This Week's Guest: Juha Ruokangas Part III

For the first time ever - Jay Jay welcomes back a special guest for the THIRD part of their conversation - legendary luthier Juha Ruokangas. For the guitar enthusiasts who couldn't get enough of their previous conversations - tune in to hear Jay Jay & Juha dive even further into the endlessly fascinating world of guitars.

Juha discusses everything from how the internet has led to a renaissance of handmade electric guitars & the importance of guitar archetypes, to the challenges that legacy guitar brands face & impact that iconic models such as the Gibson Les Paul have had on the world of music. Juha delves into which elements from classic guitar models have influenced Ruokangas guitars, & what he has singled out as areas to be improved - from balance, aesthetic, tone & much more.

Be sure to check out Ruokangas's extraordinary custom models on their website (, and tune in to Juha's Weekly Wednesday Live Q&A on Youtube - you won't want to miss it!

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