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Spencer & Beane Concert Friday night at Farnham!
ALL SAINTS DAY Service of Remembrance Nov. 1 at noon
at St. John's followed by a light lunch in the parish hall at 12:30 p.m.
& make your reservation for November 10th's Victorian Tea
by next Friday, Nov. 2nd

Torrence's Weekly Message
"Small ? Church”
Recently, I have become aware of how often I have used the word “small” as an adjective for the churches I have served for the past eleven years. But I realize that I was using that word even earlier, simply to distinguish between “larger” (in attendance and programming) churches and “smaller” churches. During seminary I came to sense that I was called to be in smaller (by size) churches, even though my first experience as a priest was at St. James’s in Richmond, certainly a church considered “large” by size and program standards. I find it interesting that in language used for church size, the smaller churches are identified as “Family-sized Churches.”

In hindsight, I have come to understand that whether God was calling me specifically to small church ministry, my heart was doing so. Without going into a lot of detail and self-analysis right now, l know I’ve always been drawn to “family” contexts. Always fascinated with how families interact, live together and offer a special setting for the individuals within both the nuclear and extended family system to explore and live into God’s desire and design for health and wholeness for each member and the whole community. And, I think, that’s why I am where I have been now for over a decade, in the context of small family-sized churches. Because I’m fascinated with how God tries to do this and love being a part of how that may be happening.

Why might a minister, or anyone, want to be in a smaller church? 

It’s easier to get to know folks. Not just the “surface” kind of knowing, but as time goes by, to really feel connected. There’s the potential of more intimate heart-sharing of joys and sorrows as the rhythm of life (births, baptisms, weddings, funerals) and the ups and downs of life are shared liturgically among and with those we come to know through such a setting. We can connect at a deep heart felt level with those named in our Sunday prayers with respect to the special times in their lives as we speak their names for blessing (birthdays and anniversaries, etc.), for healing during times in their lives or their loved ones’ lives when health (mind/body/spirit) seems diminished and can benefit from inner healing that prayer seems to offer.
Sunday and other services in our smaller sanctuaries don’t have to be big “productions” where those involved in roles to provide the service and its liturgical settings can find themselves (including the priest) anxious about the “perfection” of the event and its surroundings. Because it’s not about everything being “perfect” but about a worship “flow” that can carry us within a holy and life-giving current to carry us forward throughout the next week-days of our life. And there is
often a greater potential in those smaller settings for such times to offer a time to simply experience the “holy” in an atmosphere that offers a more intimate setting in which to connect to the Presence of the All Loving One who seeks relationship with each one of us.

There is one more special thought about our smaller churches here: the reality that they are historic. They have been around for a long, long time. That they have survived over the ups and downs, the vagaries of life and the history (in times of peace or confusion and conflict) around them. That they have not only survived but have been sustaining spaces where generations have come, knelt, sang, prayed, praised, wept, laughed, brought their sorrows and their joys and connected with what has sustained them and their loved ones and the community around them over time.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about what draws you into these beautiful, old, sustaining, family-sized churches. I’m going to continue to think about this too, with my “thinking” combining both the mind and heart spaces where the “truth” of things emerges for any of us. May we all find blessing in our reflections. And may Grace and Peace be with us as we journey together as brothers and sisters in Christ within the family of God.

Spencer & Beane Concert
Friday, October 26, 2018
7:00 p.m. Farnham Episcopal Church
231 N. Farnham Church Road
Farnham, VA 22460

Come hear Matthew Spencer and Mei-Li Beane's concert of blended Celtic  and classical music that includes vocals, violin, guitar, and other instruments. Their music has been described as “brilliant” and “moving.” 
Donations at the door appreciated

sponsored by Cople Parish, and Farnham & St. John's Episcopal Churches.

Spencer & Beane website
Creation Care Task Force

Guard through the Holy Spirit who dwells in us, the treasure which has been entrusted to you.
2 Timothy 1:14
Creation Care Task Force is a task force of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia. We share faith, information and ideas for the care of creation. Our mission is to help church members, parishes and missions of the Diocese consider environmental stewardship as a practice of faith and to provide resources for the implementation of creation care projects. To learn more and get involved, contact the Diocese of Virginia Office of Outreach, Mission and Diversity, click here
Dressing From the Bloomers Up
The Episcopal Church Women
Of Richmond County
Invite you to

A Victorian Tea
To benefit
Those in Need in the Northern Neck
Saturday, November 10 th
Two O’Clock in the Afternoon
Wellford Hall, St. John’s Church
5987 Richmond Road
Warsaw, Virginia

Limited seating, $25 each person
Please RSVP by November 2 nd   by mailing a check with “Victorian Tea” on the memo line to St. John’s Church, PO Box 1093, Warsaw, VA 22572
 The next class in our JOURNEY THROUGH THE BIBLE series is Tuesday, October 31 st . Supper is provided, but we ask for a $5 donation to defray the cost. To prepare for next week's class, read chapters 1 -18 of Exodus covering the birth of Moses up to getting the law on Mt. Sinai. We will cover the law in class.

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