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November 12, 2020
This Weekend:
Seabury Sunday &
PACC-911 Pet Adoptions
& Lots More!
Here is a special message to you from our friends
in the Scottish Episcopal Church.
Celebration of Seabury Sunday
at 9am & 11am in the Close Garden

9am & 11am in the Close Garden
Holy Eucharist & Music from the
Mesa Caledonian Pipe & Drum Band

Thinking About Rescuing A Pet?
The All Saints' / PACC-911 Adoption Event is this Saturday 10-3
In the front parking lot on Central & Maryland.
Masks & Social Distancing to keep it safe.
Celebrations of the Holy Eucharist
This Weekend
Saturday, November 14 at 5pm in the Church
Sunday, November 15 at 7am in the Close Garden
9am and 11am ALSO in the Close Garden.

A simple RSVP system is available on our website and by phone.

Visit or call the Church Office
Our Front Line volunteers will take your reservation
Monday through Friday 9am-12pm.

Maximum occupancy per service:
50 people including clergy, staff, and volunteers serving

Here's a short video to give you a heads up what to expect:

Online Worship Schedule

Saturday, November 14
5pm Holy Eucharist


 10:15am Rosary Prayer 

11am Children's Chapel
88 people/families have made a pledge for 2021! 
So far we have raised $278,931!
Comparing this year to last year same date: 
144 people/families totaling $533,828.

During good times and bad, there is a comfort to knowing you can always come “Home.” It may look a little different now, having to gather carefully with masks and social distancing, but All Saints’ is still home to so many of us, where we keep the light of Christ bright for others to have hope and practice their faith.
Your annual gift to All Saints’ enables us to keep providing the life-giving ministries of this church through celebrations and challenges. As you well know, it takes tangible resources to maintain your home. Now more than ever, we need to support each other and help our community to heal from the harsh realities of 2020. Working together we can truly be a family, where our home is our sanctuary and our hearts can be filled with Christ-like love and peace.
We are hopeful that we can achieve 100% participation in this pledge campaign with whatever amount is comfortable for you. We are grateful for every pledge—no matter how big or small. Your spiritual discipline, to give in gratitude for the abundance with which God has blessed you, will empower you. Our goal is simple: to stay strong so we can help those challenged by the world’s current difficulties.  
Your generosity will enable the Good News of God in Christ to inspire our community and to comfort those in need. Thank you for your prayerful consideration. 
Pledge cards are available at the Welcome Table, in the Church Office, and on our website by clicking here.
The Rector Search Committee has created a short survey to get your thoughts on the subject. Thank you for your honesty and time. Either use the QR code above or click here for the short online survey.

Paper copies of the survey are available on the Welcome Table at in-person worship services starting this weekend. Or if you would like a survey mailed to you, please call 602.279.5539 or email your request to Surveys are also available in the Church Office during the week.

New Deadline for Completed Surveys: November 20, 2020.
from Associate Rector
Pastor Emilie Finn
Dear People of God,
It is the time of year when we all start looking forward to preparations for the holidays. In my family, this means laying aside the various ingredients we need to make our special holiday  foods, reaching out to family members and friends we haven’t heard from in a while, checking our supply of extension cords and Christmas lights, and whisking secret packages off the front porch to hide in closets, awaiting the arrival of wrapping paper and Christmas trees.
Here at All Saints’, this also means looking for the ways we can help others prepare for the holidays: Choosing an Angel Tree tag to purchase gifts for a resident of Maryland Gardens or a child of an incarcerated parent, buying stocking stuffers from Beth Carson’s supply of Singing Rooster gifts to benefit our companion parish and school in Haiti, purchasing toys to donate on Christmas Eve to the families of Iglesia de San Pablo Episcopal, and so much more. 
As you might imagine, these preparations look different as we look toward Advent, 2020, but sometimes different is good! While we are still waiting to learn how we can best support our neighbors at Maryland Gardens and our friends in Haiti this year, we can collect the toiletries and laundry soap needed by the working families served by Nourish Phoenix (formerly ICM) and drop them in the red collection bins outside the church, and we can remember our friends at Iglesia de San Pablo when we Christmas shop, by purchasing a few extra toys for the Christmas Eve toy collection. 
And most of all, we can rejoice that, thanks to several very generous donations, our Prison Ministry, in partnership with our youth and young adults, and the youth and young adults of Emmaus, Surprise, is able to bring Christmas to 50-70 MORE children this year than we were last year! And it isn’t too late to get involved, in one of three ways:
First, all youth and young adults (7th grade and up) are invited to join forces with the youth and young adults of Emmaus, Surprise, for either or both of two virtual Angel Tree shopping events: One on Sunday, November 15, at 5:45pm, and one on Tuesday, November 17, at 4:00pm. You can sign up here: There is no cost for these events, just come and use your creativity to find the best gifts for the children on our list!
Second, if virtual shopping in a group isn’t your thing, All Saints’ youth of any age are welcome to sign up to shop for an Angel Tree child separately with their families, and submit the receipts for reimbursement. If you would like to do this, email Pastor Emilie at
Third, any member of All Saints’ can sign up to purchase gifts for a Prison Ministry Angel Tree child. To sign up, contact Lora Villasenor at
I wish you every blessing as you prepare for the holidays this year, here at church, in your own families, and in everything you do to help those in need. God bless you all. 
The Care Packages for College Students went out this past week. They were created by the Youth of All Saints' and included a special note to each student from one of our youth.
A Reflection & News from Deacon Jim Bade
Dear People of All Saints’,

