The Scarab Club

KREM (cream) Opening Reception
Curated by Stephen William Schudlich, krēm (cream), is to be an intimate exhibition at Detroit's Historic Scarab Club made up of 30 or so of some of the most iconic, and highly impactful illustrators.

Opening Reception, Friday July 13th,
5-8pm  [Midtown, Detroit] 
217 Farnsworth St.

On view through September 8th.

Paul Kotula Projects

Dangerous Laughter
Opening reception for the summer exhibition. Presenting four pairings of work within in the four spaces of the gallery. Included are works by Jim Chatelain, Howard Kottler, Kathleen McShane, Thomas Rapai, Jim Shrosbree, Amy Vogel and Anne Wilson.

Opening Reception, Friday July 13th, 
5-8pm.   [Ferndale] 
23255 Woodward Ave.

On view through August 4th.

Wasserman Projects

Color-aid : Ken Aptekar, Abigail Murray, & Peter Zimmermann
Wasserman Projects is pleased to present Color-aid, an exhibition of new and recent works by New York- and Paris-based painter Ken Aptekar, Cologne-based artist Peter Zimmermann, and Detroit-based sculptor and ceramicist Abigail Murray. Together, these artists' vividly-colored and highly-textured paintings, photographs, and ceramics will engage viewers in a sensory experience that highlights our emotional and psychic responses to visual stimuli.

Opening Reception, Friday July 13th, 
6-9pm.  [Eastern Market, Detroit]
3434 Russell Street #502

On view through August 31st.


Hatch Gallery

Salt Water by The Art Babes
Salt water carries much metaphysical and sociopolitical weight. It affects nearly every culture on Earth, and has been put to use in vital ways throughout history. The Art Babes consider ways in which humanity has historically interacted with it, interacts with it currently, and how we imagine we will interact with it in the future. Art Babes is an intersectional feminist art collective based in Detroit, Michigan.

Opening Reception, Saturday July 14th,
6-10pm  [Hamtramck] 
3456 Evaline St.

On view through July 28th.

Public Pool

L E M O N S ! !
For five years now Detroit Artist and Curator Alice V. Schneider has been plucking fruit right off the vine to delight and entice both artist and collector. This year's fruit is both sour and succulent, juicy and M O I S T... it has the power to clean the filthiest of places and dirty up the cleanest of minds. Come and join us on July 14th at Public Pool for L E M O N S ! ! from 7-11pm. Lemon oil aroma does not influence the human immune system, however, it may contribute to its relaxation. So, let your nose waft in the powerful citrus as your eyes dance around the yellow hues.

Opening Reception, Saturday July 14th, 
7-11pm.   [Hamtramck] 
3309 Caniff St.

On view through August 4th.

Cass Cafe

"A New Narrative" Paolo Pedini and Martin Anand
Cass Cafe Gallery welcomes Paolo Pedini and Martin Anand for their exhibition "A New Narrative" curated by Dave Roberts, Featuring live music at the opening reception, this show highlights recent works by two deeply original Detroit artists whose works encourage contemplation and and insight. Meet the artists 7-10 pm, enjoy complimentary light snacks and cash bar.

Opening Reception, Saturday July 14th, 
7-10pm.  [Midtown, Detroit]
4620 Cass Ave.

On view through September 22nd.


Detroit Center for Design + Technology

Ten, One Hundred and Ten Thousand years / American Spolia presented by Austin + Mergold
This exhibition showcases the methods and processes of spolia, a distinctive cultural practice - from the ancient times to ours - focusing on the emerging possibility of the spoliation of the American 20th century - its materials, its inventions, its aesthetics and its debris. The work shown presents a decade of research, analysis, pedagogy and architectural manifestations of spolia as we understand, teach and practice it.

Opening Reception, Friday July 13th,
6-8pm  [Midtown, Detroit] 
4219 Woodward Ave.

On view through August 20th.

The Annex Gallery

Things Being Felt
It's a new moon on Friday, July 13th, a perfectly vibey evening for the opening reception of Jessica Wildman Katz's new exhibition: Things Being Felt. In this body of work, the process of fusing animal fiber around mementos is a collaboration between the object, the wool, my hand and the vivid happenings of my life that somehow live within them. The act is slow and deliberate, a meditation that is equal parts commemoration and liberation, a performance and ritual metamorphosis of memory.

Opening Reception, Friday July 13th, 
6-9pm.   [Highland Park] 
333 Midland

On view through July 21st.

Will Leather Goods

Th-reading and Writing: Mariana Pinar Pop-Up Exhibition
"Th-reading and Writing" is a curated series of hand-woven textile works by Mariana Pinar. As a Spanish artist living and working in the USA, bilingualism and cultural displacement are recurring themes in her artwork. While different languages are mostly shown together when one is the translation of the other, Spanish and English compose different layers of significance in her work.

Opening Reception, Sunday July 15th, 
2-6pm.  [Midtown, Detroit]
4120 2nd Ave.

On view through July 22nd.
Lectures and Other Events

Cranbrook Art Museum:
Stephen Frykholm will be joined by Amy Auscherman, Corporate Archivist at Herman Miller, as they take a closer look at poster designs in the current exhibition, "Essence of Summer: Stephen Frykholm's Picnic Posters for Herman Miller."
Saturday, July 14th, 2-3pm. [Bloomfield Hills] 39221 Woodward Ave.

Dabls MBAD African Bead Museum:
Porch Life, a roving musical house that magically pops up at Dabls MBAD African Bead Museum for a two day residency featuring performances and public exploration.
Saturday, July 14th, 1-10pm. [North End, Detroit] 6559 Grand River Ave.

Jo's Gallery:
Join us at Jo's Gallery Cafe this weekend and participate in a Jewelry Making Class with Lynette Gibson. Choose from 2 of 3 items to make. A necklace and earrings, or bracelet and earrings. Class cost $50.
Saturday July 14th, 2-4:30pm. [Livernois, Detroit] 19372 Livernois Ave.
Art Writing

Short essays, Workshops, and Events

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