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This Week's Items of Interest
November 18, 2015
People - Mode Share - Traffic

California's DOT Admits That More Roads Mean More Traffic   (11.11. 2015)

Take it from Caltrans: If you build highways, drivers will come.So it's refreshing-and rare-to see the California DOT (aka Caltrans)  link to a policy brief outlining key research findings from years of study into induced demand. The brief, titled "Increasing Highway Capacity Unlikely to Relieve Traffic Congestion," was compiled by UC-Davis scholar Susan Handy. Here are the highlights:
People - Travel Demand - Presentation & Live Webcast   


11/18/2015 10:00 am - 11:30 am

Presentation Overview
This presentation will discuss the content of a White Paper prepared for the National Center for Sustainable Transportation which summarizes the recent research findings in this field, focusing in particular on the recent trends in short-distance trips and changes in travel demand observed in the United States, the factors behind these trends, and how these factors are likely to affect travel demand in future years.
Prosperity - Shared Mobility Workshop

White Paper : Definitions, Industry Developments, and Early Understanding 

Shared mobility - the shared use of a vehicle, bicycle, or other mode - is an innovative transportation strategy that enables users to gain short-term access to transportation modes on an "as-needed" basis. The term shared mobility includes various forms of carsharing, bikesharing, ridesharing (carpooling and vanpooling), and on-demand ride services. It can also include alternative transit services, such as paratransit, shuttles, and private transit services, called microtransit, which can supplement fixed-route bus and rail services. With many new options for mobility emerging, so have the smartphone "apps" that aggregate these options and optimize routes for travelers. In addition to innovative travel modes, new ways of transporting and delivering goods have emerged. These "courier network services" have the potential to change the nature of the package and food delivery industry. Shared mobility has had a transformative impact on many global cities by enhancing transportation accessibility, while simultaneously reducing driving and personal vehicle ownership.
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People - Mode - Bike & Ped

The Oregon Department of Transportation has released a draft of their new Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan.
This plan is the result of two and-a-half years of meetings and outreach and it's the first time ODOT has updated its biking and walking plan since 1995 (an update to their design guide in 2011 notwithstanding). It's a crucial document because the policies and strategies in this plan will set the framework for what ODOT decides to build going forward.
People - Mode - Ride Share Safety

New California Data on Ride Services Reveal Rise in Collisions and Incidents   
State regulators have analyzed and released a tiny glimpse of data submitted by Uber, Lyft and other companies - information the firms have carefully guarded because they claim it would reveal trade secrets.
A report on some of the data was presented at a Nov. 5th meeting of the California Public Utilities Commission. While the analysis doesn't size up how transportation network companies (TNC) are complying with state regulations overall, it does provide a snapshot of the volume of trips and growth of ride services over the past two years.

More than 300 of the "incidents" involved passengers opening doors into traffic. Ninety collisions were doorings of people on bikes, skateboards, motorcycles and scooters. The report counted 200 incidents where a bicyclist or pedestrian was "struck," or "made contact with" or "involved." And it added this detail: Drivers "rolled over" passengers' feet 100 times.
People - Mode- Bike
A dramatic global shift to increased cycling and electric biking, or e-biking, could cut energy use and carbon dioxide emissions from urban transport by up to 10 percent by 2050 compared to current estimates, while saving society nearly $25 trillion dollars. That is according to a report by the University of California, Davis, and the New York-based Institute for Transportation & Development Policy.
The report, " A Global High Shift Cycling Scenario," takes a comprehensive look at the future of cycling for urban transportation.
People - Mode - Traffic
Better economy helps jam Sacramento-area roads, but will we pay for improvements? (11.15.1015)  

With the recession over, Sacramento-area freeways and roads are crowded again. Some say more than ever.
We hear complaints that Sunrise Boulevard is a parking lot during commute hours. A 20-minute drive on Highway 99 in Elk Grove can turn into 60 minutes with just one fender bender. The Capital City Freeway over the American River is a no-go zone even on weekends.
As the housing market heats up, bringing more people here, how do you keep a bad situation from getting worse?
Planet - Innovation - Energy
This Bike Path Paved With Solar Panels Shows That All Streets Could Double As Power Sources  (11.16.2015)

One year after a bike path outside Amsterdam was plastered with custom solar panels, it's generating more power than predicted-and the designers are convinced that it's proof that networks of solar-covered roads could eventually be a viable energy source.
While typical rooftop solar panels are cheaper to build and can pump out more power, the  SolaRoad team argues that pavement could add valuable real estate as roofs start to fill up. In the Netherlands, there's more available space on roads than all rooftops combined.
Planet - Precipitation and the Water Cycle Quiz

Warm Up

Test your knowledge of global temperature change and its impact on Earth's climate.
Planet - Water

Calif. reaches first milestone in crafting groundwater regulations  (11.17.2015)

The California Department of Water Resources has set up a process for resolving discrepancies over the boundaries of groundwater basins that will be affected by new pumping regulations.

SACRAMENTO - State officials say they have reached their first milestone in carrying out groundwater regulations passed by lawmakers last year, setting up a way to resolve discrepancies over the boundaries of basins that will be affected by the new rules.
Beginning on Jan. 1, local agencies will have 90 days to apply to the state Department of Water Resources for changes in maps that outline California's most important groundwater basins and sub-basins.
Planet - Water

Geologists revealed a new groundwater map that shows that the water supply in the Earth's upper crust could submerge continents as deep as 590 feet (179 meters), however, not all of it can be retrieved for human use. The map detailing how underground water is distributed is the result of the collaboration between researchers from different universities such as the University of Victoria, University of Texas at Austin, the University of Gottingen and the University of Calgary.
Prosperity - Sustainable Investment


A record US$391 billion flowed into low carbon and climate-resilient growth in 2014, according to a report released today by Climate Policy Initiative. The fresh figures come just two weeks before the COP21 climate talks begin in Paris, where finance is expected to play a pivotal role in scoring a robust global deal capable of securing a safe climate. 
The annual  Global Landscape of Climate Finance study reports that countries around the world are amping up investment in climate action such as renewable energy and adaptation, in order to protect and drive their economies. Investment rose 18% in 2014, recovering from a dip in 2013 to US$331 billion from US$359 billion in 2012.
People- Mode - Innovation - Video

Martin Aircraft plans to launch a jetpack in 2016

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