I have been a member of All Saints’ Church since 1984 when I moved back to Phoenix from England with my new English bride and three children from our previous marriages. Jean insisted on attending the American version of the Church of England. We lived about equidistant from All Saints’ and Trinity Cathedral. She chose All Saints’, and I am so glad that she did.
Since joining in 1984, there have been many ups and many downs in my life, which I suppose is about normal over a span of 36 years. Like many people of faith, we tend to lean on our faith tradition and on the people and clergy of our faith community especially hard during those very difficult times in our lives when we think that our situation could just not get any worse. And if I may insert a shameless plug for supporting our church financially, our annual pledge is the single most important way we can ensure that the church and its supportive community will always be there when we need them most. 
My life and our church became irrevocably entwined when my wife of 21 years suddenly and unexpectedly died from heart failure just 31 days before her 65th birthday. All our plans for retirement and growing old together came to a screeching halt in the blinking of an eye. Although somewhat shaken and tested, my faith did not crash and burn despite my initial anger at God. Instead my spirit was somehow lifted up by the presence of All Saint’s Episcopal Church and by the loving ministrations of Father Tom Davidson.
There followed a time of joy when I married Jennie Lu, someone  I had known for more than a dozen years. Father Tom and All Saints’ were there for that event. Then came a time of discernment for the Diaconate during which I was supported by the All Saints’ community and guided by my Spiritual Advisor, Father Tom, who by that time had moved on to another Parish.
I was ordained to the Diaconate on May 5th, 2012. It was Cinco de Mayo, the anniversary of which always calls for a margarita or two. Less than 24 hours after my ordination at Trinity Cathedral was my very first time serving as an ordained Deacon. It was also the day of Bishop Smith’s annual visitation to All Saints’ – so no pressure there! (Well maybe just a little.)
My ministry work before and after I was ordained always involved older people – more often than not older or much older than myself. I have always enjoyed being with this group because they have so many interesting life experiences to share, and they also have wisdom, a trait often difficult to find in the younger generations.
So it was only natural that I became the clergy person who shepherded the SAGES group whose last monthly luncheon was held in early 2020 just before the CoVid-19 pandemic began in earnest. Our Monday morning bible study was attended by a group of long-time parishioners whose average age was probably in the mid-80’s.
It was important to me to always attend the monthly Men’s Breakfast at Scott’s Generations Deli. (Hey, you’ve got to have breakfast somewhere.) And, I always attended the monthly Episcopal Eucharist at the Beatitudes and join the residents there for lunch. (Hey, you’ve got to have lunch somewhere.)

Outside the parish, I taught a bible study group at the Laura Danieli Salvation Army Senior Center, became a volunteer chaplain at John C Lincoln Hospital, and currently conduct a weekly worship service at the apartment complex where I live.

