WEEKEND of NOVEMBER 14-15, 2020
Questions of the Day by Pastor Mike Carlson
There are no shortage of experts providing us with reminders right now to take care of ourselves- our physical health, our mental health, and let me add our spiritual health which is connected to those first two. 
So today, as COVID-19 cases are rising, hospitals worry about staffing and ICU beds are nearly full, schools move online, and following the Governor’s most recent remarks, I share with you the following direct answers to some of the most common questions I get, plans going forward and how you can help.
With the recent rise of cases and hospitalizations, what is St. Andrew’s plan for in-person worship?

Our plan is to live out our mission to the best of our ability during this very difficult and dynamic time. Our Covid-19 task force met Thursday night along with leadership and we recognize the change in community spread and will immediately implement the following protocols:

  • Limit all non-worship groups on campus- shifting them to online or virtual events. This includes Confirmation until further notice.

  • Strongly encourage you (our church family) to worship with us online at live.saintandrews.org, via phone 651-337-8284 or on Fox9+ Sundays at 2pm.

  • For those who experience in-person worship as an essential experience during this pandemic and those who don’t have internet access, we will continue to offer in-person worship, but we are reducing the number of people by 50% at each worship and funeral service for the foreseeable future. We will continue all previously implemented safety protocols including social distancing, limiting vocalization and mandatory face masks (over the nose) by all participants.

  • We will adapt our Community Resource Center policies to continue to serve curbside meals and provide essential services for as long as we are able.

  • For the sake of our community, we will continue to serve, love and keep our half-day and full-day preschool open for the children (many of whom are children of essential workers) as long as we are safely able to do so.

What about Christmas?

I have told our staff to plan for limited in-person worship services and exceptional, interactive online worship experience. We are working actively towards both. While some question the efficiency of a hybrid church model, we are fortunate to have some of the most dedicated staff to living out our mission to Proclaim Jesus Christ, Live in Christ and Serve! We will continue to plan, as we are a hopeful people. We will not jeopardize the health or safety of our participants, our staff or any others and are prepared to make the difficult decision regarding in-person worship for Christmas in a few more weeks.

How Can I Help?

Pray. Not just for your own needs, but for peace and understanding of those who have needs that differ from yours. Pray for the lonely, the isolated, the broken-hearted. Our mission encompasses all of God’s people and I ask for your continued prayers as we navigate serving all people in this difficult time.

  • As you might expect, the financial implications on the church are real as we support a growing number of people with reduced or lost jobs, provide additional grief counseling and continue with our Community Resource Center efforts. Give Now

  • Pledge your estimated support for the upcoming 2021 year -- if you’ve never pledged before this is the year to do it. We are asking everyone who can to complete a pledge form to let us know your anticipated giving for the new year. Your pledge of estimated giving directly impacts our budget, plans and staffing needs for the coming year. Thank you for promptly filling this out so we can maximize mission and ministry with every dollar shared. Pledge Now

Connect. We are in the process of planning a calling campaign similar to the one from this spring. But don’t wait for us to call you.

  • If you have a need or are in need of support, let us know at 651-426-3261 or office@saintandrews.org.

  • If you can help with this campaign to connect with others from church, let us know by replying to this email with your name, phone and best way to contact you.

Thank you for your patience, prayers and understanding as we navigate this situation together.

It is good to be church with you!

Pastor Mike Carlson


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