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Savory, a definition: of food belonging to the category that is salty or spicy rather than sweet. To savor, lots of definitions but among my favorites: meaning to enjoy an experience slowly in order to appreciate it as much as possible. The idea that when you savor something, you enjoy it to the fullest.
The ECW, our Episcopal Churchwomen of Farnham and St. John’s, just hosted a Victorian Tea. Afterwards the talk turned to thoughts of doing it again next year. A main topic, of course, was favorite foods. I was sitting in on the conversation and was fascinated by the conclusion of all of them that the best part had been the “savories.”
There’s just something about a “savory.” Such foods excite all the senses: sight, smell, taste. Somehow the taste of savories has a depth and breadth that lingers longer on the palette. They feel like they have a different and varied texture than “sweets” which maybe give a momentary sugar “high” but don’t necessarily sustain in the same way as a savory. Savories “season” life, add “spice” to it. They seem to add different kind of “high” with a longer lasting added and deeper flavor to it. As much as I had enjoyed the “sweets” at the tea, as I remembered the “savories” I felt my mouth watering, desiring more.
Recently, as I shared in last Sunday’s sermon ( linked here ,) I was struck by something in a weekly blog called “Sabbath Moment” that Terry Hershey offered last week. His newest book has just been published. He was promoting it, not just it’s title but the idea that prompted the title, “This is the Life.” The idea behind the title seems to be that too often we forget we are gifted with here and now moments in this life, but we let other things get in the way of experiencing the gift that such times present. Those moments, events, experiences that when “savored” not only enrich the moment but carry us forward, sustain, strengthen and enlarge our capacity to sense to the fullest what the Creator of all life offers in (as Mary Oliver, the poet pens) “your one wild precious life.”
We’re approaching Thanks-Giving. Also, the time of Gift-Giving and Gift-Receiving. Special times to consider what life “gifts” us – what is a “present” in and for our life. Funny thing about gifts/presents. They can be boxed up, wrapped beautifully with a generous bow on top, but unless we open the present, we miss the giftedness of it. And unless, when opened, we use the gift we miss the point of the giving and receiving. Which is enjoyment. And to experience “joy” not just as a momentary high but as a something given us to deeply sustains and enlarge life. Food for thought: aren’t we called to “savor” the present? A play of words, of course: present as both time and gift.
When I read Terry Hershey’s prayer poem (I’ve shared it as a follow up to this “Message”), I let my mind wander to “present” moments that I would now call "savories" Remembering them gave me a “high” and a “joy” and “spiced up/seasoned” that day and some that followed. My heart waters, even now remembering them. They are shared below with a suggestion to you to try out the same exercise. To reflect on and list in your heart and mind, if not on paper, some of the “savory” food for the heart and soul you have experienced recently.
The “savories” I came up with:
copyright Fine Arts America Pat Miller Photo
A still morning except for a lone heron skimming the river’s edge heading for his favorite fishing spot. A picture on Facebook of my youngest granddaughter dancing and twirling in a field of winter wheat the color of her hair. Running into an old friend I haven’t seen in years; suddenly, time melts away as we “catch up.” Thinking of Thanksgiving with family: the smells, the tastes, sweet potato casserole, a slice of my daughter-in-law’s pie, oyster stuffing and homemade gravy. Winston, our parish house dog, yesterday dancing on his back legs; the feel of his fur as I give him a back scratch to start the workday. Scrunching down under warm covers last night thankful for the soft warmth of a down comforter I just brought down from attic storage when winter started creeping in. Soaking navy beans, cutting up veggies, adding a ham hock and a couple of bay leaves, then letting it all simmer its magical way into a soup that as it simmered perfumed my home. A breath and stretch hour at the Y with a room full of lots of us “oldies but goodies.” My thought in the middle of it: “Thanks be to God that my feet are moving somewhat to the rhythm of the music, I feel my blood flowing and my brain still working despite my three score and more years, two joint replacements, one wired kneecap and a slightly out-of-whack shaped spine.” Lounging in Buff’s old weathered, leathered recliner, watching yet another amazing sunset coloring a twilight coming sky as I keyboard an Epistle message, or a sermon, or maybe just a poem that wants life. Getting a call from my almost fifty-year old son because he just wanted to make sure I was ok and because, as he said about to hang up, “I just wanted to hear your voice, Mom.” 
Now, may your reflections be abundant and delicious, too . . . .


Pat Miller's Great Blue Heron at Sunset photo copyright fineartamerica.com and can be purchased by clicking on the link...background grasses- staff photo
Quote of the week
by Terry Hershey in "Sabbath Moment"

Before we wish for another life, let us feel this life.
Before we give in to “if only,” let us listen to this moment.
Before we succumb to “someday,” let us inhale this day.
Before we trade in this life (for) the life we “should” have,
let us taste this life.
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