In 2013, along with other members of the Arizona faith community, I became involved in the effort to expand AHCCCS (Medicaid) health insurance coverage to tens of thousands  of uninsured Arizonans. The measure was surprisingly championed by then Governor Jan Brewer, but was adamantly opposed by the conservative majority in the Arizona Legislature.
The effort involved visiting and speaking to legislators of both political parties and attending and testifying at various committee hearings considering the bill. My message to legislators was that they could either pass the bill to make available health coverage to many Arizonans, or they could doom these same Arizonans to lives of untreated illnesses and suffering. In the end, the bill passed with the support of a few moderate Republicans in both houses. It was signed into law on June 17, 2013 affording thousands of Arizona access to healthcare. Although my part in this whole effort was very small, the success of the broader effort still brings me immense satisfaction.
As I look back on my life as a Deacon, I sometimes wonder why I didn’t pursue this path much earlier. The best answer that I can give is that I wasn’t ready. We are called when we are called. We hear and respond to God’s call when we are ready to hear and able to act on it.
On Election Day, I celebrated my 77th birthday. It was not a particularly auspicious day, but it affirmed what I had been considering for some time. Having made 77 trips around the sun, it was time for me to prioritize the activities of my life which include not only my life as a Deacon in the church, but also some personal projects I had begun more than a year ago. Those projects include a novel, an epic poem, and a couple of musical compositions.
With Bishop Reddall’s approval and the concurrence of the Interim Rector (thank you Father Bill), you will be seeing less of me beginning next month. I plan to continue to serve as the Deacon at one service each month. That service will normally be the 11:00 service on the last Sunday of the month, at which I will occasionally be asked to preach. In addition, I will continue to shepherd the virtual Men’s Breakfast, and maintain existing pastoral relationships with parishioners I have known for many years.
About this decision, I have no regrets, and I hope that none of my friends and colleagues at All Saints’ will mark this occasion with any sadness. Rather it is a time to rejoice! Rejoice, because I want you to know there is no dread illness which has prompted this decision. Rejoice, because I have one more chapter to be written in my life.
Rejoice because I will still be around. I am not leaving you – at least not for a good long while, God willing. If any of you want to call this increasingly cranky old deacon just to talk, to talk about faith, to talk about the scriptures, to talk about the world, or any other thing, my phone still works. Feel free to call. Finally, I just want you all to know how much I have enjoyed actively serving the people of All Saint’s and this community.
I love you all!
The Reverend James Bade, Deacon 

NOTE: We will honor Jim at the 11am service this weekend.  
Louis Vierne Tribute Recital
by Joseph Ripka, Director of Music

This year we celebrate the 150th anniversary of Louis Vierne’s birth, which was October 8th, with a tribute recital on Sunday, November 22nd at 3:00 p.m. The recital will be available via live stream only on Facebook and YouTube.
Louis Vierne was born in 1870 in Poitiers, France, just a short walk from the cathedral which houses one of the most famous organs built by François-Henri Clicqot. No doubt this monumental instrument formed some of Vierne’s earliest musical memories, while the organ of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, where he served as organist for most of his life, would influence most if not all of his compositions for the organ.  
Vierne was considered blind from birth, with what doctors at the time called inoperable congenital cataracts in both eyes, but through a series of surgical procedures at various stages in his life, he was able to recover enough sight to recognize people and objects at close range. His primary studies were facilitated with braille. His family moved to Paris when Vierne was three years old, with his father’s appointment as editor of the Paris-Journal. Upon their arrival, Vierne was taken to Sainte-Clotilde to hear César Franck play. The experience proved to be so profound and overwhelming that it determined his career.
Vierne began to study solfege and piano at the age of six locally, and in 1881 he began attending the Institution Nationale des Jeunes Aveugles, where he studied piano, solfege, harmony, and violin for nine years. This is where Vierne would first come to meet the famous César Franck, mentioned above, who often adjudicated prizes at the school. In his fifth year at the school, Vierne was awarded premiers prix for violin and piano playing with Franck as a member of the jury. He later began weekly private study of counterpoint with Franck with lessons that began at 6 a.m.! In 1890 Vierne became a full-time student at the Paris Conservatory, but alas, his study with César Franck was ended by Franck’s death within the first month of Vierne’s study at the conservatory. Franck was replaced by Charles-Marie Widor, organist of St. Sulpice, who eventually became a great influence on Vierne. He later studied with Alexander Guilmant at the conservatory as well. 
In 1900, Vierne competed for the post of organist at Notre Dame Cathedral and was unanimously chosen by a jury that included Widor, Guilmant, and Guilmant’s successor Eugène Gigout. This is the most coveted organist post in Paris and includes quite a history of organists, dating back to 1600 and earlier, including: Guillaume Maingot (1600-1609), Charles Racquet (1618-1643), Louis-Claud Daquin (1755-1772), Armand-Louis Couperin (14755-1789), Claude Balbastre (1760-1793), Jean-Jacques Beauvarlet Charpentier (1783-1793), Louis Vierne (1900-1937), Pierre Cochereau (1955-1984), Philippe Lefebvre (since 1985), Olivier Latry (since 1985), and Vincent Dubois (since 2016).

