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FROM THE CEO: Heroes, and the factories behind them

5,333 ships and landing craft.
That number astonishes me.
As our nation remembers D-Day, the Normandy beach landings that began 75 years ago today, most stories and commentaries rightly focus on the bravery of citizen soldiers. What impelled men from across the Allied nations and right here in Iowa to swallow the bile of fear and came ashore against artillery and machine gun fire? We wonder, "Would I have been capable of so much?"
But to bring US troops to the English Channel required more than courage. It needed a collective national effort.
That such an effort succeeded was due in large part to a national attribute that too often today is vilified-our market economy.
The US was ill-prepared before the war began. In 1939, the year Adolf Hitler's troopers invaded Poland, this country's standing Army numbered just 174,000.
Yet just six years later: 5,333 Allied ships; 9,901 bombers and fighters. Materiel for 73,000 US troops.
The United States of America was responsive because our economy was responsive. It was entrepreneurial. Ownership belonged to millions of private decisions, so production decisions belonged to millions of private citizens. Thus, textile mills could shift from blankets to uniforms, automobile plants could begin making fighters. In 1939, the US produced just 3,000 planes. By wars end, it had produced 300,000.
And the same decentralization that allowed the US to become prolific also made it innovative.  Engines, weapons, communications, even health care: all experienced major advances during the war. One could contend that there were really two Americas in the 20 th century-an agrarian country before the war, technology's pathfinder after.
So, today, as we honor the citizen soldiers of the greatest generation, let's also acknowledge the citizen bankers, citizen industrialists, citizen scientists and citizen laborers. Together, they preserved the blessings of liberty for themselves and their posterity, to include the blessing of economic freedom.

News to Know
The New Inn Hotel Takes Guests Back to "The Golden Age"

New owners rebuild and reopen The Inn, hoping to recreate the original vibe and experience that the original Inn fostered for over 120 years on West Lake Okoboji. The new building includes 38 rooms, a pool, and a beach restaurant and seeks to bring guests back to the 1920's Golden Age of hotels. 

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Tyson Foods Donates $20,000 to Child Care

Trepson Families and Children was awarded $20,000 from Tyson Foods for child care expansion. Trevina Jefferson accepted the award which will be put toward their two facilities of full time preschool and in home child care.

Read more about the donation  here! 

2nd Annual Okoboji Bike-N-Bite on June 8th

Dickinson County and ISU Extension & Outreach come together to host a family bike ride including stops along the way to taste local foods as well as a visit from ISU's mascot Cy. A portion of the profits from T-shirt sales will also go towards fighting food insecurity in Dickinson County. 

Get more details  here!

Rep. King discusses health care staffing with Spencer leaders, Corridor staff

SPENCER --  Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, was in town last week at the behest of a local health care administrator to discuss the need for long-term care workers with a small group that included Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation President & CEO Kiley Miller.
Tim Christy, administrator of Longhouse-Northshire in Spencer, shared statistics on the scope and importance of his industry to the local economy. According to the Iowa Health Care Association, long-term care provides 842 jobs paying more than $27 million in Iowa's Senate District 1, which includes Clay, Dickinson and three other northwest Iowa counties.  
In the same area, however, the gap in state and federal cost coverage is $3.12 million.
This may help explain tightness in the labor supply. In Clay County alone, long-term care providers relied on 2,851 hours of temporary staffing in the fourth quarter of 2018.
Christy asked King to consider changes to immigration laws to ease the recruitment of international workers into health care. Miller echoed the call for immigration reforms.
King preferred to focus on moving US residents from welfare to the workforce.

The meeting took place at Grand Avenue Community Outreach downtown. Outreach director Kevin Brown described a new initiative at the facility to help former inmates transition to stable jobs.
Also in attendance was Spencer Mayor Kevin Robinson, who told King about an area business he had visited recently that was employing former South Africans as diesel mechanics.

Investor Spotlight
Each week, we want to feature and thank the businesses and individuals that have committed to economic development and growth in our communities. To learn more about these investors and others, visit our Business Directory !
Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative
Sector:  Communications & Utilities
Location: Estherville
Description: Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative provides reliable, competitively-priced energy and other valuable services to benefit our members, our customers and the communities we serve.

ITC Midwest
Sector: Communications & Utilities
Location: Des Moines
Description ITC Holdings Corp. invests in the electricity transmission grid to improve electric reliability, expand access to markets, lower the overall cost of delivered energy and allow new generating resources to interconnect to its transmission systems. The largest independent electricity transmission company in the country, ITC operates high-voltage transmission systems in Michigan's Lower Peninsula and portions of Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, Missouri and Kansas.

Jobs in the Iowa Lakes Corridor
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Job Title Employer Date
Production Supervisor
Rosenboom Machine & Tool, Inc. 5/31/2019
CNC Maintenance Technician Rosenboom Machine & Tool, Inc.
Electrical Technician Rosenboom Machine & Tool, Inc.
Robotic Welder Rosenboom Machine & Tool, Inc.
Total Productive Asset Management / Preventative Maintenance Coordinator Rosenboom Machine & Tool, Inc.
Technical Sales Consultant Solutions, Inc.  6/1/2019

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