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Commitment to Diversity
The Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation recognizes that diversity fosters vibrancy and stimulates creativity, which bolsters economic strength in Northwest Iowa . Investors from across the diverse communities of Buena Vista, Clay, Dickinson and Emmet counties have joined together to foster, encourage, promote, aid or otherwise assist in the economic growth and development of the four-county region. These communities are a collection of individuals made stronger through common respect and support for one another. Intolerance harms our ability in a global marketplace to attract and retain committed laborers, skilled tradespeople, and professionals. The Mission of the Corridor is advanced by the strength of and for the benefit of all people in the communities.

To attract urbanites, Professional Developers of Iowa leader calls for broadband investment
Kim Didier, President
Professional Developers of Iowa
The title of my thoughts come from a New York Times article I recently read about how residents in New York City are reassessing the circumstances of their lives in the time of Covid-19—as we all have done. However, in a matter of 2.5 months, especially New Yorkers and other large metropolitan populations, have quickly learned that space is a competitive advantage in fighting the disease. The more space you have to operate and the less density of population you contend with, the less likely the disease is able to infect at high rates. Squeeze everyone in a tight space without at least six feet between people and the virus excels. The standard for the majority of New Yorkers is communal laundry facilities which don’t allow for much social distancing.
Truly, if space is the competitive advantage in the age of Covid-19 then Iowa should stand out as an excellent option for individuals and businesses reassessing looking for more spacious places to relocate and operate. Space is something we have in abundance in Iowa. The question is can we provide that space with the necessary infrastructure that attracts businesses and individuals to choose Iowa as the outcome of their reassessment exercise.

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The first order of business should be to do our own reassessment of our broadband capacity. How many Zoom meetings have you been on in the last two months where images start freezing or voices get garbled? This reassessment also needs to recognize that it is not just those areas that we call rural, many of our metropolitan communities suffer from an insufficient capacity as well. Intellectually, we have all known that broadband is an important issue but now we have lived it in a very different way from our own work at home to our kids learning from home.

Today we would not accept the fact that there are places where you can’t get sufficient electricity so why should we now accept that there are places in Iowa that don’t get sufficient broadband? Broadband is now to the 21 st  century as what electricity was to the 20 th  century—an absolute requirement for the continued functioning of our communities.

We need to find a way to guarantee excellent broadband capacity across the state now. The need is urgent not only for our current residents but if we want any chance of persuading those New Yorkers or any other large city residents and businesses that Iowa offers a great spacious alternative to their current environment. Space is our competitive advantage; we need to capitalize on it.
Estherville Pharmacy opening mid-month
Estherville Pharmacy will be opening for full service drive through and delivery 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. beginning June 15. The week of June 8 – 12, staff will be available at the drive through (located on the east side of the building) to answer any questions, as well as collect future patient information to begin the process of building patient profiles and transferring medications. Hours of operation for the week will be 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. – 6 p.m.

The Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation and Iowa Lakes Corridor Angel Network were pleased to work with Estherville Area Partnership for Growth to assist Estherville Pharmacy founders Andy Spurgin and Josh Borer in the launch of this important new business. To learn more about the Corridor's entrepreneurship programs and angel network, contact Brian Dalziel,
Featured Real Estate
Site: 4th Avenue West

Location: 4th Avenue West
Spencer, IA 51301
11 acres

Sale Price: $390,000
(in three parcels)

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Around the Corridor
Boji teen saves diver's life

Okoboji High School student Calvin Grosvenor used lessons learned from his dive instructor, Jose Barba of Boji Divers, to bring a Missouri man safely to shore when the latter had a medical emergency underwater.

Learn more about the dramatic rescue here.
BVU interim president says his first goal is unity

Dr. Brian Lenzmeier has been a mainstay at Buena Vista University since 2003, first as a professor and later as provost. Named interim president of the university last month, Lenzmeier will use that familiarity with the campus and its people to build strong relationships.

Read more about BVU's new leader
Investor Spotlight
Each week we want to feature and thank the businesses and individuals that have committed to economic development and growth in our communities. To learn more about these investors and others, visit our  Business Directory !
Dyno Oil, Inc.
Sector: Business Services/Other
Location: Spencer
Description: Over the years Dyno’s has had steady growth in sales and has changed its sales emphasis as the times have changed. Dyno Oil Co., Inc. was the second in the State to market gasohol and distributed Ethanol all over Iowa. At one time Dyno Oil Co., Inc. had four bulk plants, four tank trucks, and three transport trucks.
Emmet County
Sector: Cities & Counties
Location: Estherville (County Seat)
Description: Emmet County was organized on February 7, 1859. It is situated in the northern tier of Iowa counties and is bounded on the north by the state of Minnesota; on the east by Kossuth County; on the south by Palo Alto County; and on the west by Dickinson County. It includes congressional townships 98, 99, and 100 North of Ranges 31, 32, 33 and 34 West. The townships along the northern border are fractional, so that the extent from north to south is only seventeen miles. From east to west it is twenty-four miles and the total area of this county is 408 square miles.
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