Produce Guide:

1) Flashy Trout Lettuce Head

2) Meyer Lemons

3) Easter Egg Radish Bunch

4) Live Oak Herbal Tea Salad Dressing

5) Miner's Lettuce

6) Winter Braising Greens Mix

Mixed Kales, Red Veined Sorrel, Broccoli Outers

7) Butter Lettuce Head

8) Bolero Carrots

Friends of the Farm-


Happy Friday and welcome back to another week of Live Oak Farm CSA!

As our weather continues to fluctuate in-and-out of feelings of Spring and resilient bouts of Winter cold & rain, we make the most of the fair weather days in persistence in our bed building, and in-field transplanting. Our greenhouses remain full with our next successions and there is excitement abound as our next season's seeds arrive and jump right into seeding trays. We don't need a Pennsylvania groundhog to tell us that Spring is on its way- it can be seen this week with peppers, and tomato seeds being germinated and strawberry starts being up-potted in our nursery. Today's warm high-tunnels packed with greens are soon to see the transitional switch to the infrastructure and planting to support our core Summer crops.

For our recipe this week we lean on a new farm creation- a salad dressing made from infusing our signature Herbal Tea Blend. With each season we craft a tea blend from a selection of dried herbs and flowers here at the farm. This infused Herbal Tea dressing is meant to be a delicate compliment to the robust mix of greens coming off the farm. The inspiration for this dressing comes from our January dinner collaboration with Napa's, Monday Bakery. Their team brought life to our greens in a salad with a similar recipe and we needed to replicate ourselves with it being such a tasty match. Use as is, or feel free to doctor it up with more of your favorites to complete a proper salad. (Nuts, seeds, sumac, shiso, Aleppo chili, ect).

Lastly, we welcome you to enjoy our weekly music playlist...

This week's mix has something for everyone- plants included! Whether broadcasting to our produce, or your own house plants, be sure to give a listen to the track Swingin Spathiphyllums. Taken from the album, Mother Earth's Plantasia by Mort Garson this is a 1976 album of early MOOG synthesizer was first pitched as a record to play to your houseplants. The album has gotten some recent love with a re-issue and its title track can be heard on a now-airing Turbo Tax commercial. Other must-listens this week include tracks Groovy Flute (Manu Dibango), banjo-heavy Sally Sally (Melissa Carper), and John Lee Hooker's soulful blues on Serve Me Right to Suffer (taken from his legendary Live At Soledad Prison album). Songs for both rain & shine, and everything in-between. Have a listen & enjoy!

All our best from the farm,

Tom & William and Live Oak Farm team

Live Oak Farm Playlist Pairing

Spring Salad w/ Herbal Tea Dressing


Flashy Trout Lettuce Head

Buter Lettuce

Miner's Lettuce

All Easter Egg Radishes, finely sliced

2x Bolero Carrots, shaved

LOF Herbal Tea Salad Dressing

Coarse black pepper


Prepare greens by breaking down lettuce heads and combine with Miner's Lettuce to clean by washing and spinning in a salad spinner.

Assemble greens in a large salad bowl.

Using a peeler, shave carrots to make carrot ribbons. Finely slice radishes.

Add both to top of salad greens.

Dress salad with Herbal Tea Salad Dressing. Adjust seasoning to taste. Finish with coarse ground black pepper. Serve & enjoy!

Limited seats remain...

Join us for Dinner - A Petaluma Collaboration

with Street Social

Saturday March 11, 2023

6 PM

the farm comes to Street Social, located at:

29 F Petaluma Blvd N

Petaluma, CA


New to our Farm Stand...Fresh Flowers!

We're excited to welcome flower farmer, Katie Specht and her budding floral business (Moonlight Blooms) to our farm stand. This relationship will continue to evolve, as will her seasonal offering of fresh cut flowers bouquets and displays. Flowers will be available at time of CSA pick-up and weekends.

Support a fellow farmer and take home some flowers today!

Live Oak Farm