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Online Giving Resource

To facilitate stewardship, the Diocese has launched an online giving resource. Simply click here , select your church, and set up your one-time or recurring gift. If the church you select already offers online giving, you will be sent directly to their giving page. Otherwise, you’ll be directed to a secure giving page sponsored by the Diocese and we will transfer the funds you give to your church.

To understand more about Online Giving including a resource to help your church get started, read Funding Ministry During the Covid-19 Crisis on the Episcopal Church Foundation blog.

Formation Leaders Summit: "Let's Talk Fall, Ya'll!"
Brought to you by the Province 3 Youth Ministry Network

Whether you work with children, youth, adults, or all of the above, you're likely pondering the question... what will formation ministry look like in the Fall?  Join us for a Zoom forum to explore answers to this question and gain new ideas and resources from one another.  
Monday, July 20, 11 am - 1 pm.
(Drop in for any portion of the time your schedule allows.)
Via Zoom: Register in advance by clicking here:
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

If you already have a plan in place or even the seed of an idea please EMAIL the details to  joanne@dioceseofeaston.org & kriley@episcopalmaryland.org . We plan to compile these ahead of time so we can create an efficient space for sharing. Also feel free to email resources that you've found helpful.

Bishop Expands Call on Diversity Commission

Several years ago Bishop San formed and invited members across the communion to join the Diocese of Easton’s Diversity Awareness Commission. Their role was to “engage the work of diversity awareness as a comprehensive subject inclusive of racial reconciliation.” The Commission was formed in late 2018 and has been pursuing that very work to this day. 

“The Diversity Awareness Commission in the Diocese of Easton promotes peace, justice, and equality for all human beings - all are made in the image of God. As children of God, we must walk in His love, work in His reconciling ministry, and waken those brothers and sisters who have gone astray. We condemn all acts of racism. We encourage prayers for social justice, reconciliation, and peace as we walk in The Way of Love.” – A Note From the Commission

In light of recent events and with a renewed sense of urgency around topics of racial injustice, the Bishop has added another critical dimension to the Diversity Awareness Commission’s work on reconciliation. They, in cooperation with the Bishop’s Institute, will be tasked with the study and implementation of a training course for all leadership in the Diocese.  The training will be based around an initiative that comes from the Archbishop of Canterbury entitled Difference and will be open to all.

Anyone who is interested in joining the Diversity Awareness Commission and becoming a trainer for this program is invited to submit their name to  Bishop San  for consideration.  Please submit names no later August 1 st .
Are You Feeling Called to the Priesthood or Diaconate?
The Diocese of Easton is beginning a partnership with the IONA Collaborative. "Iona Collaborative provides high-quality theological education for the formation of priests and deacons in their local diocesan settings, educating a new generation of ordained leaders who for various reasons cannot attend a residential seminary." If you are feeling called to ordained ministry please contact your Priest or Senior Warden so that they can forward this interest to Bishop San. You may also email Bishop San directly. Candidates must have an undergraduate degree.
Lap Swimming Available!
We are excited to announce that we are opening the Camp Wright Pool for Lap Swimming four mornings a week! Lap swimming will be offered from 5:30-8:30am Monday through Thursday for adults and children 12 and older. All swimmers must purchase a pass, sign a waiver, and follow social distancing guidelines. For more information and to purchase a swim pass,   visit our website . Lap swimming is open to the community, so feel free to share with friends and family!
Online Auction to Benefit Camp
Starting July 13th , we will host an online Silent Auction to benefit Camp Wright as we work to meet our financial needs during the ongoing pandemic. Our auction is full of great items and experiences made by CW Staff, Alumni, and Friends. Check our social media streams and our website often for more information. Expect to see Camp Wright experiences, handmade crafts, a fabulous Camp Wright chicken dinner and other tasty treats. Contact  Cara  for more information!

Bid early and often! And, as always, thanks for your support!
C ircle of Friends Picnic!
Earlier this year, we were making plans for Circle of Friends Weekend and a celebration of Camp Wright's 90th summer of Episcopal summer camping on the Chesapeake Bay. While those plans have changed, we have something else in mind. We hope you and your camp friends will join us for our first ever Circle of Friends picnic on  Saturday, July 25th.  We will have the pool open, bring your own picnic, enjoy Blue vs White competition, and watch the sunset with family and friends-- socially distanced, of course.

