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Registration for In-Person Worship
Registration Link for Sunday, July 18th
The link for registering for this week is below. You will need to enter an email address or phone number for contact tracing purposes: https://tinyurl.com/July18CHTRegistration
Worship at CHT
The Eighth Sunday after Pentecost
 A Service of Holy Communion

11:00 am
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We will be live streaming worship at 11:00 am on Sundays on Facebook Live. You will be able to view this worship at any time after it uploads. The video will be at the top of the page when you click the link above. Click here for a digital bulletin.

To participate in In-Person Worship:
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Compline Services
Join us on Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m. Please note there is no Evening Prayer on the following dates: 7/28, 8/4, 8/11, 8/18.
Take a 10-minute break to end the day in quiet and prayer.
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Morning Prayer
9:00 am

Join us each morning online for live
and interactive morning prayer.
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BYOC Coffee Hour
in the Square
Sundays in 2021
12:15 PM EDT – 1:30 PM EDT
We’d love to see everyone for a socially distanced gathering. Whether you worshipped online or in-person, we can all meet for BYOC.
Children, Youth and Families
Children and Youth Sunday Zooms 
Contact Soozung Rankin, Program Director at srankin@htrit.org with questions or to get on the family listserve. Following Safeguarding our Children best practice, Soozung will send families password-protected Zoom links prior to Sunday’s Zoom sessions. Zoom sessions last about 40 minutes. We love seeing you in our Zoom Rooms!

Summer Programming
We will follow the same model as last summer and meet on Zoom once a month for a check-in.

Meeting other youth in the Diocese will be a highlight!
There is one more Diocesan youth service opportunity this summer. All gatherings will follow COVID protocol. Please contact Soozung at srankin@htrit.com to sign-up.

Diocese of PA Youth Ministry is sponsoring Summer Mission-in-the-City. If you have service requirements for next school year, this is for you! The Youth Missions are one day of service for the food ministries at St. Simon's, located in the Southwark Deanery. Below are the dates Soozung and the youth (aged 13+) of CHT can participate:

* St. Simon's (22nd & Reed)
* Saturday, July 24, 9:00am-4:30pm
* Zoom Orientation Friday, June 23rd, 6:30pm-7pm

During the 30-minute Zoom orientation the evening before the Mission Day, 6:30-7pm, youth and leaders will meet the Priest and Warden who operate the ministries, Mr. Paul. The service can consist of unloading food, setting up for meals, cleaning up, and breaking down. End-of-Day Reflection to discuss where they saw God, how were they challenged by their service, and what will they share with their peers will conclude the Mission Days.
2p “The Teen Compass”
Sunday, July 25th, 2021 
Rising 7th Grade and Up
4p “CHT Kids Connect”
Sunday, July 25, 2021 
Rising 6th Grade and Younger
Children’s Music 
Sunday, July 25, 2021 
Join us for ringing, singing, and rhythm-making!

Children of all ages, join at 4p for the first 10 minutes of the 4p "CHT Kids Connect" Zoom for synchronous music-making. At about 4:15p, we will dismiss our toddlers.
Virtual Art Show
Theme is “Reflect”
Goes Live the last week of July 2021!

If you have a piece to submit, please contact Soozung Rankin at srankin@htrit.org. It’s not too late to submit!
CHT Puppet Story Time
Premieres 12p Noon Mondays. All episodes are available on-demand as a series on our church FB. For the youngest members of our church family and for the young at heart of all ages.
Episode 60 CHT Puppet Story Time
Soozung and CHT sing Go Now in Peace and celebrate 60 episodes.
This Week at CHT
Word of the Week: Mindfulness
by The Rev. Rachel Wenner Gardner 

When I first started practicing mindfulness, one of the practitioners I worked with said something that totally shook me. She was encouraging us to think only about the present moment and how easily we drift to thinking about other times and other places. She said this practice is frivolous, “You can only drift off in the now, because now is all you ever get. When we consume our now with thoughts of then and maybe, we lose any sense of inner peace you could experience.”

We live in a world where we are either remembering the past (what we miss, what hurt us, mistakes we made) or thinking, dreaming or worrying about the future. We may have moments of being present, but generally, they are fleeting and our mind wonders again to the past and future. 

I struggled with this thought for most of the class, because I pride myself on being self-reflective and a planner. Thoughts like “what about planning? you can’t just expect the groceries to shop themselves or the college fund to fill on its own.” and “how can I learn if I don’t ever reflect on what has happened before?” My body and brain and soul was so ingrained in being in these moments, that I got more and more defensive of holding on to them. And the whole concept of now just disappeared. 

Over the past year, planning for the future has been complicated, and visions of what will be have been hard to come by. We have all had to learn to let go of long-term planning and, in some ways, had more space to be in the present moment. On the other hand, reflecting on the past has been painful for us as a society. Some have clung to the past, just waiting for this present moment to pass so we can “get back to our lives.” But even going back to things before have been hard to do, even with vaccinations available, because those with young children don’t yet have that place to return, and others have lost so much that any return to what was is impossible. 

I’m still not very good at being in the only moment I have – now. But I have been waking up in the mornings, pouring myself a cup of coffee and sitting in the dark and relative quiet and trying to just be. The lists of what I should be doing, the call of the emails on my phone or checking the weather for the day, they come fast and furious. But I make myself resist and just sit, drifting off into the now, looking for that inner peace she promised. Some days I glimpse it, some days the monkey mind takes over. But at least I’m not fighting against it for the present moment. 
Word of the Week: Mindfulness
From the CHT Children and Youth

“Your only limit is your MIND.”
– anonymous
“A positive MIND finds opportunity in everything.”
- anonymous

Pictured here, is one of two groups that met on Zoom the other week. One of the topics we discussed was MINDFULNESS. If anyone knows what MINDFULNESS is, it is our young people! They watch, observe, model after or try to do differently what they witness and had a few things to share about the importance of MINDFULNESS:
  • Well, it using your MIND to control what is healthy and good for you.
  • Just walk the walk.
  • MINDFULNESS is knowing yourself and being conscious of what you are doing and thinking.
  • It may seem hard at first because we are more used to reacting to things around us and surviving, but we can also learn to react to things in a positive way.
  • Like we can’t control what happens to us, but we can control the way we react to things that happen to us. It’s not easy, but it is usually better.
  • Being MINDFUL helps us to be kind in all situations. That’s when it counts. Being kind when it’s easy, is easy. It’s the other times, we need to be MINDFUL to help us be kind.
  • MINDFULNESS is awareness.
  • MINDFULNESS is finding inspiration.
  • MINDFULNESS is just slowing down.
  • MINDFULNESS is not putting yourself first when you interact with others.
  • There is even MINDFUL eating, which should include MINDFUL choices of what we eat and drink.
  • For some people, they do MINDFULNESS meditations to help them be intentional about their actions and thoughts as they navigate interactions with people and nature even.
  • The practice of MINDFULNESS helps you have gratitude in all things.
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