Produce Guide:

1) Mixed Spring Greens

2) Golden Coachella Beets

3) Hamilton Lettuce Head

4) Flowering Rosemary

5) Red Coachella Beets

6) Spring Pea Shoots

7) Meyer Lemons

8) Miner's Lettuce

Friends of the Farm-


Happy Friday and welcome back to another week of Live Oak Farm CSA...

It was another week of working with what the weather and Mother Nature threw at us. At this point we take it as it comes and make the most of what we get. Seeding & up-potting efforts continue for our nursery program to fill out our greenhouses. This supplements not only our own future seasons of successions, but also serves as preparation for our Spring Plant Sale, announced for Earth Day weekend - April 22 & 23! (More details below).

Coming soon in the weeks ahead: Meyer Lemon Marmalade, more varieties of Beets, Celery, Blueberries, Spring Onions, Green Garlic, and more. We welcomed our first crop of Green & Purple Asparagus this week.

Also this week, we welcomed a new addition to our mobile chicken coop as we were happy to re-home a local rooster, named Handsome.

For our recipe this week we keep it simple by encouraging utilization of an ingredient often overlooked, or all too easily composted - Beet Greens! When treated like Collard Greens or Braising Greens the stems & leaves can be cooked easily for a big nutrient add to your diet. Add a fresh farm egg and rustic toast, and you're on your way to a tasty & savory breakfast. I also love this as a savory side to grilled Flank Steak.

Lastly, we welcome you to enjoy our weekly music playlist...

This week's mix is once again eclectic in its genres and expansive in its representation from music sources around the world. Sounds from West Africa, Canada, Brazil, and beyond. We're heavy on the 1970's disco, but if it gets you dancing there's nothing to apologize for. Take the opening track by The Gap Band's, Early in the Morning... It launched my day today as I bounced along with my coffee in hand making delivery of our produce and your CSA across the Bay Area. Little known fact, Dave Grohl credits the disco drums of The Gap Band (along with artists Cameo and Tony Thompson) for the drum inspiration behind Nirvana's pivotal Nevermind album. (Link here to hear more).

Also in celebration of MLB's Opening Day, we snuck in a few subtle baseball reference songs. See how many you can discover in the mix. Enjoy!

All our best from the farm,

Tom & William and Live Oak Farm team

Live Oak Farm Playlist Pairing

Braised Beet Greens


All Beet Greens

1 Tbsp EVOO

2 cloves Garlic, minced

2 Meyer Lemons

pinch, coarse sea salt & black pepper


Heat olive oil in large skillet or cast iron pan over medium heat.

Add minced garlic and cook until fragrant and begins to soften, stirring often.

Stir in chopped Beet greens. Add 1/4 Cup liquid (water, wine, beef or vegetable stock) and the juice of 1 Lemon.

Cover and cook until wilted and tender. Season to taste with coarse salt & pepper.

Garnish with lemon wedges.

Serve hot & enjoy!

Farm Events Calendar

Keep an eye out as we continue to roll-out our Spring & Summer 2023 Farm Events Calendar. This will include set dates for the return of our Dinner with Your Farmer dinner series, farm yoga, open houses, workshops, partnered events, and more!

We'll announce more events via our newsletters, social media platforms, and publish updates on our farm website (link here to current offerings). We look forward to having you here at the farm!

Ring in Earth Day at Live Oak Farm's Plant Sale

Saturday + Sunday April 22 & 23

Open to the public, we'll have up-potted vegetable & herb starts for sale all weekend long. Shop a variety of CCOF Certified Organic plants that we've raised from our very own nursery. Get a jump on your very own Summer garden and celebrate Earth Day by giving these produce starts a new home!

We will also have brewed Compost Tea available to supercharge your garden.

(Please bring your own reusable container)

Sonoma County Farm Trails - Spring Tour 2023

We're happy to announce our participation in this Spring's edition of Sonoma County Farm Trail Tour. See you Saturday + Sunday, May 6 & 7 for farm tours and open house! Be sure to register to support our county's robust network of local farms & their farmers. Click the banner above to visit Sonoma County Farm Trails event page to view participating local farms and plan your weekend today!

Reminder - We Recycle! 

We encourage you to return your CSA boxes to your pick-up location, or leave cartons, boxes, and other farm CSA reusables at your doorstep for exchange on Friday delivery days. A big thank you to the many of you that already participate in our recycling efforts!

Fresh breads return next week!

No breads this week - Baker Dan was sick and unable to make his regular farm stand delivery. He'll be back next week!

Reminder that each Friday morning is bread delivery to the farm stand ala our talented baker friend Dan at Bedstone Baking. Thank you for continuing to support our community of creative partners and local artisans.

Live Oak Farm