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September 30, 2015
People, Planet, Prosperity: Asset Management

"Caltrans is designing a comprehensive asset management plan that includes a detailed infrastructure inventory. State engineers are also embracing a first-inthe-nation program that involves literally scanning every mile of state highway with radar to measure the rates of deterioration and make better decisions about where and how to make repairs." -Brian Kelly Secretary of the California State Transportation Agency (pg 10)
People - Mode Share - Transit

Transit systems in the U.S. are reducing the greenhouse gases that are the leading cause of climate change. Without them, American cities would be even bigger producers of air pollution and sprawl.
That's the conclusion of a new, landmark study from the Transportation Research Board (TRB) which confirms the very bedrock ideas held about transit-starting with its measurable effect on the compactness of U.S. cities.
People - Mode Share - Electric Vehicles

Milestones are important, and numbers, especially large round numbers, make good ones. The automobile was born in 1879. Probably a little more than three decades later the millionth automobile took the road, in about 1912-1913. Now, a century on, with a world population of more than billion vehicles, the automobile is a core element of personal mobility-and we may be approaching a great turning point in the history of the auto: the transition from internal combustion to electric vehicles. One reason to think so is that we're about to pass another milestone: this month, somewhere in the world, the millionth modern plug-in electric vehicle will take the road..
People - Mode - Public Safety

White House Recognizes Innovative Public Safety Collaboration in Advance of Super Bowl 50 (9.24.2015)

 A collaborative effort using innovation to improve security throughout Santa Clara Valley's transportation system is attracting attention from the Obama Administration. 

The VTA, Santa Clara County Sheriff's Transit Patrol Division, along with the City of Santa Clara, the Santa Clara Police Department, and the San Francisco 49ers, has teamed up with two Silicon Valley companies to create a smarter, safer Levi's Stadium and a smarter, safer public transit system in advance of Super Bowl 50. 
People - Innovation
L.A. Metro Announces First Chief Innovation Officer  (9.28.2015)

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority announced Sept. 28 the selection of  Joshua L. Schank as the first-ever head of Metro's newly created office of extraordinary innovation.  Schank's hire reflects L.A. Metro's commitment to innovation, accessibility and accountability in transportation for all Angelenos.
People - Readers Choice -Transportation App  

Travel at its basic level boils down to getting from Point A to Point B, but whether doing so by plane, train or automobile, no traveler wants to blow their whole budget on transportation. These 20 websites and apps save travelers big bucks and the headache of prolonged travel planning. Which is your favorite? Cast your vote daily until voting ends on Monday, October 26 at noon ET.
People, Planet, Prosperity - UN Global Compact

Take Steps to Advance Sustainability in the Transportation Sector  (9.15.2015)

Transportation is an engine for economic growth and defines contemporary life styles, directly employing millions of people and accounting for a substantial percentage of the gross domestic product in many parts of the world. The essential role of transport in driving economic growth is, however, undermined by the sector's negative footprint on environmental, social and governance issues throughout the global supply chain.
Planet - Sustainable Development Quiz

Sustainable development quiz: what do you know about the global goals? (9.25.2015)

So how's your knowledge of the global goals? How many are there, and when do they expire? Do you know your SDGs from your MDGs? We've set you a tough line-up of goals - see how often you can hit the target.
Planet - Emissions - Health

How Many Deaths Did Volkswagen's Deception Cause in the U.S.?

Volkswagen's diesel deception unleashed tons of extra pollutants in the United States, pollutants that can harm human health. So while many commentators have been quick to say that the cheating engines are not a highway safety concern, safety - as in health - is still an issue..
Planet - Alliance - Zero-Emission Vehicles (9.29.2015)

California Joins Alliance to Speed Transition to Zero-Emission Vehicles

California is joining with 10 European and North American governments as founding partners of a new international alliance to accelerate the world's adoption of zero-emission vehicles. 
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Prosperity - Sustainability Fee

San Francisco's  Proposes Transportation Sustainability Fee  (9.24.2015)

The  Transportation Sustainability Program is about keeping people moving as the City grows. Smart planning and investment will help ensure that San Franciscans are able to arrive safer and more comfortably at their destinations now and in the future.  

The proposed Transportation Sustainability Fee will help fund upcoming transportation change by:
  • Creating a citywide transportation fee on new development;
  • Update to existing Transportation Impact Development Fee (TIDF) - expands applicability to include market-rate residential development and certain large institutions.
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