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September 11, 2018
GUITAR    |    BANJO      |    MANDOLIN    |    FIDDLE      |    PIANO & KEYBOARDS  |    and more 
Hours of detailed, in-depth instruction 
Get any or all of these great lessons 
at great savings! 
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Toby Walker - Brining Out the Bounce
Techniques to Make Your Fingerpicking "POP"
By Toby Walker
DVD $29.95
Download $24.95 
Mike Seeger - Early Southern Guitar
By Mike Seeger
Two DVD Set
DVD $39.95
Download $34.95 
Peter Rowan and Tony Rice
Play Along and Learn with Two legendary Players
DVD $29.95
Download $24.95 
Pete Huttlinger_ - chords
A Video Library of Chord Shapes, Exercises and Progressions
By Pete Huttlinger
DVD $29.95
Download $24.95
Thom Bresh - the Real  Merle Travis Guitar
Like Father, Like Son
By Thom Bresh
DVD  $29.95
Download $24.95
Jorma Kaukonen - Electric Guitar
Licks and Techniques Of The Rock Pioneers
DVD $29.95
Download  $24.95
Happy Traum - Hymns Spirituals
By Happy Traum
Two DVD Set
DVDS  $49.95
Download $39.95 
Jens Kruger
Developing Skills, Creativity and Musicianship
DVD $29.95
Download  $24.95
Radim Zankl Mandolin Primer
A Learning Player's Guide to Essential Skills and Techniques
Applicable to guitar and other plucked string instrument s
DVD $29.95
Download $19.95 
Steve Wariner - Chet Atkins
Guitar Thumb-Picking Musicianship and Technique
By Steve Wariner
DVD $29.95
  Now $15.00 
Download $24.95 
Aaron Gilmartin - Learn Flamenco Guitar
By Aaron Gilmartin
Two DVD set
DVDs $49.95
Download $39.95 
Kenny Kosek
Bluegrass Tunes and Techniques
By Kenny Kosek
DVD $29.95
Download $24.95