The table some call an altar was spread with silver and linen, candle-lit, offering food and drink, a Holy Communion, in an ancient ritual celebrating the great gift that Christians remember in this holy mealtime. Beneath the table weekly gifts of food and other items had accumulated over several Sundays waiting to be gathered up and distributed to County Social Services or a local food pantry. They were destined to be distributed to those in need of such simple gifts. But this Sunday it was as if some of this harvest of sorts called out to be “tabletop” sooner rather than later. A can of baked beans labeled “Thick and Rich” snuggled up against the Gospel book. A jar of peanut butter, representing one of life’s staples I suppose, found itself next to the Book of Worship. What really stood out though was the roll of paper towels gloriously marked “Bounty” proudly resting beside the plate and cup soon to be filled with bread and wine.