA Historical Research Sub-Committee meeting.


Biography of Colonel David Crockett, Tennessean (1786-1836)
By: Margaret Nolen Nichol
VWOA  Historical Research Sub-committee Meeting

Date:  Monday, January 23, 2017
Time:  6:00 P.M.
Where:  Community Center Conference Room
This is an open meeting!  All are Welcome! 

The "VWOA Historical Research Sub-committee" is seeking the volunteer services of a "Videographer/Movie Producer" who can create a final production product that will include video clips, still photos and audio recordings in celebration of the "30th Anniversary" celebration of the Villages of Westcreek.

Point of Contact
This is an awesome volunteer opportunity to do something to preserve our history for future residents.

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Open to All Owners

Thursday, JANUARY 19, 2017 @  7:00 P.M.
VWOA Community Center Hall
12395 Military Drive West, San Antonio, Texas 78253

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Neighbors Helping Neighbors - Gus Valerio

It is with great pleasure that I would like to recognize and thank Gus Valerio, for going the extra mile with his "Random Acts Of Kindness" shown to members of our community.

Last month, Gus offered to help neighbors in Westcreek by building new gates for them during the holiday season. The neighbors provided the materials and Gus provided the free labor. 

Gus keeps a note on his desk that reads "A Simple Act of Kindness Creates an Endless Ripple!"  Gus has shown what "Random acts of Kindness" is all about .... Neighbors helping Neighbors!

Thank you Gus for creating that ripple!
Submitted by:  Joyce Oliver

NOTE: If you know a member of our community who has displayed a "Random Act of Kindness" to a fellow neighbor and would like to thank them, please send your "Thank You" note via email to the Chair of the Communications Committee , Bill Fenstermacher!
Just a reminder that your 1st Quarter Assessments were due on January 1, 2017!

NOTE:  You can still come into the office and pay your assessments in cash, or a check/money order without incurring a fee.

A late fee of $20.00 plus a delinquent interest charge will occur by January 28, 2017, if payments have not been made by then.

Click here to visit our Assessment page on the website for additional information!

We are offering the opportunity for local and small private businesses to advertise with our soccer teams. We are asking for support to help make our upcoming season another great success. Our program is strictly funded through player registrations and the generous donations of our local business community. This is a great opportunity if you have a small business from home (Etsy shop, Beauty Control, Advocare, etc.), small business offering services (roofing, landscaping, cleaning, etc.) or a big corporation you work for to get some visibility through multiple avenues. For your tax-deductible donation for both the spring 2017 and fall 2017 season(s) we will provide the following:
  • Company name and/or logo on front of team jerseys (team of your choosing based on availability)
  • Company website listed under our "sponsors" section on league page on VWOA website
  • Company listed in annual Community Sports Almanac
  • Proud Sponsor plaque with team photo and name for you to display
Please help us provide the children of Westcreek Soccer League a safe place to go for fun, friendship, exercise, recreation, memories and positive valued life skills.

For questions or additional information, please contact: Jason Dunbar, Community Activities Superintendent, at 210-679-8761.

Click here to download the Soccer Team Sponsorship Form!

We will be holding a registration event on Saturday, January 21st, for our 2017 spring soccer season! Between the hours of 10:00 A.M. and 2:00 P.M., stop in at the Community Center and get your soccer stars signed up and have a little fun.

We are going to have some activities for the kids to have some fun, along with vendors to help us ensure the proper sizing for your child's jersey. The vendors will also bring a selection of the basic necessities for your athletes like black shorts, socks, shin guards and cleats for your shopping convenience. We will have a bouncy house, and the wonderful hot dog stand set up for your enjoyment as well.

Feel free to contact Jason Dunbar, Community Activities Superintendent or call the office at 210-679-8761 with any questions. Looking forward to another great season of fun and memories!


Creative Dance Class is for children ages 3-5,  provides a fun way to learn the foundation of dance, music, timing and fun choreographies.  The class teaches focus, and coordination, while combining movements to music that is fun for all.
  • Rates:  $12 per class
  • Full Session Rate:  $189 ending in Spring Showcase
For more information call 210-201-2873 or visit or
Click here for flyer!  Bring the flyer for your FREE CLASS!


MedDropSA is the safe, easy way to dispose of unwanted and expired over-the-counter and prescription medications.

Simply bring any unwanted medicines along with other household hazardous waste items to the City of San Antonio's mobile collection events. Medications will be accepted at NO CHARGE, and disposed of in a safe, legal way - keeping these drugs off our streets and out of the environment.  
  • DO bring unused or expired prescription medications as well as out-of-date or unwanted over-the-counter medications.
  • DO bring pills dumped into a zipper storage bag.
  • DO bring liquids in their original container.
  • DON'T bring needles or other 'sharps.' (These can be discarded in a sealed milk jug or carton or even a coffee can, and tossed into the trash.)

Click here for more information!


SOURCESan Antonio Water System 

This weekend around the house, clean leaves and debris from your rain gutters and down spouts! 
Keep Westcreek Beautiful!
Crime Report
January 9, 2017 -  Westcreek Forest - Resident reported that two of their vehicles were broken into during the night on Gable Oaks. They were parked in their driveway.  Police Report Filed!

Please remember to be observant in your neighborhood.  
  • Report any suspicious activities or persons to the Bexar County Sheriff's Office at 210-335-6000.
  • If you see graffiti or vandalism in the Villages of Westcreek, please report it to the office at 210-679-8761
San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo - Free Ground Admission

Bring the family and friends out to the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo on opening day, Thursday, February 9th. 

Present the coupon below at any gate for FREE GROUNDS ADMISSION.  Gates open at 12 Noon.

Valid for 1 day grounds admission on Thursday, February 9, 2017, only.  You must redeem the coupon by 7:00 P.M.  One person per pass.  Limit of 4 vouchers per party while supplies last.

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Courtesy of the Ag-Mechanics Committee 

Westcreek resident Michelle de Jongh prepares a weekly list of "Things to do in San Antonio." 

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Repainting outside buildings/structures the same color as previously approved.

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