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Sunday Afternoon Strings Crewe Recital at N. Farnham: A beautiful afternoon at Farnham. Sun streaming in the windows of the old church. Sounds of strings dancing around the historic space that holds memories of almost three hundred years of sound, but not often of such young musicians at “play.” First and second-year strings students on violin, viola or cello ages eight and up – their family members and friends beaming proudly whatever sound combinations emerged. Who could have ever imagined how many symphonically designed versions there could be with “Twinkle, twinkle little star”? St. John’s and N. Farnham have been blessed to serve, respectively, as instruction location for some of the kids and then recital venue for all in this special group brought together by the Rappahannock Concert Association Strings Crewe program, organized by Sue Nunn with instructors Mei Li Beane, Paul Lindsey and Rebecca Young. Check out Sue’s thank you later in this Epistle.
Groundhog Day: Also, last Sunday, February 2nd. But where the groundhog emerged the sun must not have been shining since there was no groundhog shadow to be seen. I have sought out Dr. Google on the meaning of groundhog shadow or no shadow. The facts. If the groundhog sees his shadow it means six more weeks of winter; if not, spring will come earlier. The reality. The official date of spring this year is March 19th a difference of six and one half weeks between Feb. 2 and March 19. Does that mean that spring will come one-half week earlier this year, since the groundhog didn’t see his shadow? I think I have lost faith in the prophetic abilities of a groundhog. When I got in my car this morning it was 63 degrees and the prediction for this week is several more 60-degree days. Obviously, there is no reasonable correlation between ground-hog shadows and spring which seems to have a mind of its own this year. But who’s complaining?

Richmond County Ministerial Association’s Lenten Evenings – save the dates:
Eight of us local ministers met at the Daily last week. Planned the theme, locations and speakers for the six Sunday evenings of Lent. Sundays beginning March 1 and ending April 5 with a start time of 7 p.m. N. Farnham, of course, had to be the location of the last Sunday of the series. There’s just something about that towering bare wood cross turning our sanctuary into a dramatic landscape casting its own long shadow over our Lenten journey. The theme of the RCMA Lenten series is “Voices from the Crowd.” This Lent won’t offer voices of familiar, well-known Biblical characters like last year. Instead you’ll hear from un-known, unnamed common folk who just may have been present at some of the crowd scenes surrounding high-lighted events. You won’t want to miss this series!
Scotty McMullen photo
The mountains are calling – again. Our plans for mountain time at Shrine Mont are on the horizon already again. It’s time for kids interested in summer camps there to come forward as well as parishioners to set sight on our 2020 Fall parish weekend at Shrine Mont. Sunday, February 23 rd is now designated as Mountain Time for our Shrine Mont theme Sunday. To spread out information about summer camps as well as our Fall Shrine Mont parish weekend which is confirmed as the weekend of September 25-27. It’s never too early to ink in a date and plan for “mountain time.” Special guest for our February 23 rd “Mountain Time” Sunday will be Tom Baker, son of former St. John’s/Farnham rector, Dick Baker (also Lucy’s brother).  Tom grew up at Shrine Mont summer camps, is now on the Board of Shrine Mont and one of its greatest promoters. Tom will deliver the “message” that Sunday and enthusiastically share information and stories over coffee hour about Shrine Mont for those interested in camp or our Fall parish weekend.

Sunrise this morning. Pink, blue, rose colors turning orange around the edge, wispy clouds drifting through it all. Settled with my coffee as the horizon over the river colored itself into morning, I tried to gather myself for the day ahead – my “to do” list in the making but getting a little out of control. Then something intercepted my work, nudged, called me to look up from my work horizon and scan nature’s horizon instead as it presented itself beyond my river room windows. In that upward glance I saw something I have never seen before. A column of sunrise colors piercing the horizon, cutting a vertical path through the sky, a multi-colored column of light bridging heaven and earth. A quick thought, “Is there such a thing as a vertical rainbow?” I was mesmerized for a few seconds, then grabbed my
cell phone, punched the camera “app” opened the sliding door in a rush to capture the sight. As I clicked on it, it faded. My “gallery” app now offers only something faint. But the moment is now indelibly (I hope) imprinted in my memory “gallery.” Serving as a reminder that the difference between seeing and not seeing something remarkable may simply be just a moment in time – not to be missed because it just might link heaven and earth for me in the day to come.  

Thanks for letting me share my random thoughts and images with you. a rambling stream of conscious reflection. Try it sometimes yourself . . . and if you need an “audience” share them with me and I’ll put together a collection for a yet to come Epistle . . .
Torrence .
Last Week at Farnham & St. John's
The Strings Crewe Concert at Farnham
Pictures Courtesy of Courtney Sisson
Dear Crewe Instructors and Farnham Church Leaders,
I am so proud of our Crewe program – students and teachers gave an excellent, heartwarming performance on Sunday. And Rev. Harman and Lucy Baker organized the event effortlessly in the beautiful old church. Even before the music started, the building echoed with astonishing acoustics just from our conversations. The audience was appreciative and generous: they donated $228. They were also hungry; huge plates of cookies disappeared within minutes of the photo shoot. Please pass my thanks to the church volunteers who prepared them.
In addition to families of students, RCA and NNO board members were there, as well as leaders from the music study club. Rev. Harman said there were more than 80 folks in the church.
Altogether a grand success, thank you!
Sue Nunn
St. John's ECW meeting is Tuesday, February 11 th in Wellford Hall. Lunch is being provided by Sandy Wade Hagan and will be Brunswick Stew, Cole Slaw, Fresh Bread and Homemade Brownies. If those things are not on your diet, please bring your own lunch.
St. Paul's, Millers Tavern is making Brunswick Stew on Feb. 16 th to benefit its Campership Fund, which sends its youth to Shrine Mont. Cooked outside over a wood fire, it sells for $8 /qt. Call [(804) 769-3450] or e-mail Lucy Baker (savvycru@gmail.com) by Feb. 9 th to place an order. Stew will be delivered hot to St. John's on Feb. 16 th during Coffee Hour.
St. John's/Farnham
Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper
Save the date:   Tuesday, February 25 th at 6:00 p.m.

Wellford Parish Hall at St. John's
Pancakes, Sausages and all the fixin's

And since it is Mardi Gras Tuesday, let's everyone attending dress up by wearing a favorite or particularly unique (meaning crazy) apron. 
There will be a special prize for the most fabulous one. Special judges yet to be disclosed.

(moved from next Sunday)

Registration for SHRINE MONT CAMPS’ SUMMER 2020 opened on JANuary 7. Discounted Early Bird rates are available through the end of February and there are scholarships available. Register now to reserve your camper’s spot. Dates, rates and camp descriptions can be found at www.shrinemontcamps.net . If you are remotely interested, please DISCUSS this WITH TORRENCE as soon as possible.  
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Sunday February 23 rd

7 th Sunday after the Epiphany

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Sunday February 26 th

Ash Wedesday

Imposition of Ashes

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