April 9, 2020
Working Remotely - Tools and Resources to stay safe and productive
Exam and Physician Records Difficult to Obtain?
In an effort to help more of our customers obtain the life insurance coverage their families need, American National is temporarily expanding its acceleration criteria in order to approve about 50% more cases without the usual medical exam and APS requirements. These changes are not applicable in New York.

In order to expedite these additional cases:
  • Ages 50 and below
  • Face amounts $100,000 to $1,000,000
  • Paper and Electronic applications
  • Many could have table ratings applied
  • If medical exam or APS can be obtained at a later date, we will re-underwrite to see if better class is warranted. 
Effective April 1st:
  • All new business (excluding New York)
  • Including all cases that were submitted in February and March that are still pending an exam or APS
  • (excluding New York).
Electronic Applications are Built for Times Like This!
A month ago, it was a different world. We gathered with friends. We watched sports. I bought toilet paper at the grocery store without thinking. And, you were likely still meeting face-to-face with your clients.
Now, even getting a signature on a paper application is a risk-filled activity.
Which is why we’re committed to making the insurance process fully digital through our Expert App .

American National’s Expert App Leads way during COVID-19

American National has NEVER required the agent to physically see the client to submit electronic applications.

We do not require a Zoom, Skype, Facetime, and/or any video conference of any kind.

Sit in the comfort and safety of your home, talk with the client on the phone, take the application, email signatures, and submit the application using our e-app platform called ExpertA pp.

American National Amends Amendment (NIA) Rules

Previously, American National would “conditionally issue” policies and require a signed amendment (NIA) be returned before a policy would draft and be placed in-force. THIS HAS CHANGED!

Effective immediately:

  • Life New Business – will reach out via email to agents to get confirmation that policy should be issued and premium applied (ACH, etc…)

  • Upon confirmation from agent – policy will be placed in force.

  • NIA (amendment) will still be needed but it will not hold up getting the client’s coverage in-force and commissions being paid.

  • Please Note – this is only related to those NIA’s triggered due to the expanded underwriting changes (i.e., table ratings in lieu of exam or APS).
E-Solutions to continue running your business!
Expert Office offers convenient tools for agents appointed with American National. It is your digital briefcase to easily submit and manage all of your life & annuity business.
Expert Scan is the tool within Expert Office to upload new paper applications, pending requirements, or post-issue documents securely, efficiently and directly to a case. It features a one-page drag and drop function.
Crisis Leadership Lessons
It’s important during difficult times to spotlight people who are setting a great leadership example. Here are a couple I’ve especially admired and have learned from:
  • Simon Sinek: The iconic author and thinker on purpose and culture gave a brilliant speech to his own team about how these times are not unprecedented. Definitely worth watching.
  • Eric Kapitulik: Eric Kapitulik, wrote a great piece about maintaining perspective, listening to experts and leading others.