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Sale for 1-26 to 2-1

4" Iceland Poppies!!

30% Off!!

Only $4.20!!

(Reg. $5.99)

Sun: Morning sun, afternoon shade

Watering: Every two days

4" Houseplants!!

15% Off!!

Starting at $3.96-$4.89!!

(Reg. $4.65-$5.75)

Sun: Bright indirect light

Watering: Once a week

 New Pottery!!

Now In Stock!!


10% Off!!

 Prices vary!!

6" Pansy Bowl!!

Now Only $5.99!!

Sun: Morning sun, afternoon shade. They do not like to be too hot!

Watering: Regular consistent watering, plant does not like to stay soggy.

Ednas Best!!

10% Off!!

Now Only $14.40!!


6" Snake Plant!!

20% Off!!

Now Only $13.60!!

(Reg. $16.99)

Sun: Plenty of indirect sunlight, can tolerate low light.

Watering: Every two weeks.

6" ZZ Plant!

25% Off!!

Now Only $11.86!!

(Reg. $15.25)

Sun: A lot of indirect sunlight, can tolerate low light.

Watering: Every two to three weeks. Likes to dry out between waterings.

4" Dracenae W/ Ivy!!

25% Off!!

Only $3.49!!



Now In Stock!!

Price as marked!!

4" African Violets!!

Now only $6.29!!

Now In Stock!!

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