More information about this fun event at CW is forthcoming. Hope to see you there!
A Solemn Call to Give Generously to Camp Wright

Camp Wright has been a key ministry in the Diocese of Easton for 90 years. Just last summer alone, Camp Wright ministered to over 1700 children, youth, and young adults of various faith backgrounds and experiences. These participants were prayed for, reminded of Jesus' deep and sustaining love for them, and welcomed into authentic community. The nature of the property and the staff is to serve children and youth, to welcome their hustle and bustle, to meet their many needs, to engage them in play, and to join them in learning, worship, and wonder.  But, this summer, the cabins will be empty . No campers will leave wet towels or lunchboxes under the pavilion. The kayaks will remain stacked on the boat rack. Only the songbirds and the waves will sing songs of praise in the chapel by the Bay. Covid-19 has prompted the Camp Wright Committee and Staff to suspend summer camp operations to preserve the health and safety of the campers, staff, their families, and the larger community.

This decision was not an easy one to make. Julia and I have discussed the possibilities ahead and the financial risk related to closing camp for the summer. However, even in the face of financial uncertainty, the call to extend Christ's unconditional love to Camp's participants outweighs the risk of having camp programs as we have always known them in pre-pandemic years. My hope and prayer is that the faithful family of the Diocese of Easton, our extended family and mission and ministry partners will extend financial support to Camp Wright in order to overcome the significant financial impact created with the loss of registration income.

In this global COVID-19 Pandemic with so many unknowns and uncertainties, and in accordance with one of our core values as a Prayer Centered Church and Mission-Shaped Diocese that  Welcomes All, Shares Jesus’ Love and Serves the World , the decision was the most loving and caring one at this time. Camp Wright remains a vibrant and wholesome ministry on the Eastern Shore and this ministry will most certainly continue to be defined by its faithfulness, commitment, and dedication to shaping and forming community life among all ages. Camp Wright isn’t going anywhere, rather acting as a responsible steward in the protection of the health and well-being of campers and their siblings. Out of an abundance of caution, Camp Wright’s decision should be seen as a laudable one which I on behalf of the diocese fully endorse.

You may not know that Camp Wright is self-sustaining and does not have any financial burden on our diocese.  This is a critical moment in history for Camp Wright . This winter the Finance Committee approved Camp Wright's budget that projected a $50,000 gain for 2020. With the cancellation of Camp Programs and the Fall Rental Season, Camp Wright is now facing a $200,000 loss.

The good work of Camp Wright is well known across Episcopal Camp and Conference Centers. In this diocese, we love Camp Wright and are highly complementary of the evangelism, formation and transformation that happens there. Please join me in prayerfully supporting Camp Wright financially at this unprecedented time in history. Please give as you are able to support them through this crisis. Your generous gift is tax exempt. A link to give is here:   www.givebutter.com/camp-wright . You can also mail a check to them directly 400 Camp Wright Lane, Stevensville, MD 21666.

More information about Covid-19 and its impacts on our Diocesan camp can be found here:  www.campwright.com/covid-19-hub .
With every gratitude and blessing,
The Right Rev. Santosh K. Marray
XI Bishop of Easton

Mrs. Julia Connelly Zahn
Director, Camp Wright
Around the Diocese
 St. Andrew's, Hurlock, The St. Andrew’s Food Pantry in Hurlock, MD was awarded over $4,000 in grant money last month from the Maryland Food Bank.  “It was an alleluia moment for us,” said Fr. Bryan Glancey, Director of the Food Pantry, “we can take care of a lot of people for that.”

The gift came as a welcome surprise to the food pantry, who has continued serving their community even through the Covid-19 pandemic.  All volunteers wear masks and gloves and patrons are required to also wear masks (the pantry supplies these masks if needed).  “Only 5 people are allowed in at a time to shop,” says Glancey, who acknowledges that even with these precautions they still see fewer people.  “We used to get around 120 families, now we’re seeing closer to 90.” 

