United Way Wednesday
This Week's Featured UWCCMC Funded Agency:
Mercy Health - REACH Services
The Mercy Health - REACH Services offers quality, compassionate care to adults and youth who struggle with alcohol, tobacco and other drug use in Clark and Champaign Counties. As the number of addicts increases, so does the number of individuals seeking treatment. REACH has no average patient, as addiction affects the population indiscriminately; patients’ ages range from 13 to 72, and come from all races. By combining intensive outpatient detox counseling with medication assisted treatment, REACH provides addicted patients with the tools to overcome addiction.

Ohio Department of Health data shows a significant increase in overdose deaths involving opioid fentanyl and the emergence of more powerful fentanyl-related drugs like carfentanil. In 2016, a large amount of attention and concern centered around unintentional drug overdoses which caused the deaths of 4,050 Ohio residents, which was a 32.8% increase from the previous year. Licensed behavioral health addiction therapists provide individual and group counseling. These sessions provide strategies so patients can recognize their triggers for alcohol, tobacco and drug use. Once those triggers have been identified patients can begin to avoid them.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) states that behavioral therapies have been shown to treat addiction effectively when applied in conjunction with medications. NIDA also states that the “pharmacological treatment of opioid addiction increases retention in treatment programs and decreases drug use, infectious disease transmission, and criminal activity.” REACH’s licensed chemical dependency counselors specialize in intensive outpatient treatment, individual and group counseling, case management and medication-assisted addiction treatment. The program treats patients throughout the year and begins by scheduling assessments for patients who call for an appointment at the Urbana office at Mercy Memorial Hospital or the Springfield office in the MercyCrest Building. With individualized treatment plans and clinical guidance from qualified, licensed professionals, people with addiction learn to address factors in their lives that contribute to their abuse of alcohol, drugs and tobacco.

Mercy Health — Reach Services is offering Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) offers extended hours of clinical treatment during the program to provide structured psycho-social education, group therapy and sobriety skills. Intensive outpatient activities (individual counseling and group counseling) occur up to nine hours per week to support patients’ sobriety. Then patients step down to outpatient for continual treatment and sobriety support through weekly individual and group counseling.
Individuals struggling with opiates or alcohol addiction can experience extreme physical discomfort when stopping the opiate or alcohol drug. Individuals struggling with addictions often require medical intervention to help with their recovery process. Detoxification from opiates and alcohol, can be uncomfortable. Mercy Health — Reach Services provides the screening process to assist in the journey toward recovery. At the time of screening, trained staff will assist with scheduling an admission to Springfield Regional Medical Center. They strive to offer easy access to care by providing same day to next day screenings. This is a scheduled admission.

United Way is proud to fund an agency that is making such an impact in the communities of Clark and Champaign Counties. If you are interested in learning more about, or getting involved with Mercy REACH call (937) 390-5338 (Springfield) or (937) 653-3001 (Urbana).
Alcohol, Drug and Tobacco Treatment Program
Smoking cessation program and tobacco outpatient treatment Our innovative cessation program helps many people quit any type of tobacco use, and a licensed, certified therapist leads our highly successful outpatient tobacco treatment programs. Mercy Health — Reach Services helps businesses become tobacco free and we offer on-site smoking cessation programs. Prevention and education Mercy Health — Reach Services provides free community programs to help others avoid alcohol, drugs and tobacco abuse. As part of the Mercy Health - Reach Services to the community they:
  • Teach children and adults about alcohol, drugs and tobacco
  • Give educational presentation for schools, churches and other organizations
  • Participate at local health fairs and company programs
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