Produce Guide:

1) Genovese Basil
2) Live Oak Salad Mix
3) Albion Strawberries
4)Dunjac Zucchini / Green Machine Summer Squash / Yellow Patty Pan
5) Row 7 - 7082 (Pickling / Grilling) Cucumbers
6) Fresh Chamomile Bunch
7) Baby Fennel
Friends of the Farm-

A fun addition to this week's produce box- fresh Chamomile! We love the smell & look of this crop fresh, dried, in tea, herbal medicine, and more. Give the salad dressing recipe a try for a new appreciation for the capabilities for these multi-faceted flowers. Hoping too the sheer smell of these fresh flowers bring you joy and a versatile ingredient perhaps you have never worked with in your home kitchens.

A produce note about this week's cucumbers- this variety is developed by Chef Dan Barber's team at Row 7 Seeds. If you haven't tried grilling or pickling these cucumbers we highly suggest! Otherwise, they are always a reliable snack on their own or any easy addition to a summer salad.

We welcome you to enjoy this edition of our weekly curated music playlist:
This week has an extra dose of the Fleetwood Mac catalog. Eyes of the World from the album Mirage (1982), and the jammer- All the Things You Do from Kiln House (1970). A touch of solo Stevie Nicks as the cherry on top with Rock a Little (which is exactly what we encourage you to do with your produce box & playlist each week). Not to worry we also bring the sounds of the world by way of Mexico, Spain, Angola, Brazil, France, Portugal, and the UK to this week's mix. Summer travel or home cooking, take it wherever you find yourself this weekend. Enjoy!

All our best from the farm,
Tom & William and Live Oak Farm team
Fresh Chamomile Salad Dressing

1/4 - 1/2 cup Chamomile tea brew (from 1Tbsp Chamomile flowers)
2 Tbsp Lemon, juiced
3 tsp Balsamic Vinegar
1 tsp Olive Oil
1 tsp Tahini
1/4 tsp Dijon mustard
1 small Garlic clove, crushed & chopped
1/4 tsp Honey
Salt & Pepper to taste

Start by preparing your Chamomile. Pluck flowers from their stems create your base brew by steeping 1 Tbsp of Chamomile in hot water. Strain & set aside allowing brew to cool.

Combine all ingredients and whisk together, or if you wish, blend in a blender until smooth. Add more Chamomile brew or olive oil depending on the consistency you desire in your salad dressing. To serve, dress your salad greens with the prepared dressing. Add slivered almonds, hemp or chia seeds, and dried cranberries as final garnish.
Serve & enjoy!
Live Oak Farm