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Recently when writing my column for the June issue of Chesapeake Style I snapped a photo of a new sign on Route 3 just below Chinn’s Mill Pond – one of a horse and buggy announcing the presence of something new (Amish and Mennonite) along that route. A sign to warn traffic along that route to “slow down” and “stay alert.” And implicitly, “watch out for others sharing the road.” This started my seeing or remembering other signs that warn us of things along our way: a school bus, farm equipment, deer (lots of these around here), horses, railroad trains. low flying airplanes. I even remember seeing one somewhere for a duck crossing.
There are a lot of signs designed to help us navigate the roadways. Signs that warn us about: curves, sharp turns, hills, dead ends, detours. Signs tell us how far we need to go to get to a specific destination, they tell us the limits of things – like a city or town. They warn us about bridges icing over, rockslides, hills or steep inclines, high water, in our path. And, of course, speed limits. Possibly the most ignored by so many. Many us seem to consider posted speed limits as only approximations as we inch up to maybe 5 to 10 miles above them, dependent on the breadth and number of lanes of the highway. The faster we go, the less we see and the more limited our response time.
Very important ones we do routinely respect (because to ignore them causes major collisions) are the red stop and green go traffic lights, though how often do folks throw caution to the winds and speed through a yellow caution light – a risky move. I must admit the signs that I specially appreciate are the solid and dotted ones on the road. How helpful to have expert road markers reminding me of when it might be safer to pass something that seems to be (at least to me) blocking my getting where I want to go. Doing so in a way that helps me avoid running head long into something coming the other way. There are also those wonderful little signs that remind us to stop and rest or to pause for a “scenic view.”
I had the thought, after all this new sign awareness I was experiencing, that it sure would be nice to have such informative clear road-signs along this journey we call life. Warning us of curves ahead, needed turns, dangerous conditions we might encounter. Signs to remind us to slow down, be alert, take notice, be careful. Signs that let me know just how much “mileage” of my life it’s going to take to get to the destination I hope to reach. Signs to herald an opportunity to pause and rest or take in the view more slowly. And, of course, signs that might let me know what may simply lead to a dead end or warn me of major turns so I can adjust my ways before making them.
Life does not seem to be as clearly marked as the interstates, highways and byways along which we travel geographically. These days there are “apps” that help direct us (GPS, WAZE, etc.) when we try to go to a place we haven’t been before. But, of course, there are hazards just as likely waiting for us when we are going somewhere very familiar if we don’t stay alert and pay attention to the signs along our way.
I like the idea of “apps” though it is going to take time to get acclimated to using the new ones being designed faster than I seem to learn how to apply them. However, in the meanwhile, I’m going to try and listen more to an ever with me “app” – one I do know how to use, when I take the time to listen to it. One that is always with me. And so, with a play on words, I offer the idea of a kind of a GPS someone once labeled a God Positioning System. It’s One that wants life to be good for all of us journeying along. It’s there for each of us if we care to use it. Mine signals me routinely to slow down, to be alert, to take notice of signs along the way that let me know I am on the right path and to try to travel in a way that safeguards my life and the life of those I find in my path. I just need to remember to stay tuned into it as the essential application for life travel. I’d love to hear your thoughts about traveling mercies and helpful “apps!”


Last week at Farnham & St. John's

Thanks to Becky Marks and Mercer O'Hara for giving guided tours of Farnham and St. John's respectively to this group of history buffs from Reedville, who were very taken with Michael Sisson's cross and asked to have their picture taken in front of it.

Becky Marks' photo
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