Produce Guide:

1) Celery

2) White Lady baby Turnips w/ greens

3) Red Butter Lettuce

4) Flowering Fava Greens

5) Live Oak Farm Braising Greens Mix

6) Easter Egg Radish bunch

Friends of the Farm-


Happy Friday and welcome back to another week of Live Oak Farm CSA...

It's Earth Day tomorrow, and to celebrate our beloved planet there is lots going on this weekend to highlight local agriculture and all the earth provides to us.

Here in Petaluma alone you can join the Butter & Eggs Day festivities, and stop by our Live Oak Farm plant sale anytime Saturday & Sunday. (More info below).

Plants, parades, gardening, BBQ-ing, you name it, just get outside!

For our recipe this week we hone in on the Fava Greens. Spring and fava greens are synonymous in my memory of what the season brings each year. Similar to spring pea shoots, these tender greens and pretty flowers are what we can enjoy while we wait for beans. Personally, I enjoy the playfulness and culinary creativity that can be had with the fava greens more than the beans themselves. Farmer William likes to approach fava greens much like spinach. In this recipe we quickly wilt them for a feature in a fresh spring pasta.

Lastly, we welcome you to enjoy our weekly music playlist...

The weekly accompanying playlist gets a new name this week- Vegetable Medley. It's your same two-hours of fresh-picked selections to get you dancing with your produce, just with a reimagined moniker. This week is pretty up-tempo. I was trying to harness the power of the sun and put together music that sounds best outdoors. Some not to miss favorites this week include I Like It (Don't Stop) by Maxwell Udoh, a new Gorillaz track, Controllah, and Barbarella (Bob Crewe & Charles Fox) from the film soundtrack of the same name.

All our best from the farm,

Tom & William and Live Oak Farm team

Live Oak Farm Playlist Pairing

Spring Fava Green & Panchetta Pasta


All Fava Greens

portioned Pasta of your choice, (Bucatini works well)

1 cup frozen Peas

2-3 ounces, sliced & chopped Pancetta

1 clove Garlic

1 Lemon

Pecorino cheese, grated

pinch, Red Chili Flake

pinch, Salt & Pepper

Butter / Olive Oil


Begin by bringing a large stockpot of salted water to a boil. Add your pasta and cook until al dente. Remove from heat and dress cooked pasta with olive oil. Set aside.

In a separate sauté pan, heat butter or olive oil to medium-high heat. Add minced garlic clove and pancetta. Cook together until garlic is soft and pancetta starts to crisp. Add frozen peas and fava greens to the pan. Lower temperature to medium-low and cover.

(I like to add a splash of white wine or the squeeze of fresh lemon juice here too). Continue to cook until greens become wilted and peas are hot.

Season and add to pasta.

Toss and serve hot.

Garnish with fresh lemons and grated Pecorino cheese.

Serve with Red Butter Lettuce & Radish greens side salad.

Ring in Earth Day at Live Oak Farm's Plant Sale

This Saturday + Sunday April 22 & 23

Open to the public, we'll have up-potted vegetable & herb starts for sale all weekend long. Shop a variety of CCOF Certified Organic plants that we've raised from our very own nursery. Get a jump on your very own Summer garden and celebrate Earth Day by giving these produce starts a new home!

We will also have brewed Compost Tea available to supercharge your garden.

(Please bring your own reusable container)

Sonoma County Farm Trails - Spring Tour 2023

Reminder of our participation in this Spring's edition of Sonoma County Farm Trail Tour. Join us Saturday + Sunday, May 6 & 7 for farm tours and open house! Be sure to register to support our county's robust network of local farms & their farmers. Click the banner above to visit Sonoma County Farm Trails event page to view participating local farms and plan your weekend today!

Reminder - We Recycle! 

We encourage you to return your CSA boxes to your pick-up location, or leave cartons, boxes, and other farm CSA reusables at your doorstep for exchange on Friday delivery days. A big thank you to the many of you that already participate in our recycling efforts!

We appreciated all those who have recently joined us in this practice as well. Thank you!

Live Oak Farm