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September 26, 2016 Edition!


"The miracle is this--the more we share, the more we have." -  Leonard Nimoy  

National Night Out Event in Westcreek
Building Relationships Builds a Safer Community
You are invited to join your fellow Westcreek neighbors on Tuesday October 4, 2016, as we celebrate National Night Out 2016.  Our theme this year is "Let's Light Up Westcreek."

This event will be held in the Sports Park from 6:00 P.M. till 9:30 P.M. and will include many safety related activities, special visitors, plus the kick off of our "Movies in the Park" program and the "Let's Light Up Westcreek" campaign.  In addition, we will have a FREE gift for each homeowner (while supplies last) with a valid VWOA ID card.  Refreshments will be available for purchase. 

Bring your chairs, Bring your Family, Bring your Westcreek ID, and come join the fun!

Looking forward to seeing you all at our " National Night Out" event, as we work together to build relationships for a "Safer Community!"

Event Planning:  Public Safety Committee
Movies in the Park Kickoff
Bear Spotted in the Sports Park!

Movie will not be shown in 3D!
The VWOA Public Safety Committee and Board of Directors invite you to bring the family and kids to the debut of the "Movies in the Park" program as part of our "National Night Out" celebration on Tuesday, October 4, 2016, in the Sports Park! 
Pre-movie activities begin at 6:00 P.M.

"Yogi Bear the Movie!" 
SHOWTIME - 7:45 P.M.

Be sure to bring the following:
  • Your valid updated VWOA ID.
  • Bring your chairs, blankets and bug spray.
  • Please just watch out for your picnic baskets!!!!!!  There are a lot of hungry bears in the park!!!
  • Refreshments will be available for purchase.  All proceeds will be donated to a local organization!
  • Ticket Cost: Only kidding ... This is a "FREE EVENT!"
 Click here to download Flyer!

Event Planning:  Public Safety Committee
The Board of Directors and Public Safety Committee invite you and your neighbors to join us as we kick off our "Let's Light Up Westcreek" campaign at our National Night Out Event on October 4th, starting at 6:00 P.M. in the Sport Park!

We strongly encourage all residents turn on their outdoor lighting from "dusk to dawn" every night so criminals and vandals will have no place to hide in Westcreek!

Event Planning:  Public Safety Committee

After our last edition of "This Week in Westcreek", we thought it was time for a facelift.  We hope you like our new fresh clean look!

Please feel free to send your comments and/or recommendations to the Chair of the Communications Committee, Bill Fenstermacher.

1st, 2nd and 3rd Quarter Assessments - Past Due
4th Quarter Assessment - Due October 1, 2016


The VWOA will hold its Annual Fall Festival on Saturday, November 19, 2016, between the hours of 1:00 P.M. and 8:00 P.M. in the Sports Park.

We are now accepting "Vendor Registration Applications!"

Click here to download the "Vendor Registration Application!"  
Click here to download the event flyer! 

Event Planning:  Recreation Department 

Click here for a complete listing of the Board of Directors and Committees Meetings!

It is hard to believe that next year the Villages of Westcreek will celebrate our 30th Anniversary!

Have you ever thought what our community looked like then or even before? What was the first home sold in Westcreek?  What were the home values then compared to today?  Who were the developers and builders at that time?  How far was the closest HEB?  What was here before the Villages of Westcreek?  Who were the original Board Members of the Association? What were the challenges then compared to today for the Association? 

The Communications Committee is seeking volunteers who would be willing to "Chase the VWOA History" down. 

If you enjoy researching history and would like to participate in this project, please contact the Communications Committee Chair, Bill Fenstermacher.

The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) consists of five (5) volunteer homeowners who are appointed by the Board of Directors for a six year term. In fact, this is the only committee where the members are appointed.  The Primary ARC Members include Gene Hopkins, Bill Fenstermacher and Joanne McCall with Francis Lomax and Gene Bridges serving as Alternates.

The ARC is responsible for the interpretation of the Declaration of Convenants Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) and the development of the Standards.  The Committee meets every Tuesday at 4:30 P.M. in the Community Center Conference Room to review all  "Property Improvement Applications" (PIA) submitted each week, to ensure that all improvements applied for are in compliance with the CC&Rs and Standards. It is the combination of these two roles, that help preserve, protect and enhance our property values.
One popular misconception of the role of the ARC is that they are responsible for the enforcement of the CC&Rs and Standards.  Enforcement is the responsibility of the "Standards Department" of the Association.
We are grateful for the work that these dedicated volunteers do for us.  This is just another example of how our volunteers are "Making a Difference"!
Volunteer today and you too can "Make a Difference"!
Online Calendar Improvements
The Communications Committee has been working hard over the past several weeks developing and testing a new improved online calendar for all of our residents. 

Some of the features of the new online calendar are that you can now
  • filter events by category such as BOD Meetings, Committee Meetings, Recreation Events, Health and Fitness Classes etc.
  • expand or collapse the view of your calendar
  • change your view from Agenda, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, plus our new Posterboard or Stream views
  • add any event(s) to your Google, Outlook, Apple or other calendar. 
Please note that the "Happening this Week" and "Upcoming Meetings" columns of this newsletter have been discontinued since all events are now included on the online calendar.

Click here and take our calendar for a test drive!        

This weekend around the house we are asking each resident to take time to inspect for and remove all weeds growing in shrub, flower and xeriscape beds, in addition to those in  the seams of their driveways, walkways, sidewalks and curb lines.

Let's Make Westcreek Beautiful!

Call  Metro Waste Systems to get the low price of $19.99 per month for Twice Weekly Trash and Once Weekly Recycling collection.  Your choice of a small recycling bin or large container at no extra cost.  But hurry, this offer is only good until October 31, 2016! 

Please call their friendly staff at 210-807-8555 and mention Promo Code: CREEK to take advantage of this offer for The Villages of Westcreek Community.    

Crime Report

Reported Crimes

  • September 20, 1016 - Point Summit in High Point - Vehicle break-in.  Door was left unlocked and change was stolen overnight.  Police Report Filed
  • Please remember to be observant in your neighborhood.  
  • Report any suspicious activities or persons to the Bexar County Sheriff's office at 210-335-6000.
  • If you see graffiti or vandalism in the Villages of Westcreek, please report it to the office at 210-679-8761. 

Turn Around ... Don't Drown!

Wrought Iron Fencing and Handrails

Wrought iron fencing requires a variance from the BOD and are limited to
six (6') feet in height and may only replace the back fence if the area in back of the fence is a greenbelt or utility easement. Similar products may be approved on a case-by-case basis. The request needs to be given to the ARC with clearly described product information along with a copy of the Plat/Lot Survey showing the proposed location to be presented to the BOD for consideration.

Handrails, new or additional, may not exceed three (3') feet in height. The request for prior ARC approval must clearly describe the product and its necessity along with a copy of the Plat/Lot Survey showing the proposed location.
Fencing and handrails must be maintained such as removing chipped paint, repainting, removal of rust and the repair of any other damage that may occur.

 Click here to view the  2016 Standards!

Westcreek resident Michelle de Jongh prepares a weekly list of "Things to do in San Antonio." 

To subscribe, send your email address to 

Click here to download and print!

H ave you read something that no one else is reading, think something that no one else is thinking, and did something that no one else is doing?  

The VWOA is hosting a Farmers Market from
9:00 A.M. till 1:00 P.M. every Thursday, thru November 17, 2016.

market is located in the overflow parking lot adja cent to the Com munity Center.  They accept WIC, Senior FMNP Vouchers and Credit Cards. Drop by and support our local farmers!