Monday, January 15, 2021 - Friday, January 22, 2021
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Photo: The Sonoma Ecology Center restoration team restores wetland plants and trees in the Depot Park/1st St W Frontage Improvements Project area following construction work that was completed earlier this month.
Sonoma's Tuesday Night Market Vendor Applications

Sonoma's Tuesday Night Market (STNM) presented by the City of Sonoma in partnership with the Sonoma Valley Chamber of Commerce is currently accepting vendor applications for the 2021 Tuesday Night Market season. The modified Tuesday Night Market...

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Volunteer Vaccinators - Sign Up to Help!

Are you a licensed medical professional interested in volunteering to help administer COVID-19 vaccines in Sonoma County? If so, please sign up through the State of California's Disaster Healthcare Volunteers website. Once you're signed up, the...

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City Launches "Phase 1" of Recreation & Park Work Plan

The City of Sonoma is pleased to announce that fifteen Sonoma Valley community members have been appointed to the newly formed Community Recreation and Parks Task Force (Recreation Task Force). The Recreation Task Force is an ad hoc organization...

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Depot Park Construction Complete & Revegetation Underway

Construction work on the Depot Park First Street West Frontage Improvements Project concluded on January 8, 2021. The work completed included removal of stumps and roots from four large Eucalyptus trees, widening and stabilizing the open drainage ...

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Council Action Recap - 01.20.21

The Council Action Recap captures the actions taken by the City Council at their meeting. If you would like to view the video of the meeting you can do so on the City's CivicWeb Portal.

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City Seeking Applicants for Two Open Positions

The City is currently seeking qualified applicants for two (2) positions in the Public Works Department. For more detailed information, select the job title below or visit our Current Job Recruitments Page. Full-Time Public Works Operations...

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