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Let Your Voice Be Heard: The 2022 Profile of the Electrical Contractor

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News From This Week
Research out of the University of California at Merced demonstrated that covering the state’s canals with solar panels just may be a solution to help water conservation, while concurrently generating carbon-free power—effectively performing double duty.
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is wreaking havoc on diesel fuel and gasoline prices, while exacerbating price and supply pressures on metals, lumber and electrical equipment—particularly transformers.
According to a study released by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, rooftop solar is expanding to less-affluent households. The study, published in February 2022, examines address-level data for 2.3 million residential solar adopters across the country. 
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Integrated Systems Picks
By Claire Swedberg

Today, wireless technology and the cloud are bringing the physical realm of farming into the digital world. Whether that means sensors tracking soil conditions, drones taking pictures overhead, weather forecasts or farming equipment that “talks to the cloud,” farmers are looking for connectivity.
By Jim Hayes

I closed the January year-in-review column with, “Like I say every year, it’s always good to invest in training.” High-tech fields such as fiber optics are always changing, and you have to keep up with technology or risk falling behind. Fortunately, there are many ways to keep up with new tech.
By Deborah L. O'Mara

Cyber risk, which once was a threat landscape characteristically targeting large enterprise companies, has permeated new points on the supply chain. Now third-party vendors and service providers are increasingly at risk.
By Jim Romeo

Imagine an apprentice wearing goggles, following the voice in their headsets as they learn about a new piece of equipment, which switch to push and what panels to remove—but it’s all virtual.
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