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1301 Broadway

Structures of Light: Scott Klinker Solo Exhibition
'Structures of Light' is a solo exhibition by designer and artist Scott Klinker on view throughout January 2020. The installation features abstract 3D structures that define space with a new lighting technology, LED neon. The experience is like entering the space of a glowing, geometric line drawing. The event is co-hosted by Cranbrook Academy of Art and PLAYGROUND DETROIT and the space is generously sponsored by Bedrock. As an educator, designer and artist Scott Klinker currently heads the graduate 3D design program at Cranbrook Academy of Art as Designer-in-Residence, where he also received his MFA in 1996. His work there builds on the Cranbrook tradition of modern design - searching for new forms to address our changing needs.

Opening Reception, Friday, January 10th,  6-9PM  [Downtown, Detroit] 
1301 Broadway.
David Klein Gallery

"Up Next"
Daivd Klein Gallery, Detroit is kicking off 2020 with "Up next", a group exhibition featuring recent work by Ebi Baralaye, Matthew Hawtin, Scott Hocking, Jisoo Hur, Mario Moore, Marianna Olague, Robert Schefman, and Corine Vermeulen. "Up Next" is on view from January 9th - February 8th. Also showing on the Salon wall are works by Jamie Adams, Elise Ansel, Emmy Bright, Mitch Cope, Alisa Henriquez, Patrick Hill, Cooper Holoweski, Trisha Holt, Stephen Magsig, Kim McCarty, Carrie Moyer, Brittany Nelson, Benjamin Pritchard, Jessica Rohrer, Julie Schenkelberg, Lauren Semivan, Rosalind Tallmadge, and Liat Yossifor.

Opening Reception, Thursday, January 9th, 12-6PM  [Downtown, Detroit] 
1520 Washington Blvd.
Reyes | Finn

January Openings
Reyes | Finn is pleased to announce a debut solo solo exhibition by artist Nick Doyle accompanied by a two-person exhibition by Mike Cloud and John Riepenhoff, on view from January 10-February 22, 2020. Examining various modes of production-from the mass production of quotidian objects emblematic of the American Dream, to the production of art-both exhibitions bring to the fore standards of worth, exposing unseen systems of social mobility and support.

Opening Reception, Friday, January 10th, 6-8PM   [Corktown, Detroit]
1500 Trumbull Ave.

Simone DeSousa Gallery

Timothy van Laar: Always Sometimes Never
Simone DeSousa Gallery is pleased to present "Always Sometimes Never," a solo exhibition of paintings by Timothy van Laar comprising new works alongside selected works from the 1980s and the 1990s. The new pieces originate in the ruptured signs and spaces of collage, referencing various utopian ideas-Eden, comfort, new worlds, prediction. Simone DeSousa EDITION is also pleased to present "I went to work but I did not get there," a special feature of new works by Ryan Standfest.

Opening Reception, Saturday, January 11th,  6-8PM  [Midtown, Detroit] 
444 W Willis, Units 111 And 112.
Norwest Gallery of Art

Unraveling Racism: Seeing White
20 Michigan artists tug at the hidden strands of systemic racism woven into the fabric of American society - focusing on whiteness. Hannah Burr * Justin Cox * Michael Dixon * Autumn-Grace Dougherty * Laura Earle * lisa eddy * Miki Graznak * Donna Jackson * Rita Lee * Melanie Manos * Azya Moore * Nora Myers * Margaret Parker * Mia Risberg * Trisha Schultz * Will See * Laurie Wechter * Margi Weir * Lizzy Wilson

Opening Reception, Saturday, January 11th, 6-9PM 
[Grandmont-Rosedale, Detroit] 
19556 Grand River Ave.
Holding House

Preoccupations: Palestinian Landscapes
Curated by Kathy Zarur, Preoccupations features Palestinian landscape art that reflects a variety of relationships with the land, including exile, diaspora, occupation or siege. Participating artists include Ryah Aqel, Zeina Barakeh, C. Gazaleh, Najib Joe Hakim, Manar Harb, Yazan Khalili, Suhad Khatib, and Mary Tuma.

Opening Reception, Saturday, January 11th, 7-10PM   [Southwest, Detroit]
3546 Michigan Ave.

