Our friends at "The Bible Project" have a great new Bible reading plan for 2019 that is filled with lots of great videos that help you understand what you are reading.  It's a fantastic way to read the Bible and begin to comprehend what it's all about.

  • STEP 1:  Download the YouVersion Bible App from your App Store on either iPHONE or ANDROID.  
  • STEP 2:  Click this INVITE LINK to join in the reading group for Pathways Church.
  • STEP 3:  Start reading and joining in on the conversation!

  • GET CAUGHT UP:  The reading plan started on Monday, January 7th, but you have time to start reading and get caught up. Don't be intimidate. Just do what you can.
  • LISTEN ON AUDIO:  If you select the NIV translation in the Bible app it will give you an option to "listen" to the audio version of the reading.  You can listen while driving, running, working out, or sitting at your desk.  Listening might give a different perspective or just make use of other time to get the reading in. 


The reading is really enhanced by the work the The Bible Project people have put into their very informative video.  Each day has a short video to get you started. Here's a sample from DAY 2 that is worth watching even if you don't end up following along with the plan:

The Bible is an incredibly fascinating and relevant library of material that introduces us to God, people and their journey together. We hope you'll join us as we explore, question, and mediate on it this year!


This week, Nick and Jason discuss text questions from our latest message in the Ecclesiastes series. They discuss the idea of POWER-UNDER enemy-love and how though it looks like weakness is actually a more formidable authority than the tyrant king.

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