The grant comes as part of a six million dollar gift given to the MD Food Bank in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  “The people at St. Andrew’s put their lives at risk every day to make sure their community is served,” touts Jennifer Small, Regional Program Director for the Maryland Food Bank’s Eastern Shore division.  That’s one of the main criteria we used when allocating funds to our partners. “St. Andrew’s has been one of our trusted partners for over 10 years.” St. Andrew's is set to receive an additional $4,000 in August to continue to cover expenses during the Pandemic.

Fr. Glancey logs onto the Maryland Food Bank site 52 weeks out of the year to order between 3,000-4,000 pounds of food. Now, thanks to the grant, he doesn't need to pay at check-out. The food is delivered by truck on Tuesdays and distributed from 10am-12pm every Wednesday.  “The only money we spend is on food,” said Fr. Glancey who is quick to praise his committed volunteer base.  “We have at least 10 people to unload the truck on Tuesdays and 10 more to help when we open on Wednesdays.”

The food pantry also delivers food. This includes to clients with mobility issues as well as other churches that have members who need a leg up. As Father Glancey puts it, “we are here whenever people need us”.
 Send an email with a short description plus links or attachments to Joanne .  Churches are also encouraged to add joanne@dioceseofeaston.org to their local enews.


prayerful listening...

The spiritual journey is different for everyone. Sometimes, a companion can help us see the way more clearly.

The Retreat House has several trained spiritual directors who are available to help. Learn more in our  Spiritual Guidance brochure .

Here's what's coming up at the Retreat House. Click the button's below for dates and times.

Sacred Ground A Film-based Dialogue on Race and Faith July-Sept. Series
The Retreat House invites you to participate in Sacred Ground, an experience of reading, watching and learning about the history of race and racism in America and the impact it has on our world today.

Day's End Evening Meditation
Listen, breathe, be still. A peaceful way to move into your evening.

Weekly AA Meetings are now on Zoom.

A Peaceful Walk: The Retreat House gates are always open ~ please come anytime. During the COVID-19 crisis, please honor the 6-ft. social distance guidelines.

Late summer offerings...
Stay tuned for more details about these new programs!

Contemplative Photography
with Debra Donnelly Barton

Wisdom Circle: Pilgrimage to Empathy
with Heather Strang

Making Peace with Money
with Meg Gallagher

For more information, call (410) 364-7069, click the button below or contact Francie Thayer .
Pastoral Concerns

We pray for continued healing and comfort for the following people and their families:

For the family of Bryan and Barbs Glancy: Bryan (son), Lola ( daughter-in-law), and grandson Ralph - who are currently living in India.

The Rev. Kevin Cross, Rector, Church of the Holy Trinity, Oxford. Sandra Marray, Sister of Bishop Santosh Marray. The Rev. Pete Stanton. Dee Rinehart, Director of the Bishops Institute. Art Leiby. Becky Richardson

Submit prayer requests to joanne@dioceseofeaston.org . Names are listed for four weeks unless otherwise specified. 
Diocesan Prayer Calendar

Sixth Sunday after Pentecost (July 12th) We give thanks for the witness of God’s people at St. Paul’s Preaching
Station and The Retreat House at Hillsboro, and for the leadership of
Francie Thayer.

Seventh Sunday after Pentecost (July 19th) We pray for the many lives that have been affected by the
Coronavirus. For those who have died; for the family members that
mourn their loss. For those who continue to heal and for the skilled
caregivers that continue to fight this disease – we pray for you.

For additional weeks, please visit our website .
Communication from the
Office of the Presiding Bishop

Season of Creation, September 1 – October 4, 2020
Devotions offered by four leaders
Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop and Primate Michael Curry and the leaders of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), the Anglican Church of Canada and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada have prepared a series of devotions to observe the  Season of Creation 2020 , September 1–October 4.

The season, which begins on September 1 with the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation, is a time to join with the global Christian community in renewing, repairing and restoring commitments to God, to one another and to all of creation. For the four churches, it is also a time for strengthening relationships with one another. Through Scripture, hymns, advocacy and action, the weekly devotions, which are designed to be bulletin inserts for each of the five Sundays during the Season of Creation, begin Sunday, September 6, and invite people to live out their vocation as stewards of creation. Read more here.

