Okay, let's try this again. Our NEW SERIES got snowed out last week, but the white flakes are melting and things look good for this weekend. 

Join us as start a new series in the Gospel of Mark. We'll learn a little bit about this first gospel ever written and meet the unnamed people in the book who become the ideal examples of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.

Join us at 10am as we start this new journey together!


If you haven't yet received your giving statement for 2018 it may be because we don't have your email address.  You can make sure you get it by sending an EMAIL to our treasurer, Karl Hartquist.

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February 2019 Budget: $11,200
February 2019 Contributions:  $5,325.70

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January Budget: $11,2 00
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2019 YTD Budget:  $11,200
2019 YTD Contributions: $8,085

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