This Week in the Corridor
Energy utilities keep the lights on and the jobs coming
On the edge of many small Iowa towns is an industrial park with a cluster of manufacturing companies. How did they get there?

You can thank in part your local energy utilities, essential partners in economic development. The same folks who keep the lights on also keep the economy growing.

That’s particularly true here in the Lakes of Northwest Iowa where we are blessed to have energy utilities that are innovative, aggressive and generous. Dare we say they are energetic?

The Corridor is proud to include seven energy providers among our membership: Spencer Municipal Utilities, Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative, Corn Belt Power Cooperative, Black Hills Energy, Alliant Energy, Milford Municipal Utilities, and ITC Midwest.

This group provides significant funding to sustain our professional economic development services. Along with MidAmerican Energy, they also offer grants for special projects and tuition reimbursement to keep our team trained and knowledgeable.

But the really, REALLY BIG investment the utilities make is in the distribution infrastructure and the developable land to serve Iowa’s growing manufacturing and agricultural sectors. In Spencer, for example, Green Industrial Center is jointly served with electricity by SMU and ILEC, with Black Hills pumping in the natural gas.

Over on the west side of town, Corn Belt Power Cooperative first put spade to dirt in Spencer Tech Park North, home of employers such as Demco Products, MWI, Engineered Seals Co., and IsoNova, more than half a century. With that location filling up, they prepped another 70 acres in Spencer Tech Park South.

When a manufacturing opportunity comes into the Corridor, the utilities are among our first calls. They provide critical info on capacity and rates and they do it with urgency and accuracy. Like I said, they are essential partners.

So here’s a lightbulb idea: When we wake up tomorrow morning, let’s whisper a quiet thank you to our local utilities that our houses are warm and the coffee is brewing. And while we’re at it, let’s say thanks for the tens of thousands of jobs they make possible here in the Corridor.

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Site: Expansive Commercial Space in Lake Park, IA

Location: 503 South Market St.
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This Week in the Corridor
Graves Construction receive ROSE award
Spencer-based Graves Construction Co., Inc. was third of 23 companies across Iowa that received an Iowa Recognition of Safety Excellence (ROSE) award. The award recognizes companies that are dedicated to safety and exemplify the safest contractors in the industry.

Learn more about the ROSE award.
Carnegie Foundation lauds BVU for community engagement
Buena Vista University's (BVU) motto of "Education for Service" continues to thrive on the Storm Lake campus. Recently the university was named one of only 52 private higher education institutions across the nation as a 2020 Carnegie Community Engagement Classification for their community engagement and activity.

Read about the classification.
City officials brainstorm in planning session
Spencer city officials spent a majority of the day Saturday to identify future goals and the strategies needed to accomplish those goals. Their discussion included talk about ag technology, education after high school, telecommuters and more.

Read more about the planning session.
Polaris to close South Dakota plant and move operations to Iowa
Last week Polaris announced the closing of its Spearfish, South Dakota plant and plans to continue operations in the Spirit Lake location. The change will cut down on logistical and efficiency costs.

Learn about the Polaris move.
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Investor Spotlight
Each week we want to feature and thank the businesses and individuals that have committed to economic development and growth in our communities. To learn more about these investors and others, visit our  Business Directory!
Beck Engineering, Inc.
Sector: Engineering/Design & Construction
Location: Spirit Lake
Description: Beck Engineering, Inc. provides civil engineering and land surveying services for both the private and public sectors. Beck Engineering specializes in street reconstructions, roadway design, water main and sanitary sewer improvements, wastewater treatment damage, athletic facilities, land development, recreational trails, sidewalks and parking lots.
Black Hills Energy
Sector: Communications & Utilities
Location: West Des Moines
Description: Every day, Black Hills Energy wants to be "improving life with energy." They produce, market and deliver the vital electricity, coal, oil and natural gas that customers need. Through their efforts, products and services, they also share their personal energy to strengthen their communities and support growth and development.
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