Friends of the Farm-

If you're wondering what the flowering prickly addition is riding on top of our CSA produce box this week, allow us to introduce you to the world of Cardoons! If you're wondering what to do with it, we can help there too...this one's not for eating (save that for everything inside the box). Edible cardoons are reserved for when they are smaller crops and much less bitter. I'm sure you can see the similarities to artichokes, which live in the same family. Use this week's cardoon tag-along as a fresh floral pop. Mix with other flowers in your backyard or neighborhood or dry the bulb here for future decoration.
We're excited to announce that we will start selling some cut flowers and composed arrangements from our farm stand as one more compliment to seasonal veggies for homes and beneficiary plants for insets and our crops in the field.

This week we put your carrots, fennel and radishes to work in a shaved vegetable salad / slaw that goes well as a summer side or a vegetable meal in itself. Coming next week we have a strawberry soup recipe reserved for any of those green coriander berries you may still have on hand.

Our first in our Summer farm to table dinner series gathers next Saturday, June 25th. Seats remain for this and our August 13th edition. We look forward to sharing our farm and a meal based on our seasonal produce. Selected wines, hors d'oeuvres, and farm tour also included with dinner.
Details below. Email to reserve, or for more info.

We welcome you to also enjoy our weekly curated music playlist. This week we get dancing to an extra helping of Cumbia. Said to have originated in Colombia in the 1940's its discernible from other Latin music by its signature syncopated shuffle. We also make a nod to the Golden State Warriors locking up the NBA Championship last night with the instrumental theme from a favorite movie, The Warriors, (1979). (This soundtrack also features great Joe Walsh & Mandrill tracks for expanded listening). It's A Lovely Day by the Youngbloods and Biz Markie's contribution to a recent hip-hop compilation album - Top Shelf 1988 are also not to miss this week to get you dancing in your kitchens and beyond. Enjoy!

Happy Father's Day to all those celebrating this Sunday.

All our best from the farm,
Tom & William and Live Oak Farm team
Live Oak Farm Dinner Series
Tickets are still available the first two summer dates of our Live Oak Farm dinner series.
Our next is this coming Saturday, June 25th! Space remains to join us at the table.

The evening will include farm tours, dinner & wine with an emphasis on crops in the field and all produce coming from our organic farm. We look forward to sharing our farm, food, fun wines, and friends new & old in this summer series. Join us won't you?!?

Live Oak Farm