Each year we partner with SEED youth ministry to help provide backpacks to under-privileged kids and youth in the South Everett neighborhoods.

This year, the GOAL is to deliver 1,000 BACKPACKS!  Each backpack only costs $6, so we need to raise $6,000.  

If you would like to help us reach our goal, visit the SEED WEBSITE to make a donation.  

Every kid should have the basic supplies to attend school. Thanks for helping make sure the kids in our area do!

DRIVE-HOME LIVE (7/30/18):
This week, Nick and Jason discuss text questions and thoughts from our message on King David and his wives. They talk about why we've often idealized David as the model of manhood instead of Jesus. 

You can text in further thoughts and questions to 425-379-7284

Our annual Pathways in the Park day is on the final Sunday of August. We will meet at Willis Tucker Park from 11am - 2pm.  We will provide hamburgers, hotdogs, and the fixings for that, along with some drinks. 

What should you bring?
  • Invite or bring a long a friend
  • A side-dish to share
  • Camping chair(s)
  • Any lawn games you think are fun
There is a fun splash pad for the kids so make sure to bring something for them to get wet in (and towels) if it's a sunny day.


We know it's crazy to think about, but the school year is on its way back around. And as kids move-up a grade, they may also be moving into a new group on Sunday morning. 

Be sure to ask at the kids check-in table this month about whether your child is moving-up and we'll do the big promotion on September 2!

Current Monthly Giving:

July 2018 Budget: $9,600
July 2018 Contributions:  $13,292

Previous 2018 Giving: 

June 2018 Budget: $9,6 00
June 2018 Contributions:  $11,139

2018 Budget:  $57,600
2018 Contributions: $59,159.94

Thank you for your generous contributions to our community of faith, hope and love.

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