CONGREGATION AND THEIR FAMILIES Clay Felmer, Aaron McCatty, Greg Highstrom, Stephen Delcuze, Natalie Howard, Robert Brooks, Eric Albrecht, Kristin Czisny, Tyler Schleg.
PASTOR’S PRAYER PARTNERS PETITIONS This weekly email communication outlines those for whom we pray (including individuals, families, ministries). A copy of the most recent email is also available on the information desk at FIL.
SERMON REWIND Have you ever wanted to speak up during a sermon and say, “Pastor, can you repeat that last comment, I didn’t quite get that.” How about, “I really don’t understand where you are going with this message, Pastor!” SERMON REWIND is your opportunity to do just that. Meet in the Fellowship Hall at First Immanuel from 10:10 am - 10:30 am each Sunday morning. You can get your questions answered or get a sneak peek at the sermon of that day. It is an informal Q&A-based discussion, so bring your questions and your sermon outline!