October 2018
News and Upcoming Events at Heartspace
This Week : Calling all yoga nerds! Thursday starts the Yoga Book Club and Discussion group. Thursdays 6PM in the tea lounge in Albany. Suzanne and Martha will be there. See info below.

Then, this is a great weekend to move your bodies, play, explore and have fun at Heartspace. We have free and by donation events as well as workshops and series starting. Free Yogic Dance Expression class on Friday 10/12 12pm in Troy. This will be a new weekly drop-in class to help stay limber and be in your body as we move into the cold months. Community classes a plenty including Friday night TGIF, Happy Hour and Y12 SR and then Family Yoga returns this weekend, Saturday 10/13 in Troy with Toni Smith at 4pm for kids and families. Our workshops include Nourishing Yoga for Athletes and Other Bodies focusing on Core and Obliques with Samara on Sat Oct 13 in Albany to stay healthy and limber; Fly with Team Willco in Acroyoga 1:30 - 3:30PM in Troy Saturday October 13. Connect with others!

On Sunday, Oct 14, our next four-week series for Prenatal Yoga in Albany and Yoga for Anxiety and Depression begin in Troy. There are still a few spaces available in each of these series. Sunday at 5PM in Troy, come join Cody and Victoria for Restorative Yoga and Sound Healing. Yin yoga will be canceled at that time.

Keep reading for more info on all these things. More information below or Visit our full listing of workshops and events.

Upcoming : Master Classes with Lauren Toolin, see her full schedule for Fall and Winter. Temple Beautiful; A Workshop for Women on Aging with Diane Simpson and Denise Pickering; Embody Your Soul with Lauren Strait. Upcoming Brand New Beginners Series and Ample Body Yoga. Gong Bath in Troy.
Free and By-Donation Events
this Weekend at Heartspace
Yoga Book Club, Thursdays 6-7PM. Starts 10/11. Albany Studio Tea Lounge. Free.
Heartspace's Yoga Book Club meets on Thursdays at 6pm in our cozy tea lounge at our Albany studio. Enjoy some tea and a great discussion on a broad range of books that cover the heart and philosophy of yoga. In October we will start with the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Bring a copy if you have or use one of ours. Make friends and connect with others who are curious and intrigued by this ancient practice. Everyone is welcome, as space allows. Facilitated by instructors Suzanne Martin and Martha Moscowitz. Sign up for Free or just show up .
New Class - Yogic Dance Expression. Fridays 12-1PM Troy studio with Instructor Kendall Hoeft. First class on 10/12 is FREE.
This class will take yoga concepts and extend them into music-led movement. Dancers will explore yogic-dance through improvisation and creative exploration. Each class will begin with a meditative time to allow grounding and a coming into the body. Students will be guided to connect with their own unique expression through this mind/body dance practice. No set steps, movements or styles. No previous dance experience is necessary. All levels are welcome. Expand on your yoga practice and gain new energy through this fun, ecstatic dance offering! Come move with us! Sign up for free for 10/12.
Friday Night Community Classes. Donations yes, please.
Friday night, make good choices and join us for one of our community classes. We offer Happy Hour Yoga 6PM in Troy, TGIF Yoga 6:15PM in Albany , and Yoga for 12 Step Recovery in Albany at 6:30PM . All these classes are by donation and we encourage you to donate what feels right in your heart and pocket. Donations go to your instructors and the studio to help pay bills, buy hair ties and candies. $8-$15 suggested.
Family Yoga at Heartspace Yoga and Healing Arts in Troy was so much fun today.  Kids and parents all got to come together and play on the mats. Many thanks to all who joined in and to instructor Tracy Swanson for helping us channel our inner frog.
Family Yoga, Saturday October 13, 4-5PM. Troy Studio. Instructor Toni Smith. By donation.
Bring your family to yoga and practice together! Family yoga begins with thoughtfully tuning in, followed by fun, mindful, playful and meditative practices that includes postures, partner poses and group poses. Class will conclude with relaxation and guided imagery. Adults awaken your inner-child with laughter and love. Bring anyone you love and have fun! This class is a community class, so donations are welcome. Sign up for free here.
Troy and Albany Fall Drop-In Schedules
Nourishing Yoga for Athletes and Others with Samara Anderson
Nourishing Yoga for Athletes and Others: Focus on Core and Obliques. Saturday Oct 13, 2-4PM, Albany Studio. Instructor Samara Anderson
Whether you're a runner, biker, athlete or anyone who would like to reclaim movement, comfort and function in your body, please join us for this series of monthly workshops with Samara Anderson. Each session will work towards a specific therapeutic goal for the body.  Warm the body with a series of flowing movements and postures, and then settle and soothe with longer-held yin yoga to lengthen and restore. Be prepared to learn about the function and form of specific regions of your body and how to nourish and support them with movement and intention.  Cost $25.  
2018 Schedule Yoga for Athletes and Others:
  • November 10 - Shoulder Complex / Upper Back
  • December 8 - Overall Body Destress
Acroyoga with Team Willco, Saturday October 13, 1:30 - 3:30PM Troy Studio.
Acroyoga is an invitation to connect with others through awareness, breath and movement. Connection created a safe and playful environment in which we can explore accessible and empowering acrobatic movement.