On November 22nd, we pay tribute to Vierne with a small sampling of his great output for the organ, including some movements from his Organ Symphonies, Op. 47 and Op. 59, Pièces de Fantasie, Op. 53, and his Pièces en style libre, op. 31. We hope you will join us! 

All Saints’ Music School is taking registrations! Music lessons are open to all members of the community by our excellent music teachers in piano, clarinet, trumpet, violin, voice, guitar, and organ. All ages are welcome. Click here for more information about ASMS or email

To register online
click here 
*past students do not need to fill out this form
Fourth Friday Virtual Chorister Evening Prayer
Next on November 27 at 5pm 
Spoken prayers with music by our treble Choristers. Live on Facebook.
Check out the new Friends of Music Newsletter! If you would like to subscribe to the music email list and begin to receive the newsletter as well as other information about our music programs, please click here.

Supporting the Music Program at All Saints' is super easy and fun. And actually can save you money elsewhere. Get all the details here.
Want to Serve At An In-Person Service?
We need more lectors, intercessors, and ushers willing to serve at our limited availability services (50 maximum people) on Saturdays 5pm, Sundays 7am, 9am, and 11am.
If you are already in the Ministry Scheduler, drop Head Verger, Lowell Adkins a note at If you are new to being one of these, welcome. Let’s get you trained. Start by emailing Lowell as well. Or chat with him when you see him at church.
All women are invited
every Friday at 9:30am on Zoom. BYOC (bring your own coffee)!
and follow the instructions on your screen to join.
Meeting ID: 899 7988 3593
Passcode: 411001
contact Pastor Emilie Finn
All men are invited
every Thursday at 8am on Zoom. BYOC (bring your own coffee)!,
and follow the instructions on your screen to join.
Meeting ID:871 2079 2718
and Password: 169888
contact Deacon Jim Bade at 
There are 500-600 women at Perryville that ask us to remember them at Christmastime. It takes a long time to complete that many cards and in normal times we would gather in St. Barbara, play Christmas tunes, eat Christmas cookies and start addressing Christmas cards. This year is different, but the need hasn't changed. Every single one of the women we write to have been involved in the Episcopal prison ministry at Perryville in one way or another, and each one of them is counting on complete strangers to help keep the Christmas spirit alive. It takes many hands to complete this effort, so if you are interested in sending some cards to our sisters at Perryville, please contact Lora Villasenor 
Donate to Nourish Phoenix (formerly ICM) during this time of increased need!
Our outreach partner, ICM, has changed its name to Nourish Phoenix, but it's mission remains the same: To serve the working poor with food, clothing, and other basic necessities. In the last few months, Nourish Phoenix has seen a sharp increase in the number of clients reaching out for support, and there is a particular shortage of personal hygiene products (soap, body wash, shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste) and cleaning products like laundry detergent. They also always need non-perishable, protein-rich food, nutritious children's snacks, clothes and shoes (particularly men's and children's), and baby care products. If you can help, bring your donations to church at any time, and place them in the red bins out in front of the main doors to the sanctuary. Contact Pastor Emilie Finn with any questions:
Vestry Candidates and Diocesan Delegates Wanted
During this unique time, the Vestry has continued to work hard and meet virtually -- making decisions regarding current operations, virtual services, the status of commencement of in-person services, and ongoing long-term investment in the future of the parish. As you likely are aware, the Vestry is the lay governing board of All Saints’ Church. If you are looking to become more involved in the governance of our parish, this could be your opportunity. The Governance Committee is in search of candidates interested in serving on the 2021 Vestry. If you are interested in being considered as a candidate, please contact Susie McCann at 602-810-1111.
The Governance Committee is also in search of candidates interested in representing All Saints’ at the 61st Annual Arizona Diocesan Convention in the fall of 2021. This is an important opportunity for our parish to provide continued input on the direction of the Arizona Diocese through elections, resolutions, and canon changes. If you are interested in being considered as a candidate, please contact Susie McCann at 602-810-1111.
Christian Education & Formation Offerings
Click on the image above to be linked with the SignUp
Virtual Sunday School - Sundays at 11am
Through stories, music, and hands-on crafts and activities, our Sunday School students will learn stories from the Hebrew Scriptures this fall, leading us into Advent and Christmas. In the spring, we will focus on the life and teaching of Jesus, leading us into Lent, and through Holy Week to Easter. We invite you and your family to join us virtually for this great adventure! Look for a new Sunday School video on our Facebook page and YouTube channel each Sunday at 11am. CLICK HERE for the Fall, 2020, Children, Youth & Family Calendar, and don't forget to sign up for Pastor Emilie's "Friday Email," to keep yourself up to date with all that is happening for children and youth and their families at All Saints! For more information, or to sign up for the Friday Email, contact Pastor Emilie at