An invitation to join “Beijing +25: Celebrating the Blessing, Realizing the Dream” online study group The Presiding Bishop’s delegation to the 64th session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women (UNCSW 64) invites all to join the online study group Beijing +25: Celebrating the Blessing, Realizing the Dream, which will offer a series of webinars, blogs and conversations facilitated by the delegates from July through November 2020. Read more here .

Traveling the Way of Love special episode: Triangle of Hope is now available. The Episcopal Church’s latest podcast   below - Traveling the Way of Love, the Way of Love video series from The Episcopal Church Office of Communication, is offering a special episode, focusing on the Triangle of Hope,

Hosted by Chris Sikkema, the Office of Communication’s manager for special projects, Traveling the Way of Love shares stories of the ways people across The Episcopal Church practice the Way of Love with each episode highlighting one of the seven Way of Love practices: turn, learn, pray, worship, bless, go, and rest. This special episode focuses on the practice of Go. 

In this special episode of Traveling the Way of Love, we visit with the Tsedaqah community and others from Liverpool Cathedral in England. The participants tell us a bit more about what it has meant for them to practice their Christian understanding of Going, whether that has entailed crossing an enormous ocean or a quaint cobblestone street. 

Habits of Grace: An invitation for you, from Presiding Bishop Curry
As we learn how to adjust our lives given the reality of the coronavirus and the request to do our part to slow its spread by practicing social distancing, I invite you to join me each week to take a moment to cultivate a ‘habit of grace.’ A new meditation will be posted on Mondays. Podcast below.

July  7 , 2020: "The growing edge 4th of July weekend has just concluded and a new week has begun, but the titanic struggles of the old world continue. The struggles to face painful truths of our racial past, the struggles to find ways to fashion a new future, the struggles for racial justice and human equality and true human reconciliation. Even in the midst of these struggles, we still face a pandemic that is worldwide. Now the United States itself is gravely threatened and affected by COVID-19. And even in the midst of all of that, we enter a season of electioneering, campaigning, a presidential election that could well be a profoundly polarizing and divisive election for our country." - Presiding Bishop Curry

Beyond the Diocese
The Forma21 Planning Team is excited about the plans taking shape for  Forma21: Embodying Spiritual Practices . This virtual gathering will take place January 26-28, and will include worship, fellowship, and workshops. Our keynote speakers will be Mark and Lisa Scandrette, co-founders of  ReIMAGINE: A Center for Christian Practice  and authors of   Belonging and Becoming: Creating a Thriving Family Culture   (Intervarsity Press, 2006). Information on registration for dioceses that are interested in learning as a collective will be sent out this summer. Individual registration opens on September 1, with Forma members receiving a 15% discount.

The Newbigin Fellowship for Faith, Peace, and Justice We are living in turbulent times. Many are hungering and thirsting for spiritual wisdom as we see a nation crying out for peace and justice. The Newbigin Fellowship for Faith, Peace and Justice is a nine-month journey of theological formation to equip you to embody the way of Jesus, answer the call to peace and pursue the work of justice. Read more here.

More than $1 million awarded in 2020 United Thank Offering grants
At its June 2020 meeting, the Executive Council of The Episcopal Church approved United Thank Offering (UTO) grants to support seven Young Adult and Seminarian grants, as well as 26 annual grants.

UTO thanks everyone who, through a personal spiritual discipline of gratitude, contributed to the 2019 Ingathering. As a result of this gratitude and generosity, UTO raised $1,548,013.66 in thank offerings. Of this, $30,600 went to support seven Young Adult and Seminarian grants within the focus of  Holy Gifts: bringing together our blessings and gifts to breathe love, liberation, and life into our communities.  Additionally, UTO awarded 26 grants as a part of the annual grant process that utilizes the remainder of the 2019 Ingathering funds, or $1,484,693.66. This year, the focus of the annual grant process was  Bless: Share faith, practice generosity and compassion, and proclaim the Good News of God in Christ with hope and humility .

The UTO Board received almost $3.4 million in requests in 2020. Every penny given to the United Thank Offering is given away the following year to support innovative mission and ministry in The Episcopal Church. Read more here.

