This Sunday is Easter! And it's a great time to INVITE some friends or family to join us for our RESURRECTION celebration.

We won't bait and switch people with a bunch of abnormal things, but we will have fun celebrating with music, free mimosas and our final message in "THE WOMEN WHO STAYED" mini-series. 

So if you know someone that needs to give church another chance or is looking for a way to explore faith and Jesus, this would be a great time to invite them to meet our group. 

See you Sunday!


Nick has been mentioning this book by a friend of the Pathways community, named Brian Zahnd.  It is a quick but really excellent read on how to actually begin to live an upside-down kingdom life that embraces the cross of Jesus in a world that is "me first!"  

CLICK HERE to order it on Amazon or pick up one of the copies we have available on Sunday mornings. 

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April 2019 Budget: $11,000
April 2019 Contributions:  $4,851.66

Previous 2019 Giving: 

March 2019 Budget: $11,000
March 2019 Contributions:  $13,289.69

2019 Budget:  $33,000
2019 YTD Contributions: $34,855.12

Thank you for your generous contributions to our community of faith, hope and love.

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