Hatch Art

Being Rooted: Madhurima Ganguly and Jennifer Belair Sakarian
Through intuitive approaches to art making, Madhurima and Jennifer both work to investigate memory and identity. Madhu's work searches to find the beauty in perceived "ugliness." She is interested in exposing the unrealistic pains of searching for perfection and disturbing the seemingly symmetrical space. Jennifer's work has a narrative approach through images embedded with personal meaning. She looks to the power of poetry to create visual stories.

Opening Reception, Saturday, January 11th,  6-9PM  [Hamtramck] 
3456 Evaline St.
Galerie Camille

Dissimilate Cohort: After School Special
"Dissimilate Cohort: After School Special" attempts to illuminate creative efforts of a cohort having emerged from Wayne State University's MFA and MA programs, living and working across the Detroit area. "Dissimilate Cohort: After School Special" is an exhibition featuring installation, painting, printmaking, and sculpture centered around the varied concepts of six emerging artists, Sunshine Durant, Judith Feist, Ryan Herberholz, Kyle Sharkey Jessica Wildman-Katz, and Audrey Zofchak.

Opening Reception, Friday, January 10th, 6-9PM  [Midtown, Detroit] 
4130 Cass Ave, Suite C.
Buckham Gallery

Permeable ~ In the oil paintings of Dominique Chastenet de Géry and Ardea Thurston-Shaine, landscape is used as a metaphor for the spaces of the mind. The artists play with the challenges of macro and micro views, creating undefinable spaces which oil paint has a unique ability to describe. Also on view: Infinite Reflections ~ The drawings of Vanessa Rosalia Larsen examine the reflective properties of graphite on black paper while exploring the multiple dimensions of the perceptual experience.

Opening Reception, Friday, January 10th, 6-9PM   [Flint]
121 W. 2nd St.

The White Brick Gallery

Doreen Balabanoff
Doreen Balabanoff's work walks us through the world of light and color. Light is how we see the world, how we understand architectural space, form, and time, and yet we largely take it for granted. This exhibition immerses the viewer in a spatial experience that fundamentally shifts our attention to the phenomena of light, shadow and material interactions.

Opening Reception, Saturday, January 11th,  2-4PM  [Ferndale] 
150 Livernois
Annex Gallery

The Future Is Fun
The Future is Fun is a one-night only immersive event at Annex Gallery at 333 Midland featuring music, film projections, spoken word, and movement performances by a host of Detroit-area creatives. The Future is Fun will invite its guests to snack, play, and help create the future.

Opening Reception, Saturday, January 11th, 7:30-9PM  [Highland Park] 
333 Midland.
Oakland University Art Gallery

American Paintings from Nancy and Sean Cotton Collection, 1850-1940
This significant collection of American paintings, drawn from a turbulent epoch, presents a fascinating historical snapshot. Its merit and the skill of the artists is palpable. As with all historical painting, we now have the benefit of seeing these works afresh, through a contemporary lens, so different from that of the painters that made them. In opening our minds, we see how history measures them. If art is a mirror of its time, what do these forty paintings say about the ninety-years between 1850 and 1940? What is portrayed, what unseen?

Opening Reception, Friday, January 10th, 5-7PM   [Rochester]
208 Wilson Hall.
Lectures and Other Events

Art Department Gallery WSU:
In Letterpress Now, Professor of Art Judith Moldenhauer brings together her interest in the visualization of scientific information and expressive typography to create a suite of folios and posters.
Friday, January 10th, 5-8PM [Midtown, Detroit] 150 Art Building 5400 Reuther Mall.

Buckham Gallery:
Buckham Gallery is proud to present: Permeable. Please join Dominique Chastenet de Géry and Ardea Thurston-Shaine as they discuss painting and their intimate relationship with nature as a precious component of Self.
Friday, January 10th, 5:30PM [Flint] 121 W. 2nd St.

Janice Charach Gallery:
Natural/Automatic invites the viewer to engage in each of the artist's created version of reality & explore their dreamlike quality. Curated by Mike Ross.
Sunday, January 12th, 1-4PM [West Bloomfield] 6600 West Maple Rd.

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