Youth Confirmation 2021
Youth Confirmation preparation begins in January! If you are a student in grades 7-8 (or above), or if you know someone who is, it is not too early to sign up for Confirmation class! This year, youth preparation for Confirmation will consist of Sunday morning or early afternoon sessions, probably following the 11am service. As students prepare to make their own mature commitment to their Christian faith and to the Episcopal Church, we will read and discuss the Gospel of Mark together, learn about the baptismal covenant and different practices of prayer, discuss with All Saints' clergy and adult mentors how our faith influences our daily lives and actions, and participate in service projects, both within the church and in the wider community. Students and their families are encouraged to attend the Eucharistic service on Sunday either online or in person. 
As we approach our January start date, we will monitor all diocesan requirements and health and safety recommendations, and structure our class meetings accordingly. Right now we envision a hybrid virtual/outside in person model, but that could change depending on circumstances. Be assured that we will take each individual student's situation and needs into account and find as many accommodations as we can so that all can participate! Students will be confirmed by Bishop Jennifer Reddall on her visitation to All Saints' on May 9, 2021. The registration fee is $100 (scholarships are available). For more information, or to sign up, contact Pastor Emilie Finn at 
"What We Believe"
A Gentle Walk through the Episcopal Catechism

Monday evening 6:30-7:30pm
on Zoom

Join the Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 867 6429 3646
Passcode: 844037
Questions? Email Put "Fr. Bill's Class" in the subject line.
You can still sign up for:
"The Gathering to Grow" Home Study Group
with Patrice & Lucian Taylor 
The second and fourth Monday evenings of the month, 6:30pm to 8:00pm, November 16 and 30.

As we all contend with pandemic living, are you feeling stressed and a little imprisoned? Are you wondering if there's any meaning in this suffering? If so, you’ll want to join Deacon Patrice Al-Shatti Taylor and educator Lucian Taylor for the Fall session of Gathering to Grow, a Zoom-based small group where we care for each other through teaching, fellowship, and prayer. This session, we will be studying the life and work of the apostle Paul while living under house arrest. There we hope to find nuggets of inspiration for our situation as well as laughter and support in the hearts of each other. 

November 16: Growing Under Pressure, Part 3: Writing the Book of Colossians
November 30: The Fruit of House Arrest: 5 Billion Souls Touched by God

Please join us by emailing Patrice at In gathering, we all grow.
Click this link:
For more information, contact Grant Washburn at 623-215-7849 or


This week, we pray for our beloved friends and family who have died.

May her soul and the souls of all the departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

to everyone who has sent in their pledge. It really means so much, especially now.

Three Ways to Keep Current:
1. Sending your personal check to: All Saints' Church, 6300 North Central Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85012
2. Use your bank's online bill-pay
3. Through our secure, online system, REALM. Click here.

Call Barbara Anderson in the Church Office and she can walk you through the process easily. 


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Pastoral Care & Connection
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