Here are your Top 10 for this week.
Ask the Gen Zers what they are using. Then, develop a digital strategy that will help your church
The enemy delights in targeting pastors and other leaders
Jesus did not remove his disciples from the world but intentionally sent them into it
We know this is not easy, so we’ve put together a few next-step resources you can utilize.
“ cannot ignore the comprehensive reviews that indicate violent game play has a significant effect on aggressive behavior, affect, cognition and empathy across…
Parents of teens can add “sextortion” to the list of things to worry about, because a new study shows that 5 percent…
Marijuana use in adolescents is associated with reduced neurocognitive functioning, but when adolescents stop using the drug, their verbal learning and memory…
A celebration of digital content creators was broadcast live on YouTube
Harassment on the platform can be uniquely cruel, and for many it feels like there’s no escape
I’m sure it will be established that these girls held no active role in any established form of religious Satanism