Family Resources for Home Worship
During this time of worshiping at home through online streaming, please consider exploring the following Bible reading as a family.
John 15:9-17
Abide in Love
Whirl Kids Video: "Jesus Inc."
After watching the five-minute video in the link above, ask kids the following questions:
  1. Why was Otto working so hard?
  2. Why do you think Clara was worried about Otto?
  3. How have you tried to “work” for Jesus as your boss? What happened?
  4. What do Otto and Clara decide is a better way to think of Jesus?
  5. How is a friend different than a boss?
Bible Story: John 15:9-17
Listen to puppets and Ms. Sarah share this week's Bible Story in this seven-minute video.
Coloring Sheet
Download and print the Abide in Love Coloring Page here.
Bulletin Activity Sheets
This week's printable bulletin pages, normally found at each campus for weekend worship, can be downloaded here:
Adapted from Sparkhouse Online - Whirl All Kids
Have questions or suggestions on how Epiphany can help your family's faith thrive while worshiping at home? Please contact Sarah Richter, Director of Children and Family Ministry.