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Honest to Greatness
by Peter Kozodoy

In today's hyper-transparent world, consumers have enormous power to decide which brands are worth their time and money--and their decision involves far more than product quality alone.

Most businesses are still struggling to adapt as they continue to follow archaic, detrimental business practices. Meanwhile, as both shoppers and employees, the rising Millennial generation is making their stance perfectly clear: They are not interested in supporting organizations that seem inauthentic, soulless, or dishonest.

If you want to build an industry-dominating business in today's market, honesty isn't just an important core value. It's the #1 business strategy you'll need.

In Honest to Greatness, serial Inc. 5000 entrepreneur Peter Kozodoy. shows how today's greatest business leaders embrace honesty in order to achieve game-changing success.

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