July 25, 2014
It's Your Venice -- Get Involved!
Save the Date:  8th Annual Venice Potluck and BBQ, Saturday, August 2, noon - 4 pm in Oakwood Park!

We provide the chicken and pork. You bring your best potluck dish! You are part of this community event!

Music, games, fun and firefighters!

Be there! This is your Venice!
Volunteers welcome! To volunteer, email venicebbq@venicenc.org

Congratulations to VNC's Neighborhood Committee!

 The City Council has approved DOT's budget for Signal Improvements for the next year. The approved DOT Budget for 2014-2015 funds 4 light signal projects in Venice:

Brooks Ave & PacificAdd Left Turn Phase$75,000
26th Ave Walkway and Pacific New Midblock traffic signal$150,000
Abbot Kinney & Boccaccio / MarrAdd Rectangular Flash Beacon$75,000
Coeur d"Alene & Abbot KinneyNew Traffic Signal$265,000

The list of all projects funded can be found at http://clkrep.lacity.org/onlinedocs/2014/14-0739_rpt_dot_06-04-14.pdf) - Venice had 12.50% of the total projects funded. The dollar value of the 4 projects came to $565,000 (out of 6,000,000 budgeted).

The VNC's Neighborhood Committee and residents lobbied hard for these projects; all were associated with Neighborhood Council Motions in favor of them.
Your Venice Neighborhood Council Wants You!
The Neighborhood Council system is growing.  We are too.  Learn about us here.

In addition to seeking new Board members and Committee Chairs, we are always looking for good people to serve on VNC committees. 

Now is the perfect time to get involved! 

For more information, contact Mike Newhouse or Marc Saltzberg.

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