News 1/28/22
St. Louis Mosaic Project:
International Mentoring Program
The St. Louis Mosaic Project, an initiative of the WTC, focuses on making introductions and connections between foreign-born newcomers and companies, individuals and resources that can help them acclimate and feel welcomed. One of the best examples of that mission at work is Mosaic’s International Mentoring Program, established in 2017 by Annie Schlafly, who manages the program with Susan Gobbo.

Annie and Susan, painstakingly match an international woman with a local woman for a mentor: mentee pair who meet regularly to discuss the nuts and bolts of living in St. Louis and anything that assists the newcomer and her family fully integrate. It’s a winning formula—to-date there are more than 300 mentee-mentor pairs in the program, representing more than 50 countries. 

Many of the international women work for St. Louis global companies and often remark how their participation in the program helped them come to love living in St. Louis – a city they knew nothing about prior to relocating. As a result, Annie and her team developed a video that could serve as part of the recruiting process for multinational corporations seeking to bring international talent to St. Louis and, working with Mosaic, have a plan in place to connect with HR departments in those companies. 

If you’re interested in utilizing the video or have general questions about the International Mentoring Program, please email

If you’re interested in signing up to become a mentor or mentee, click here

We’re pleased to do our part in helping St. Louis grow its international community!
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