United Thank Offering 2021 Annual Grants, Two grant cycles offered  
Application deadlines: August 14, 2020 and February 26, 2021
The United Thank Offering (UTO) Board is pleased to announce the availability of their 2021 United Thank Offering Annual Grants. These grants are awarded for projects in The Episcopal Church and throughout the Anglican Communion, each year with a different focus. For 2021, the focus is Recovering with Love and Gratitude: An Episcopal Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic in Local Contexts.

The United Thank Offering will accept applications in two categories, Sustaining Ministries and Innovative Ministries, at two different funding levels through two granting cycles. The criteria for each category are different. Applicants must demonstrate concisely how the project directly supports the recovery effort. Read more here.

United Thank Offering presents the inaugural Great EpisGOpal Race!
The United Thank Offering (UTO) invites all to support the 2020 Ingathering by joining them in gratitude, grabbing a pair of sneakers, and racing YOUR way in the Great EpisGOpal Virtual Race. Anytime between July 22 – July 31, choose a preferred mode and distance and race to raise money for COVID-19 relief. Participants can bike a 10K, run a half marathon, skate a mile, and more—the options are limitless. All of the funds that are raised will be collected for the 2020 UTO Ingathering and dispersed to ministries responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Looking for some friendly competition? Start a team with friends, church, or diocese and see how far the team can collectively go. Prefer to keep your sneakers in the closet? Sign up and invite others to donate to a personal page. Registration is just $15 with the option to purchase a race shirt with an amazing original design by Chris Corbin. Read more here.

UPDATE: Unpacking the Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act
For most churches, the new law  H.R. 7010, The Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act of 2020   will simplify the PPP loan forgiveness process and greatly increase the amount of the forgiveness received.
CapinCrouse , the largest U.S. accounting and audit practice focused solely on serving churches and nonprofits, has published an article  Unpacking the Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act  to provide an in-depth look into these very significant and generally beneficial changes.

The Episcopal Church invites participation in Good News Gardens
Join the movement to Plant, Pray, & Proclaim! What can people do in this moment? One new and sacrificial act of love is to commit to planting more, praying more, and proclaiming more, in order to share the loving, liberating, and life-giving Good News of God’s love with all people. Read more here.

Virtual Episcopal Latino Ministry Competency course -- August 10-14, 2020
Registration is now open for a special Virtual Episcopal Latino Ministry Competency Course (VELMC), an innovative five-day intensive course designed for diocesan staff, clergy, lay leaders, and seminarians to gain practical knowledge and cultural competency for Latino/Hispanic ministry. Originally offered in person at the School of Theology in Sewanee, Tennessee, the course will be conducted online in English, August 10-14, 2020. The five-day VELMC includes 20 hours of online classroom presentations, worship services, and group dialogue, with comfortable breaks and an ample lunch time factored in from 11:00am to 5:30pm (EDT) each day. Read more here.

Virginia Theological Seminary (VTS) has shifted all Lifelong Learning offerings to online platforms to better equip clergy and lay leaders in this season of pandemic. The Continuing Education office at VTS strives to offer relevant classes, workshops, and programs. Visit VTS Event page for an up-to-date listing of online courses, retreats, and programs for both clergy and lay leaders. Questions? Please contact: LifelongLearning@vts.edu.

Introducing For People, a conversation about finding and holding on to faith in the midst of the challenges of an ever-changing world.
Join Bishop Rob Wright – spiritual leader to the more than 50,000 people in the 117 worshipping communities of the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta – each week at the crossroads of faith and life as he draws inspiration from the life of Jesus to answer 21st-century questions. For People is Faith for Real Life. New episodes released each Friday. Listen Now

Applications accepted for Episcopal Church Chief Legal Officer The Episcopal Church is accepting applications for the position of Chief Legal Officer.  Major, Lindsey, & Africa  has been engaged as the search firm for this position.
The Chief Legal Officer will be responsible for assuring the reliable and timely provision of high-quality legal advice and services on secular legal matters to the Presiding Bishop, the President of the House of Deputies, the Executive Office of the General Convention, the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society, and Executive Council. Read more here.