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Snowflakes, Snowbirds & A Sermon Unspoken
The snow came Saturday night. I wanted to wait up for it to begin. But fell asleep, only to be stirred awake at some point, wander into my river room and watch the magic of snowfall awhile before heading back to bed. 
I love to watch snow fall. As a child I was told that every snowflake has its own pattern, each a unique design, no two alike. I couldn’t prove it but I simply came to trust that it sounded true enough to be so. As an adult I started collecting snowflakes, not ones in nature, of course, but ones by human craftspeople marketing them as Christmas collectible ornaments. With my birthday just before Christmas, ornaments make an easy gift. My daughter gives me the annual crystal snowflake one company makes, each year differently designed. Unique, like each year of my life, it seems. Some have sharper edges
than others. Over time a few experience some damage. I arrange them all anyway on a metal table top tree wrapped with tiny lights. The lights shine on them, but also through them. The sunlight too. Taken together, even those with their own brokenness, offer light-filled beauty. Reflective, I think of the collected years of my life in the same way. Gently, watching the light shine through, hoping my Creator will also use a loving lens when gazing on me. When I put them away on New Year’s Day, I gently wrap and store each one as I wonder what another year will bring. I hope that the gift of years, like the crystal snowflakes, will come, realizing that no matter how perfect the design may seem, each is so fragile.
I was prepared for whatever a storm might bring. The day before I filled all five bird feeders.  “Why so many?” you might ask as I paused, about to buy a sixth? I resisted, even as I reflected that “feeding” is just in my family DNA. When it comes to food our motto is “more is better.” Waking the next morning to rain and sleet washing snow off the stoop outside my river room, I got inspired. With a quick sweep of several scoops of bird seed, a table was set. The birds swooped in. It was community mealtime, obviously more appealing than eating isolated on “one-at-a-time” perches on feeders randomly placed around the yard. I ate my breakfast a few feet away on the other side of the sliding glass door as my feathered friends feasted on theirs. Being with others at mealtime was as nourishing as my food. I thought about the communion that we might have had that morning at church but for the weather. Then gave thanks to God for “home communion” with my little friends. When two or three or even more of God’s creatures are gathered together, no one is alone, and the Divine seems even more abundantly and lovingly present.
The church sanctuaries were empty on this sleet and snow Sunday. Bible passages for the day were not read aloud, hymns not sung, the lights off, the organ silent, sermon unspoken. The service would have been dedicated to “The Baptism of our Lord.” As I watched the Rappahannock River flow by a hundred feet from where I sat, instead I remembered the day several years ago when I stood knee deep in the Jordan River at a place that was perhaps the spot where Jesus was baptized. When a voice came from heaven, called him by name as “the Beloved” and added, “with you I am well pleased.” In church you would have heard me read the full story of Jesus’ baptism as told in the Gospel of Luke. You would also have heard someone read aloud the words of the prophet Isaiah, giving sound to God’s Voice. I would have tried to preach a message about it all. But whatever was to be spoken there and then will remain unspoken by me. Instead, now you are offered the chance to let God’s message form in and through you. Sunday’s passage from the prophet Isaiah (slightly adapted) follows this Epistle message, linked below. It is offered for your personal reflection. You be the preacher. Read the words, reflect on them, listen to what the Divine Voice within the silence is trying to tell you as you feel it calling you “Beloved.” Let a sermon, just for you, form in your understanding. And you don’t have to preach it. Not out loud to anyone, that is. Just live it – whatever the voice of love offers. Remember what St. Francis’ shares? “Preach the gospel at all times. Only if necessary, use words.”

Grace & Peace today and always,


Co-Editor's Comment

The advice on Torrence's link to last week's reading is something I think I'll practice when I'm being a Lector in my own church. We need more lectors at Farnham & St. John's. Don't you want to volunteer?
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Saturday January 19 th

We need at least 1 more person to join us with other local churches to pack meals for Haitian children!

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Checks should be made payable to Menokin Baptist Church .

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