In workshop style classes, new skills are demonstrated and students are given opportunities to explore them at their own pace, with the support of the instructors and other students. Find yourself hovering above the ground, floating in a supported inversion and supporting others in flight. You can expect a yoga based warm-up, partner drills, games, and the introduction of acroyoga poses and transitions.

Whether you are hearing about acro for the first time, or have some experience already, this workshop is for you! Yoga experience is not necessary. Each workshop explores a theme and builds skills and confidence progressively. The sequences provide beginners with a starting point for the practice of acroyoga and the more advanced student with insight to refining their practice. Come solo or with a partner; either way we'll match you up with others as you move through base, spotting, and flying roles. Cost: $20 to preregister and $30 day of event.

Cathy and Scott live in Albany and teach acroyoga and slackline yoga. They have trained with, and teach in the styles of AcroYoga Montreal and the Yogaslackers.
Sound Healing Events
Restorative Yoga and Sound Healing with Cody Gillham and Victoria Rutledge. Sunday October 14, 5:30 - 7PM Troy Studio.
Restorative Yoga and Sound Healing
Join Cody Gillham and Victoria Rutledge for an evening workshop featuring restorative yoga and sound healing. Cody will lead you in and out of the poses and offer grounding touch while Victoria serenades you with her singing bowls, harmonium and lovely voice. These two sweet instructors are excited to collaborate together to offer a special Sunday of renewal and rest.
Gong Bath, Saturday November 3, 4PM. Troy Studio. Gong Lab.
A Gong Bath is a sonic environment which uses resonant instruments like gongs and singing bowls to promote relaxation and meditation. If you have never been to a Gong Bath before they’re a unique sensory experience. You first hear the gongs vibing out, then you feel the vibration throughout your body. Pull up a mat and sit for a while and let the sound wash over you or enjoy movement during the session. $20. Preregistration strongly encouraged as attendance is capped. 
Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Four-Week Series
This Fall and Winter, Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga returns to Heartspace with Instructor Melissa Hurt.
Postnatal Yoga: Baby and Me Four Week Series. Albany Studio. Fridays 11AM - 12PM
 This post-natal yoga series is for mothers and babies, six-weeks old up to six-months approximately, about when your baby is ready to seriously crawl and move around. Breathe, stretch, discover your core strength, make friends, have fun and connect with your baby. $60 for the series.

Upcoming Series
Prenatal Yoga: Four Week Series. Albany Studio. Sundays 12 - 1:15PM
 This prenatal yoga series is designed to nurture the foundation of a life-long bond between mother and baby. Instruction will mindfully support the preparation of the mother’s body for birth, while providing essential skills for relaxation. The expectant mothers will learn breathing/relaxation techniques, exercises to support the back, postures to open the hips, methods to comfort the body during the journey of pregnancy and birth, while forging a community with other families.  Cost: $75 for the series. 

Upcoming Series
Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Instructor Melissa Hurt
Melissa Hurt, RYT, PhD. Melissa earned her 200-hr yoga teaching certification in 2012 from Sun and Moon Yoga Studio in Arlington, VA and will complete their advanced 300-hour program in Sept 2018. She has devoted her research and teaching projects for her certifications to prenatal and postnatal yoga. Melissa has her Level 1 certification of completion in Mindful Resilience for Trauma Recovery with Dr. Daniel Libby of the Veteran’s Yoga Project. Melissa has been a certified trainer of Lessac Kinesensics, an embodied voice, speech, and movement modality, since 2010. Melissa has experience teaching many levels of yoga, including gentle, levels 1-3 of Hatha Yoga, vinyasa, kid's yoga, family yoga, and prenatal/postnatal. 

