Stewardship Month

Our 2020 Stewardship "month" for N. Farnham and St. John's is designated as October 15 through November 15th. Intentionally, this year is a month of days that spans both October and November, serving as a bridge month. Because if ever, this is a bridge time for our two sibling churches in this strange year, as we consider putting the year 2020 behind us and face 2021 with hope and faith in a God that says "I make all things new again."

We are not alone in standing on such a bridge in the middle looking back over our shoulder at what has been and now taking new steps towards a future that waits on the other side. We stand on a bridge over troubled waters, along with all organizations that are called to be faith communities at any time but with challenges at the moment we never could have anticipated a year ago.

During this bridge month, please take quiet, careful, thoughtful, reflective time to consider your pledge to N. Farnham as a parishioner there or to St. John's as a parishioner there. Hopefully your heart will be generous. May your body, mind and spirit feel grateful for your passing through this year safely so that you can look forward to another year shared with loved ones, friends and family, and, God willing, our sharing will include gathering in our church homes where we can sing our hearts out, pray without ceasing, and gather at table. May it be so. Hold on to that vision. Hold on to that hope. Hold on to the promise of a new year to come as you remember Christ's words: "I am with you."

                                                    Graced by God to share this time forward with you . .. . 

P. S. You will be receiving in the mail a pledge card and return envelope in the next week to ten days. In the meanwhile reflect prayerfully on what you will offer. Then please return your pledge card before November 15th.