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“I swear to God, exercise and gratitude are like, God’s own anti-depressants.”
(Nadia Bolz-Weber)
So began “Sunday Prayers” a weekly blog this week penned by the irreverent, “say-it-like-is”, tattooed Lutheran minister, The Reverend Nadia Bolz-Weber, author of the best seller  Accidental Saints: Finding God in all the Wrong People.  This opener really resonated with me. The week before I had finally gotten around to going to the Y again (the bathroom scales suggested it) and I was beginning to feel some moments of up-lifted spirit surprising my life despite the continual spiraling, viral news in the world around us.

Thanksgiving can be so nourishing. I don’t mean the let’s stuff ourselves full of all our favorite foods kind of time. Not a one day of the year holiday to offer up all our thanks. I mean the any day times I experience a feeling of thanks. For something big or something tiny. I am talking about “waking up” to what makes me and my day better not just once a day but maybe even off and on during it. What is it about we humans that we tend to ignore or suppress the possibility of joy and more often groove with what is depressing and negative? I can’t believe how grumpy I get from time to time. How a little creepy, crawly kind of dis-satisfaction sneaks into my attitude and suddenly a sunny day becomes cloudy (psychologically, that is). Or a rainy day turns me into a fussy “under the weather” kind of human while the corn in the fields across the road is gleefully, thirstily drinking it in raindrop by raindrop as it falls to the earth and their roots reach for it.

Gratitude, what seems to happen when we exercise our “thankfulness,” is such a rich experience. It is something that seems to rise from somewhere deep inside of us. It seems to flow out of an experience of being thankful. Not something we can really force to happen, just offer an open spirit to the possibilities when it happens. After reading Nadia’s Gratitude blog, pondering her list, resonating with it, finding something in me smiling and nodding and then contemplating what could be on mine, I felt a kind of joy and peace and delight. Realizing that when I exercise my thankfulness muscles, gratitude emerges like some special happiness producing endorphin that both gentles my soul and lifts my spirit. Gratitude is something that feeds my mind and heart. Nadia equates daily gratitude with daily bread in the title of her reflection. I like that and think of a little daily manna from heaven that might not last till tomorrow so needs to be picked up and munched on today – nourishment for strength for today. Thankfulness seems to work a bit of a miracle deep inside of us. How lovely! Don’t we want more of it?

Thank you, God, for Nadia this week. Thank you, Nadia, for giving me something to offer in my weekly E-pistle Message this week. Thank you, my heart/mind/spirit, for being open to receiving this gift and then passing it forward. Into a week of days that again may be full of depressive news, may we have thankful hearts and exercise gratitude of spirit, that we may be fed and nourished, find joy and pass it forward into the world around us.

Nadia mirrors for us what can emerge when we pray to God, “Give Us This Day Our Daily Gratitude.” Try it for yourself and see what happens!
“Give Us This Day Our Daily Gratitude”
(by Nadia Bolz-Weber)
That I have been given one more day, I give thanks.

That birds still sing each morning, impossibly early outside my window, I give thanks.

For the sun rising once again in the East, I give thanks.

For drinkable water, for breathable air, and Dairy Queen dipped cones I give thanks.

For one more day of mobility I give thanks.

For novelists who create worlds and characters and stories for our minds and not for our TVs, I give thanks.

For the puppy I got at the beginning of quarantine who is currently destroying my life, I give thanks.

For cell phone reception, and I-guess-its-better-than-nothing ZOOM calls and reliable internet service, I give thanks.

That I am loved, I give thanks.

That I am forgiven, I give thanks.

That I am alive, I give thanks.

That you, O God are known by many names, I give thanks.

That you, O God are present when I feel only your absence, I give thanks.

That you are God and I am not I give the most thanks. Forgive me when I forget that one.

And for every other gift I am too self-obsessed to see, but that totally comes from you – Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Post Script from Torrence

For the Hibiscus blossom and the arrival of the thirteenth flower on my orchid plant last week, I give thanks.

For bird song and the “Bird Opera” (below) that gave me such delight this morning, I give thanks.

Quote of the Week

"Let us be present to the now. 
It's all we have and it's where God will always speak to us." 

(Richard Rohr)
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