Mindful Yoga for Managing Stress and Anxiety
Mindful Yoga for Managing Stress and Anxiety - Five Week Series. Sundays Oct 14 - Nov 11, 3- 4:30PM with Instructor Bruce McEwen. Troy Studio
Fear and anxiety are important psychological responses that enable us to avoid danger and prepare for challenging situations. This course will explore evidence-base methods to manage and befriend these emotional responses so that we are able to meet the social, professional, environmental, and other challenges of modern life while becoming less overwhelmed by stress and anxiety. Series cost is $80. Click here for more information on the course content and dates.
Temple Beautiful: A Workshop for
Women on Aging with Diane Simpson and Denise Pickering
Temple Beautiful: A Workshop for Women on Aging. Saturday Oct 20, 3-6PM, Troy Studio. Instructors Diane Simpson and Denise Pickering
Come join Diane Simpson (age 60) and Denise Pickering (age 55) for an exploration of the aging process and the parts of us that have energy, feelings and beliefs around it. Using the Internal Family Systems Model developed by Dr. Richard Schwartz as our framework, we will engage in self inquiry through yoga, meditation, discussion, and other experiential methods. We will learn about the parts of us that have beliefs around our aging process and the effect these beliefs have on our wellbeing. Together we will explore healing and celebrate the process of moving forward into blessed elder-hood, a time of life filled with the potential for richness and deep satisfaction.

Master Classes and Workshops 
with Lauren Toolin Fall 2018 and Winter 2019
Coming Up: Balancing Effort and Surrender: Saturday Oct 27, 9-11AM, Albany Studio studio. Upcoming workshops for fall and winter 2019.
The true aim of yoga is one of cultivating stillness. We can find this through skillful action guided by the breath. . This class is taught in conjunction with the 200-hour teacher training and spaces are made available to register for this class. Cost: $30. Click here to register for this or other upcoming workshops with Lauren
Embody Your Soul with Lauren Strait
Embody Your Soul: A Workshop for Feeling, Healing and Transformation with Lauren Strait. Saturday November 17th, 1:30 - 4:30PM. Troy Studio.
Please join seasoned teacher, Lauren Strait, for a 3 hour workshop blending sacred movement, conscious conversation, intention and prayer as the vehicles for embodiment. This time together is designed to help you get present. Lauren will invite you to cultivate curiosity about your distractions, narratives and patterns, to notice how you’re showing up for yourself as life unfolds and to release resistance to your limitless Self. This is a workshop of awakening and connection. Cost $35.

Yoga for Brand New Beginners -
Four Week Series in Albany and Troy
Yoga for Brand New Beginners, Levels 1 and 2 in Albany and Troy this Fall and Winter. Four Week Series Saturdays 11:45AM - 1PM. Next series begins November 3 in Albany
If you are new to yoga and are interested to gain a solid understanding of the fundamentals and foundations of yoga, please join us for this four-week series. We will introduce key foundational concepts regarding the practice of yoga including postures (asana), breathing (pranayama), and meditation. This series will present you with background on yoga, principles of alignment for accessing and coming out of postures, proper yogic breathing, and how yoga can help you to live a fuller and healthier life. No experience required; just an open mind.

Cost is $60 for any of the series.  Instructors Rebecca Volpe in Albany and Kathi Burke in Troy .

These Four-Week Series are presented as level 1 and level 2 and are recommended to be taken in order but are not prerequisites. Click on either of the locations and any date below to register for Albany or Troy.
Yoga for Ample Bodies
Yoga for Ample Bodies: Four Week Series in Albany and Troy. Next series begins 11/3 in Troy
Yoga is for all people, ages, and builds but it isn't a one size fits all approach. We all come together in the breath but sometimes the external form of the postures needs to be adapted so that all bodies can enjoy its benefits. Yoga for Ample Bodies recognizes this and presents a yoga practice approach that is accessible to those with larger body types. Four week series. $60. Instructor Nadia El-Fawal.

Saturdays, 11:45AM - 1PM

Yoga and Massage Go Great Together!
Massage is a great compliment to yoga for fostering health and well being. We are now offering massage services at our Troy studio. Joining us on Fridays is Becky Kendall, Licensed Massage Therapist and baker/pastry chef extraordinaire. Becky offers Swedish, deep-tissue, and pregnancy massage. Contact us via email if you'd like to book a massage. 60 minutes is $75 and 90 minutes for $110. Appointments available Fridays in Troy, 10AM - 5PM (4:30PM if requesting 90 minutes ending by 6PM) Email info@heartspacealbany.com to request an appointment.
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