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36 Main St, Newtown Ct
Thursday, 07/30/2020
Finding Sunday's Worship
This Sunday, August 2, we will join with Father Dustin and St. James, Danbury.

Worship will stream on both YouTube and
Facebook at 9am on Sunday.

If you would like a copy of the bulletin it can be found here:
A Verger at Trinity
Over the past 16 months, I had been working with Pastor Jenny to learn more about the Episcopal church history, expanding my knowledge of the service liturgy, and exploring the traditions and purpose behind the services of the Episcopal church. All of this effort culminating in May 2020, when I was notified that I had completed my training and officially accepted as a Verger in the Episcopal Church of America.

What is a Verger?
It is very important to understand that the Verger is appointed and serves at the pleasure of the Rector. The role of Verger today is a little different than back in the Middle Ages when the Verger led the procession of the vested members of the altar party (acolytes, robed lay leaders, choir, and clergy) into the church. Back then, the Verger swung the “virge” (a short staff or mace with a small cross on the end) to keep back animals, ruffians, and ne’er-do-wells who might interfere with the procession. The Verger was called the Protector of the Procession or Supporter of the Order and Ceremony for the service. I promise not to use my virge (I do own one) for anything other than an occasional love-tap if I see someone sleeping before service.

When will we see the Verger?
Whenever I’m attending a service (Sundays, funerals, weddings), I’ll be “on duty” to answer questions from altar party participants, choir, ushers, and mort importantly assist the Rector in any way possible. I will still be serving as a Chalice Bearer or substitute Crucifer when needed.  During special services (Christmas, Easter, visit by the Bishop) you may see me vested as Verger (black cassock) and carrying the verge while leading the service processions.
Are there Vergers at other Episcopal churches these days?
As a new member of the Verger’s Guild of the Episcopal Church, I am now part of an organized ministry of over 1,000 men and women serving across the United States. Vergers are more common in big churches (National Cathedral in D.C. or San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral) while individual vergers also serve in medium-sized and smaller parishes. The Verger is also often the parish’s Acolyte Master, an important ministry that I will continue to lead at Trinity.

What does this mean for Trinity?
As my training progressed, I developed a stronger desire to expand my involvement in the Worship effort at Trinity. In June, I asked Bart Geissinger and Sophfronia Scott to join me on this adventure and together we will try to breathe new life into the Worship Commission. Bart and Sophronia have been involved in so many Worship ministries and have a willingness to explore new approaches that broaden the worship experience. In addition, both of them are certified by the ECCT to lead our parish in Morning Prayer. The three of us will work to revitalize the Worship Commission and provide assistance to our new Rector with the church year planning activities.  The commission will try to offer new ideas for exploring approaches to Worship while also making sure we don’t lose the traditions that are special to us all.  We look forward to getting from our new Rector her expectations and desires as we start the commission.  Over time the commission participants will expand as other vital ministries that support our Worship are included.  I am very excited about the road ahead and believe that the recent events have made all of us think differently about options for worship.

One last point, on the Vergers Guild national website, it says that every parish already has a “verger(s)” quietly working in the congregation, even if they don’t know it yet. I think there are many people at Trinity that fall under that description. I’m honored to serve among all of you as the Verger at Trinity Episcopal Church.  Please let me know if you have any questions about the ministry or the Worship Commission.

Patrick DeBrock
Verger, Trinity Episcopal Church
Welcoming Reverend Andrea! 
Wouldn't it be nice when you move to a new state to have a booklet that lists fun things to do and neat places to go? We can do that for Reverend 
Andrea and her family. The hospitality committee is asking that you send in your favorite fun things to do in Connecticut, such as where to hike, bike, kayak, swim, picnic, museums etc. Include a story of why you love this place, and be creative! We don't need 14 recommendations for Ferris Acres!

Kim will be making a booklet with all your wonderful ideas to leave at the rectory along with a stock of pantry and refrigerator items, restaurant menus and gift cards to get them started in their new home. This will be a nice personal touch from our Trinity Church family.
Please send into Kim at the office by Monday, August 3rd. 
Jean Maurice Calmels is looking for help with our service to the Dorothy Day House in Danbury. Every month, on the third Tuesday, a small team gathers to assemble meals, and then delivers them to the Dorothy Day House and distributes them. Due to COVID restrictions, some team members have had to step back, so if you are interested and able to help out, please contact Jean Maurice. Dorothy Day safety precautions and guidelines can be found here.
The Youth Commission is looking for 2 adults to join Noel Bellesheim in leading YAC formation (teens confirmed or about to be) This group will meet monthly on the second Sunday following the church service starting on September 13.
For more information please contact Noel at
Faithful Stewardship and Giving
Your tithes and offerings are always much appreciated and especially during this time of quarantine with virtual worship. God continues to bless us with faithful giving and givers, so thank you! On-line giving through Vanco is easy and if you need assistance in setting this up, please contact the Church Office, 203-426-9070. Checks can also be mailed to: Trinity Church, 36 Main Street, Newtown, CT 06470.
Contribution Envelope or Vanco?
It is time to order contribution envelopes! Please email Kim with your preference at your earliest convenience! Thank you to all who have replied so far, but we still need to hear from more.
This is still Trinity's 150th year in our current building! Many of the plans have been postponed--but we have a banner that would declare our pride to the world.
The Property Commission is looking for 4 more strong people to help pull the banner up (from the bell tower).
If you think you can devote a few hours on Saturday, August 1st, please let us know: (203-788-3325)
ECCT COVID-19 Self Care Resources
In this time of great anxiety, here are some resources for you and your family to care for yourself. 
Providing Meals to the Community: Camp Washington
Final Meal Distribution: Friday, July 31st, 10am - 2pm
Please share this news with those you know who need meals, or come by and pick up and deliver for those who can't, but need.

Camp Washington also welcomes donations of non-perishable pantry items, and fresh produce, which we will in turn offer to our guests who stop by on Friday. Pantry items may be brought to Camp on Wednesday, July 29th from 9-2, a collection area will be set-up in the front circle driveway at Camp.  
Praise and Thanksgiving

For those requesting our prayers: Arlene Coleman, Rev. William West, Maureen Trotto, Bode Kloos, Judith Harris, Ann Moore, Janet LaBati, Mike Peters, Danielle Lima, Jeaneia Vaiuso

For those celebrating a birthday this week:
Brady Dunn, Brianna Lutz, Bart Geissinger, Nick Gibson

For those celebrating an anniversary this week:
Karen & Ed Wojtowicz, Ashley & Jon Erickson, Colleen & Tom McMorran, Peg & Dick Taylor
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There are events happening at Camp Washington - click here to learn more!
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