Here are your Top 10 for this week.
I’m a black youth pastor at Restore Community Church, in Kansas City MO. The month of May 2020 has been especially tragic
“Learn to do good: seek justice, correct oppression,”
New data revealing pastors’ and Christians’ opinions about what—if anything—the Church should do about racial divisions
What does each generation need from the church and what can each generation contribute to the church?
Diverse ministry perspectives to help teenagers respond to racialized violence and injustice
‘Antifa kid’ who smashed a police car and incited riots in Pittsburgh is escorted into custody — by his mom and dad
Why the f*** are you punk a** teenagers destroying our cities!??
“I was there with my children — And, all we thought about was to protect ourselves and our business.”
For their decision to speak out, they are being called “Uncle Tom’s,” “coons,” and white supremacists by left-wingers
As a person of peace, “Big Floyd” opened up ministry opportunities in the Third Ward housing projects