July 25, 2014

On July 21 the Maryland Sustainable Growth Commission released a preliminary draft of its proposed Infill, Redevelopment, and Revitalization (IRR) Policy for public comment. The preliminary draft is an updated version of an earlier draft circulated at various public forums and commented upon by MACo. (Read more


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MACo Seeks PSC Clearance for Washington County Power Project  


State Highway Administration & Baltimore City Put Pervious Pavement to the Test 


Farm Bureau Challenges Environmental Group on Agricultural Phosphorus Reduction Efforts 


League of Conservation Voters Releases 2014 Environmental Scorecard   


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Corporate Partner Profile: Cigna

Cigna Tips: Hepatitis B Can Damage Your Liver Over Time

Learn the causes, symptoms & treatment. 

In recognition of World Hepatitis Day on Monday,  

July 28, Cigna, a MACo Gold Partner, is offering health tips to learn the causes, symptoms and treatment of Hepatitis B. 

Hepatitis B is a virus that infects the liver. Most adults who get it have it for a short time and then get better. This is called acute hepatitis B. Sometimes the virus causes a long-term infection, called chronic hepatitis B. Over time, it can damage your liver. Babies and young children infected with the virus are more likely to get chronic hepatitis B. You can have hepatitis B and not know it. You may not have symptoms. If you do, they can make you feel like you have the flu. But as long as you have the virus, you can spread it to others. (Read more





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