Produce Guide:

1) Flowering Genovese Basil

2) Albion Strawberries

3) Delicata Squash

4) Red Russian / Dino Kale 

5) Summer Salad Mix (Oak Leaf Lettuce, Mizuna, Red-Veined Sorrel, and more)

6) White or Purple Kohlrabi

7) Early Girl Tomatoes

8) Winesap Apples

Friends of the Farm-

Happy Friday! Or better yet... Happy Fall! 

Though warm temperatures return this weekend, we can feel a physical shift in the season here at the farm with recognition of the Fall Equinox this past week. Perhaps Delicata squash in this week's produce box can be your first taste and smell of our favorite season. 

Apples, persimmons, carrots, cauliflower, mixed squashes and more are coming down the pike, along with a more diversified selection of tender greens in our current beds and in your CSA in weeks ahead. I love seeing the beds alive with so many colors this time of year. Summer's farewell and Fall's gentle arrival is well welcome here. 

This week's recipe is a bit sentimental. Bruschetta was one of the dishes I, (Farmer Tom, your narrator) ever learned to cook on my own, right around 5th Grade. Eggs were first, but bruschetta came next. I love the freshness of a dish like this and how easily it highlights the acidity of tomatoes & strawberries in this case, along with the simple addition of fresh herbs. It's a perfect snack or quick party appetizer. Pass it on and invite your kids into the kitchen and teach them the magic of cooking through bruschetta!

Lastly, we welcome you to enjoy our weekly music playlist.

The first bite of a perfect bruschetta is much like hearing the first note of Barry White's voice over a chorus of violins. Think I'm wrong? Well then try it! You're The First, The Last, My Everything is on this week's playlist and man does it hit the spot. Enjoy too a funky new one from Red Hot Chili Peppers, as well as the only Rolling Stones - Biz Markie collaboration I can think of with Anybody Seen My Baby? Eclectic as always, there's something for everyone here. Be sure to check out tonight's moon as you listen to the last track, Coyotes by Don Edwards. Yipping at the moon encouraged! Enjoy!

All our best from the farm,

Tom & William and Live Oak Farm team

Live Oak Farm Playlist Pairing

Strawberry & Tomato Bruschetta


1 cup Strawberries, diced 

1 cup Tomatoes, diced

3 Tbsp Basil, chiffonade (flowers for garnish)

1 clove Garlic, minced

2 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2 t. Balsamic Vinegar

1 Baguette, sliced diagonally (1/2 inch)

Coarse Sea Salt & Black Pepper 


Dice strawberries, tomatoes and combine in a medium bowl along with garlic, olive oil, balsamic vinegar. Season with salt & pepper to taste. Stir and let rest for 30 minutes.

Heat grill, or a stovetop grill pan to medium high heat. Take sliced bread and spread out on a baking sheet then brush each with olive oil. Toast each until golden brown and grill marks are achieved (roughly 3 min per side). Take a smashed clove of garlic and rub the top side of each grilled toast and season with a pinch of coarse sea salt. Arrange toasts on a platter and top each with your prepared tomato & strawberry chutney. 

Garnish with cut basil and basil flowers, serve immediately  & enjoy!

Compost Tea Tuesdays

Starting Tuesday October 4th, we'll be offering a free resource each Tuesday for our community of home-gardeners and green-thumbs. We've been brewing our own compost tea for our own use but now want to make this resource available to you too. Bring your own reusable vessel and we'll have compost tea on tap. Each Tuesday 8am - 5pm.

Live Oak Farm Events

A friendly reminder to check out our farm's new events as we enter the Fall season. We invite you to check out our refreshed website and new Events Calendar tab to see what's happening at Live Oak Farm in the weeks ahead. We'll be offering a few different dinner formats (pricing / menu / day of the week), as well as Harvest Festival, and Fall Open house for our community at no charge, as well as weekly yoga.

Live Oak Farm Events Calendar

Thank you to all who are joining us this weekend for our SOLD OUT farm dinner.

We pick up the next edition on October 28th. Tickets are still available, (dinner by donation) and our team is beyond excited to share the Alsace theme in food and drink.

Link here to tickets via EventBrite. We hope to see you here!

Live Oak Farm